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A Mortal Indiscretion by Barbra E. Ross @goddessfish @barbraeross


10 items on my bucket list.

I chose this one because, even though I hate to admit it, I will not live forever like my vampires. I feel like I am running out of time to do these things. Maybe some I can achieve and maybe some I cannot. It still feels good to dream. 

1.) Make a million dollars. Ok, maybe this isn’t possible but I can still dream, can’t I?
2.) Retire in Italy. Another leap but this would be my ideal retirement. Sitting by the sea and writing until I die.
3.) See a volcano erupting. To me, this is the coolest thing, to see the molten lava flowing.
4.) For my books to become a film. I know films based on books tend to rip the story to shreds, but I still would love to see the title of my book onscreen. Mind blowing.
5.) Fly a plane. I have always dreamed of the freedom of flight. My vampires fly so, why can’t I?
6.) Ride a motorcycle all over America and Europe. I have a cycle license and would love to see the world this way.  Feel the wind in my hair and get to experience different places.
7.) Win the lotto and give money away. I have always wanted to help others, and this would be so wonderful to be able to help others this way. Just go door to door and ask, ‘what do you need?’
8.) Buy a Hellcat Challenger. Have you seen them? Pretty bad ass in my book.  And, it’s only around 75,000 dollars. That’s chump change if I ever make that million in number one. And…I can drive a stick…hah!
9.) Visit Cancun and Mexico. I write about it, and have wanted to see the Mayan ruins for as long as I can remember.
10.) Save as many dogs and cats from shelters as humanly possible. I love my animals and cannot imagine that some have no family and no home.


A Mortal Indiscretion
by Barbra E. Ross

GENRE: Romance Paranormal/Suspense


One night changed everything for bachelor Justin Bertolli. A womanizer at heart, never quite ready to settle down, he meets the woman who would change his life forever. Ambra Taylor is that woman, but is she all that Justin bargained for? When Justin discovers the truth about who and what she is, will he still love her? Will he still want her? Find out, as their hearts collide in this epic tale of love.

The sequel, MARZIO'S REVENGE, is now available. 


Now, out in the cold and blinding rain, he felt a surge of anger again. He glanced up, blinking and saw the barrel of a gun, right in his face. He closed his eyes. It was all over now. So, this is how he was going to die. Kneeling on the ground in some muddy park. He waited for the sound of the shot, imagining the burning pain. But it did not come. Then, he heard as the men began to argue and the grip on his hair was released. He breathed and kept his eyes closed. A momentary reprieve, confusion building inside him.

The men continued to argue and he was shocked by gentle hands on his cheeks. He opened his eyes and looked up, into her eyes. He was stunned as the rain splashed on his face.

“I need you to do something for me,” she whispered. She glanced over her shoulder at the men still fighting. Then, she turned back to me, wiping my face gently. “I need you to promise me that you will close your eyes, and not open them. No matter what you hear, no matter how badly you want to look!”

I nodded blindly.

“But baby, how are you free, how…” I stammered.

“Shhh, no questions. Promise me please!” There was an intensity to her voice.

I bit my lip and nodded, not fully understanding.

She paused a brief second and touched my face, giving me a waning look. She breathed through her nostrils and closed her eyes briefly.

“But baby, I don’t…”

“Justin,” she insisted.

“Okay, I promise,” I whispered.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Barbra E Ross lives in Michigan and is a nurse by day, lover of fiction at night. When people ask me what my book is about, I pause a moment because it is not so simple to describe. It is a vampire romance, I say and then, I pray that doesn’t scare them away. Because what are books really? I believe that books are a way to escape the daily routines of life.
I wanted to take an ordinary man and put him in fantastic situations. To bring a bit of fantasy down to reality. It is a love story at its heart. If I can take the reader on a journey and give them a laugh, cry, or simply bring a smile to their face, then it is all worth it. This story helped me through rough times in my life, and I can only hope it will do the same for the reader.





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