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Triangulating Bliss by Janelle Jalbert @goddessfish @justjjwriting

10 Things You Need to Know about the BLISS TRIANGLE

1.      You have to be a “regular” – Yes, multiple people experience the phenomenon of walking out of the door of Bliss Bar & Grill in Pasadena, California and walking into the “Bliss Triangle”. However, those who enter the Bliss Triangle are not random visitors. You have to be a regular; in fact you need to know Lois – the vivacious owner – fairly well before you can encounter the Bliss Triangle.
2.      There’s a lunar vibe to the mix – Lois has a hunch that the moon plays a role in the “disappearances” from Bliss. It takes Greg’s investigation and the input of a quirky spiritualist who views himself as a “potentialist” to find out if Lois is on the right track. For centuries, people have looks to the cycles of the moon as a way of reflecting the cycle of life, from birth as reflected in the dark and new moon to growth while the moon swells to completion with the power and light of the full moon. The Bliss Triangle may prove that, even in suburban Los Angeles, we are not as removed from the forces of nature as our modern society may seem.
3.      Keep an ear out for the ringing of chimes – Lois soon realizes that several people experience “disappearances” when they exited the backdoor to Bliss. Some share their seemingly outlandish stories. Others choose to keep it to themselves. Being the kind and caring woman that she is, Lois is concerned about people simply vanishing without anyone knowing, so she puts a set of door chimes above the exit. Unexpected assistance comes when she realizes the chimes sound in a melodic scale when someone is entering the Bliss Triangle. Otherwise, the chimes simply make random sounds. (Hint: we’ll learn more about the reasons behind this musical phenomenon in the next book TRIANGULATING SELF.)
4.      Bliss is not the same for everyone – The original premise for TRIANGULATING BLISS was the idea that a single door could randomly transport people to their “perfect” reality. It was born after an evening with my life-long friend during which time we commiserated with each other that our lives had somehow gone off track. Of course, the characters had plenty to say about that when I sat down to tell their tales. Just as every person’s version of Bliss differs, so does the notion of an ideal or dream reality. In fact, some people experience Bliss in the journey rather than the destination itself. For that reason, the tales that Lois, Jen, Henri, Sara, Richard, Mikel, and Greg share are as diverse as the characters themselves. The key is that all of their stories have the common thread of helping to bring about individual bliss.
5.      It’s what you need – Along the lines of point #4, comes the realization that sometimes getting to a happily-ever-after (HEA) point in your life means that you have to confront what is lacking, missing, or just downright wrong currently in order to make things right. Instead of being catapulted to a perfect HEA, some encounters require facing the darker side of things, especially in the case of Richard whose shady past is quickly catching up with him as he enters the Bliss Triangle. The Bliss Triangle can serve as the wakeup call or time out we often crave when making sense of this crazy thing that we call life.
6.      Time is relative – The passage of time in the Bliss Triangle goes according to a different notion of how events occur. For instance, Henri’s time in the Bliss Triangle starts with a chance to re-engage in his surfing during dawn patrol at one of his favorite spots and continues over several days. Jen re-examines the most challenging weeks of her life. Lois reunites with the love of her life for a single conversation. Each of the disappearances (with the exception of Jen’s) result in only an hour or so of “missing” time as we know it.
7.      Time travel or parallel universe? – The second most common question readers of TRIANGULATING BLISS have is the nature of the disappearances. Do those who enter the Bliss Triangle time travel, or is it some sort of portal to a parallel universe? In the case of Mikel’s disappearance, which is the motivation for Greg to investigate the goings-on at Bliss Bar & Grill, it would all seem to be a parallel universe. After all, most people don’t encounter cannibalistic shape-shifters in daily life. Then again, Jen and Lois return to visit with lost loved ones and revisit events in the past. Meanwhile, Sara, Richard, and Greg appear to experience a potential future. It could be argued that the Bliss Triangle is either both time travel and a parallel universe or something else entirely. Some things aren’t quite so easily explained, and more answers await in the next installment in THE MYSTIQUE OF LIVING SERIES.
8.      Some things just ARE – The most common question regarding TRIANGULATING BLISS is shared by both readers and the characters themselves. What is the true nature of these disappearances? Given they happen at a bar, the easiest answer would be that the experiences are explained away as drunken escapades, yet the easiest answer isn’t necessarily the right one. Are they simply dreams or hallucinations? It could be, except for one thing…no one is seen sleeping or passed out nearby as the Bliss Triangle works its magic. The reality is that Lois may have the best grasp on the Bliss Triangle. As Greg works to understand the nature of the Bliss Triangle, Lois explains that understanding the phenomenon is less important than realizing that, “Some things just ARE.” There are unexplained elements to life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen.
9.      You come full circle – Those who experience the Bliss Triangle do return to Bliss (the physical Bar & Grill) regardless of whether they travel through time, across the country, or to a different reality. No one gets lost in the Bliss Triangle, unlike the infamous Bermuda Triangle, those who walk out do return with tales to tell. The real test is what choices are made once you have experienced the Bliss Triangle.
10.  There’s a guardian of the BLISS TRIANGLE – Despite the various circumstances encountered in the Bliss Triangle, each person who enters it meets with the same man. He has dark hair, blue eyes, and a strong jawline. Just as in life, there is always help to be had as long as you are willing to look for it and accept it. While TRIANGULATING BLISS introduces us to the Bliss Triangle and how a motley group of individuals create a community that touches many lives outside of Bliss, the real story behind the Bliss Triangle and its beloved, though sometimes frustrating, guardian awaits in the next installment of THE MYSTIQUE OF LIVING SERIES. TRIANGULATING SELF is set to be released in the Spring/Summer of 2016. Until then, enjoy the romance, mystery, and magic of TRIANGULATING BLISS as a heart-warming, uplifting, and thought-provoking story all of its own.

Thanks for letting me share a few insights in TRIANGULATING BLISS. I hope you take some time to enjoy the adventure and to meet some amazing characters along the way in the initial installment of THE MYSTIQUE OF LIVING SERIES. I love hearing from readers, so be sure to look me up on Facebook, Twitter or at

Remember…live, love, laugh, and ALWAYS follow your bliss!

Triangulating Bliss
by Janelle Jalbert

GENRE:  Contemporary Paranormal Women’s Fiction


A struggling veteran reads about the mysterious death of a local athlete and wants to learn more. He meets the owner of the business linked to the crime and discovers others have “disappeared”.

All stories include a man with dark hair, blue eyes, and a strong jaw.

Then, it’s his turn.

The mysterious forces at Bliss change everything. What brought them all to Bliss is not as it appears and their lives are powerfully interconnected across space and time.


Greg’s hand shook. It wasn’t enough for the woman behind the counter to notice though. It wasn’t from his morning caffeine rush. He’d skipped his morning pick-me-up in favor of completing the mission in short order. It was too many months overdue.

The pen slipped from his hand, more from the sheen of perspiration than the shaking. Get it together man! He shouted within the confines of his mind. You’re a soldier…were a soldier. Man up! You want to do this. The decision’s been made. Sign it. He grabbed the pen once again, and let it flow automatically across the paper.

The woman took the form, and her nails began clicking away on the keyboard. Her eyes darted between the form and the computer screen. Seconds, maybe minutes, passed. Greg wasn’t sure. There were no clocks to tick off the time, just the woman’s ping-ponging eyes. Greg felt the weight shifting, finally, and continued to wait. Complete relief, however, remained elusive. I took the plunge…took action…that’s what matters. He reassured himself. It’ll just take some time.

“Here you go,” the woman gave a tight, polite smile. “It’s official. If you need transcripts, it will take 7-10 days for your records to be updated.”

“Thanks,” Greg took the paperwork and turned towards the door. It was deceptively simple. Law school was officially part of the past, yet the weight of expectations remained.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Janelle Jalbert has ghostwritten 15 nonfiction books on topics ranging from productivity, money management, marketing, cooking, and relationships. She also worked as a copywriter for some of the biggest online names and worked as a motorsports reporter covering NASCAR. Jalbert enjoys bringing stories to life that celebrate the magic in everyday living. To learn more about her current and upcoming releases and promotions visit Jalbert currently lives in Southern California, though she regularly returns to her second home in North Carolina when her pack of pups grants her a vacation. 

Additional Information:

Those readers who purchase the book by 9/30 will be able to buy Triangulating Bliss for $0.99 (which will be the lowest price offered...ever), and they can receive the ebook Companion Guide to Triangulating Bliss for free by clicking on the presale promotion link.  Starting 10/1 the Companion Guide will be available for $1.99 ebook and $6.99 paperback.

The “Bliss Challenge” is an effort to take the spirit of the novel’s beloved character, Lois, and help make wishes come true. Ten percent of the proceeds from Triangulating Bliss and 100% of the proceeds from the novel’s companion guide, The Backdoor to Bliss, will be given to a Make-A-Wish program voted on by readers. Selections are based on reader votes for their favorite characters: Los Angeles for Greg, Henri, and Mikel; Chicago for Lois; Charlotte for Jen; and New York for Richard. The goal is to grant at least one wish for a child in the winning city based on funds raised from the novel and guide. Voting and challenge updates can be found at


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