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The Coven by Angie Gallow: Tens List



Top Ten: Favorite
Gothic Artists

Angie Gallow

I have
my favorites for my own reasons. I grew up a horror kid and become a lover of
all things goth and macabre. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but
for the most part people always ask where my inspiration comes from. So here is
a list of my top ten gothic inspirations.

  1. Alfred Hitchcock: Although he isn’t considered
    gothic in nature, his horror themed movies and the iconic silhouette
    before his introduction of ‘Good Evening’ always made my younger self
    giddy with excitement for whatever twisted story line I would be
    introduced to that night.
  2. Charles Addams: Everyone knows the Addams
    family and for that reason, he’s on this list.
  3. Salvador Dali: If you pay attention to lot of
    his famous work, he painted some creepy and downright twisted portraits.
    Surrealism is not all happiness and rainbows
  4. Anne Rice: The original Vampire Queen
  5. Stephen King: Next to Edgar Allan Poe, the man
    knows his way around a scary tale better than most.
  6. Tim Burton: Even though he doesn’t classify
    himself as gothic, his work tends to speak for itself. Whether it’s
    writing about death, twisted and impossible romances, or madness, his work
    is shrouded in black and dismay. Whether he likes it or not, he’s every
    goth kid’s first exposure.
  7. Vincent Price: The voice, the acting; it was
    all there
  8. William Shakespeare: Whether it is a tragic
    ending where everyone dies; the long dramatic monologues that question
    life and the meaning of death, the Elizabethan playwright all but painted
    his fingernails a fine shade of onyx.
  9. Edgar Allan Poe: He lived a dark life and died
    tragically; he performed dramatic readings and wrote psychological
    thrillers. If he wasn’t on this list at some point, I would expect to be
  10. Marilyn Manson: This doesn’t need an



The Coven

Angie Gallow


After a gruesome betrayal, vampire Sebastien Vilmont is flung
into a whirlwind cat and mouse game when his traveling party is ambushed by an
opposing group of bloodthirsty vampires. Maurice, the leader of Sebastien’s
coven, makes the decision to not only wage war against the opposing vampire
clan, but a clerical organization known as The Diocese Club who wishes to
exterminate all vampire-kind.


Trying desperately to protect the secrecy of their coven’s
location below the streets of Whitechapel, London, Sebastien finds himself at
odds with Maurice in his desire to not engage in all-out war with the renegade
Catholic faction. At the same time, he must also battle the other vampire coven
to guard their anonymity from humans. In doing so, Sebastien is forced into
choices and alliances he might not otherwise have made.


Set in the tone of Victorian England, The Coven is a
thrilling and horrific journey through the seedier workings of the vampire
underworld, and pious ideology of The Diocese Club.


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sorry,” Lauren started, “he wants to do what now?”

wants me to find one of the vampires who are working for the Diocese Club.”
Sebastien replied. The two friends strolled through their neighborhood. The
late autumn sky grew darker earlier and vampires would emerge hours before they
were due. Lauren looked at Sebastien, having heard the story of how his friend
had arrived at the coven.

pulled the brim of his cap down over his eyes in thought and mulled the idea
over in his mind. He looked at Sebastien and shook his head, claiming that he
found the idea ludicrous. Sebastien nodded in agreement but couldn’t help feel
the possibility of such a feat being within his reach. Lauren dug into his
pocket as the two approached a fruit vendor. He flipped the vendor a coin and
snatched an apple from the cart.

ran his fingers against the waxy red surface and continued in a soft tone, “How
are you supposed to go about it? It almost seems impossible. Don’t know where
the Diocese Club is, comes from, or what these vampires are capable of.”

streets were still alive. People were scurrying out of the premature night as
they went about locking their shops, hurrying to supper or an evening event. The
two stood in the narrow streets, studying each other for answers to Sebastien’s

is impossible,” Sebastien reasoned, “but for them to think I’d take it
seriously to the point where I begin combing this city for any sight of a rouge
vampire is beyond me.”

you said, there were vampires out there. Us, killing one another because a
group of men with white collars are forcing them to,” Lauren countered.

have no reason, Lauren. Not one single reason. Chances are, those vampires
don’t want anything to do with the Diocese Club, let alone want to kill fellow

hold your breath, mate,” Lauren’s tone darkened. “Plenty of vampires don’t want
to be what they are.”

killing off others simply because they’re bitter?” Sebastien turned up his

shrugged, “Like you said, nothing is impossible.”

two stood within the shadows of the buildings that crowded their neighborhood,
away from the crowds. They watched as the throng of people thinned around them.
Lauren kept the vendor he had purchased his apple from in the very corner of
his eye. The man was stooped over his cart, wary from his days on the street
and appeared older than his age. Lauren’s eyes scanned the streets once more,
before turning his eyes back to the man’s cart.

tossed the apple lightly in his hand before hurling it at the vendor’s head.
The apple exploded as it met with the side of vendor’s temple. Lauren’s moved
swiftly after the flying apple and caught the man before he hit the concrete. A
red dent immediately surfaced alongside the man’s temple. Having disappeared
behind the cart, Lauren bit deeply into the back of the man’s neck until the
vendor’s natural rosy color was replaced with a death-ridden white. Sebastien
hurried over. He grabbed Lauren by his collar and hoisted him up. He surveyed
the corpse behind the cart as Lauren licked his lips. Sebastien struggled for
words as he looked from the body to his friend.

mad!” Sebastien hissed.

Lauren shrugged as blood covered his lips, “The poor bloke was in misery and I
got hungry…”

pointed the dead vendor. Lauren listened into the man’s melancholy thoughts,
understanding what it felt like to despise one’s own life.

could have been seen!”

you see anyone about?”

craned his head around slightly at the empty streets. But his eyes found home
behind a metal trashcan. It moved slightly and a shadow gave its watchman away.
Sebastien took off after the shadow with Lauren hollering behind. The two took
off on a speedy chase around corners, down busy passageways and through droves
of people. They moved at such in a hazy speed, no mortal eye could have
detected the chase at all.

chase came to a halt when their watchmen led them down an alleyway that held no
outlet. Tall buildings closed in upon the space and they were left at the mercy
of darkness. Lauren and Sebastien stood, blocking the entrance, as they watched
their suspect anxiously turn away from the wall; something ejected from the
sleeve of his robe. Before they could relax from their chase, he charged at
them, swinging the jagged instrument.

knife cut into Sebastien’s jaw; blood oozed before the wound healed. The
attacker lunged at Lauren, aiming the tip of his blade at his eye. Lauren was
swifter than Sebastien and took of the front of the attacker’s robe and slammed
him into the wall. The impact left a deep dent in the brick wall as the blade
dropped to the ground with tinkling of metal. Lauren held the assailant against
the wall as Sebastien picked up the fallen object.

the dim light in the narrow space, Sebastien read the letters D.C. etched into
the handle of the blade. He looked at the man being held against the wall. His
hood had fallen from his head, revealing thick brown waves and desperate,
ravenous eyes. He ceased his struggling as Sebastien approached him cautiously.

were you watching us?”

robed vampire looked at Sebastien silently. The vampire’s eyes glowed
furiously. Lauren looked at Sebastien.

think we just found your man.”

but he hasn’t answered my question.”

vampire stopped moving and fumed softly, “If you know the answer to your own
question, why ask it?”

took a firmer hold of the knife before plunging it into the vampire’s side. He
let out a horrid cry as the blade began to burn his flesh. The vicious gaze
turned into a pained look as he thrashed about against the wall. Sebastien held
the knife in place before ripping it out of the vampire’s body.

in no position to take a tone; you’re in a lot of trouble.”

and Lauren had carried the spy back to the coven house. Upon their arrival,
Maurice had been summoned to the cellars where the vampire was being held. The
spy was placed in a cell and shackled to the wall with his hands clasped behind
his back. His will to fight had been tarnished by his encounter with Sebastien
and Lauren; he sat whimpering from the pain still ringing in his side. He hung
his head as Maurice looked him over.

Maurice announced his presence and the vampire looked up slowly. Maurice looked
down at him with endless resentment. The vampire looked at Maurice, “Who sent
you here?”

you spare me?” the spy queried. There was a quiver in his voice that Maurice
expected not to hear. The vampire shifted his legs on the cold floor. His eyes
begged for some mercy, “Or kill me? Makes no difference.”

studied the pitiful creature before him. There was something haunting in his
face that Maurice could not pinpoint himself. The door opened to the cell and
Sebastien sat guarding the site as he waited for Maurice. Maurice looked at

did you find him?”

in the streets,” Sebastien answered as he lit a cigarette. “We had to chase him

turned back to the spy on the floor. He nudged the spy with his foot.

do you work for, cretin?”

spy looked up against, his eyes were pleading as he spoke, “The Diocese Club.”

are they?”

don’t know.”

sucked in a breath and grabbed hold of his vampire’s throat. They were inches
apart and Maurice’s grip threatened to tighten. The young vampire shut his eyes
as Maurice spoke in a hollow whisper. Maurice explained to him that if he
wanted to be spared an agonizing death, he should cooperate. The spy’s eyes
gleamed with fear and sadness.

swear to you, I don’t know! We hardly see the priests who hand out
instructions,” the spy’s voice was slurred, “they write letters to Harold and
he tells us what to do and where to go.”

Maurice sneered. The spy nodded and Maurice shook him by the throat to obtain
more information when Sebastien stood.

“Stop!”  Maurice turned to face him, “he clearly knows

pity this pathetic wretch?”

I’m saying that whatever he’s doing, it’s obviously against his will!”

motioned to the sobbing expression on the spy’s face. Maurice released the
vampire in revulsion. He straightened up and approached Sebastien. The two
stood eye to eye for a moment before Maurice glanced back at the whimpering spy
on the floor. He told Sebastien the spy wasn’t to be released under any

is more meat under the shell. Crack the nut properly.”

want the information.” Sebastien spoke defiantly. He knew that Maurice’s temper
would overflow on the spy, ultimately killing the vampire during an interrogation.
Maurice stared at Sebastien; his eyes seemed to have the power to peer into the
deeper regions of one’s soul.

want his words in writing.” Maurice spoke softly and swept from the chamber.
The door echoed as it shut and Sebastien was left alone with the quivering spy.

dragged the chair he sat on into the doorway of the cell. He pulled the blade
the spy had used to assault him and held it out for the vampire to see. They
remained in silence for a period before Sebastien asked where the blade had
come from. The vampire claimed that all of them had one.

Diocese Club gave them to us all; the daggers, as you saw,” the vampire
motioned to the searing wound in his side with his eyes, “can kill us.”

flipped the knife back into its handle compartment. He studied the vampire,
seeing the fear creeping in and out of his eyes, the tormented grimace across
his face and the nervous twitching in his legs. He slid the blade into his
pocket and spoke firmly, “I want you to tell me everything you know; leave
nothing out or that man is going to come back and do things to you in the worse
way imaginable.”

wouldn’t mind dying; it would be like freedom.” the spy whispered.

told Sebastien how he and ten other vampires had been captured by the Diocese
Club nearly twenty years ago. He detailed the lure, claiming that the Diocese
Club had stalked and found them. They had been taken to an unknown location
outside of Amsterdam and held as prisoners. He continued saying that they were
given the choice of working for the Diocese Club or be used as examples.

told us, ‘we’ll kill you in front of masses; mortals will know you exist. There
won’t be any more hiding and the rest of your kind will be flushed out like
rats.’ We needed to think: did we want to risk all of our kind? They said, ‘if
you choose to live, you’ll work for us.’ We didn’t think we would be
sacrificing one evil for another; Harold is only one who rallies it.”

is Harold?”

do you think? He was imprisoned with us. He claimed it didn’t matter what we
chose because vampires would die anyway; he gets all of our instructions. If we
go against any mission we’re told to complete, he’s responsible; the Diocese
Club put him in charge. He doesn’t mind killing us!”

did you come from, before London?”

the spy said. “We all lived in Amsterdam.”


Angie Gallow was born in Chicago
and currently attends Columbia College Chicago. This is her first novel.


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