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The Resistance by Alicia Michaels: Book Blitz with Excerpt

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Title:  The Resistance
Series: The Bionics, Book 2
Author:  Alicia Michaels
Published:  March 10th, 2015
Publisher:  Crimson Tree Publishing
Genre:  NA Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:  Coarse language, mild sexual innuendo
Recommended Age:  16+

All it takes is a spark…
Blythe Sol never would have thought she would become the face of the Restoration Resistance. Yet, that is just what has happened now that the battle lines have been drawn. With the movement sweeping the United States, the stakes are higher than ever as President Drummond continues to prove his dedication to the destruction of the Bionics and all who stand with them.
The flame has been ignited…
As anger and frustration among the American people reaches the boiling point, citizens begin to fight back, many showing their support for the Bionics… despite the personal costs to themselves. As protests turn violent, and people who once cowered in silence begin to fight back, the government continues its practices that fly in the face of the very principles the nation was founded upon.
The time has come to revolt …
Despite the many losses it has sustained, the Resistance stands strong, leading America into revolution and onward toward change. With an unlikely, ragtag family of misfits at its forefront, the Resistance stands, while a girl who lost everything continues to fight for a future that was once impossible, but may now be within her reach.

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Excerpt for The Resistance by Alicia Michaels:

“Please,” I beg the officer standing in front of me, the face shield of his helmet pushed back. “Take me and let them go. They had nothing to do with this.”
Nearby, my mom and dad are prostrate on the ground, their hands cuffed behind their backs. My little sister is sobbing beside them on her knees, her face buried in her hands. The officer who I now know as Captain Rodney Jones of the Enforcers Squadron sneers at me before spitting on the ground. His loogie misses me by inches. “Young lady, are you aware of the law regarding the harboring of Bionics and its consequences?”
I nod, tears streaming from my human eye. My heart is pounding in my chest. “Yes, but… these people weren’t harboring me,” I say. “I’ve been sneaking in and out of their basement every night looking for a place to sleep, that’s all. They had no idea I was there.”
“Really?” His tone tells me he doesn’t believe a word I’m saying. He walks over to where my parents are lying. He grasps my mother by her beautiful, wheat-colored hair and yanks, forcing her head up. She cries out, and my father thrashes in his bonds.
“Stop!” he bellows, his large shoulders tensing as he strains against the cuffs. Sweat is pouring from his dark forehead, but his eyes are narrowed and murderous. “Leave my wife and daughters alone,” he says, his voice deceptively calm. I can hear the edge of anger there. “I’m the one you need to deal with. Talk to me.”
Rodney shrugs and releases my mom, her head falling back to the grass with a dull ‘thud’. Captain Jones crouches beside my father, who is glaring up at him from where he lays, powerless to protect me.
I should have left. I never should have let him talk me into hiding out in the basement of our house. Jones presses the gun between my father’s eyes and I scream, fighting against the large hand clamped down on my shoulder. A blow stuns me as the M.P. holding me captive whips his pistol across my face. My vision blurs, and my ears roar with the sound of rushing blood. I can feel my cheek swelling.
“What is your name?” Jones asks quietly.
My father doesn’t bat an eyelash. “Zion Sol.”
“Zion, do you know this girl?”
Please, I think, my eyes locking with his as he turns to look at me. Please lie!
My dad simply smiles at me, tears filling his eyes. “It’s okay, Blythe,” he says gently. “It’s going to be okay.”
A sob escapes my lips, and I hang my head. Why didn’t he lie? He could have at least saved himself, my mom, and my sister. Now, we are all going to die.
“She is my daughter,” my father continues. “I hid her willingly and knowingly, and I would do it again.”

The words are barely out of his mouth before the sound of the shot rings out over our yard. My father’s head falls back to the ground, blood oozing from the hole between his eyebrows.

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About the Author:
Ever since she first read books like Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps, Alicia has been a lover of mind-bending fiction. Wherever imagination takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her home. The mother of two and wife to an Army sergeant loves chocolate, coffee, and of course good books. When not writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and fabulous jewelry, or spending time with her loving family.

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