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The Wolf's Cry by Natalie Crown: Spotlight and Excerpt


Thanks for stopping by my tour stop for The Wolf's Cry by Natalie
Crown. This is a YA Fantasy book that released in January 2014.

 This is the first book in the The Semei Trilogy.  This tour will run March 10th-21st and consist of reviews, author interviews, guest posts, top tens and a giveaway. 

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Book Title: The Wolf's Cry (Book One in the Semei Trilogy)

Author: Natalie Crown

Genre: YA Fantasy

Recommended Age: YA

Length: PDF is 199 pages

She is his weakness.

And she will ruin everything.

Kammy Helseth's idea of adventure never amounted to more than getting a boat across to the mainland and finally escaping to London. That was until she stumbled through the mouth of the forest into a world beneath our own, the world of the Semei.

Her only wish is to find her way home but when Jamie, her best friend, is taken into this new world of shapeshifters and Crystals she has no choice but to stand up to her fear and to remain beneath the surface. Hunted by Bagor, King of Alashdial, and those that are loyal to him, Kammy finds herself in the company of a group of outlaws led by Jad, a Prince with a bitter past and a similarly bitter demeanour.

They overcome age-old prejudice to find a way to work together. But Bagor knows a secret about the Crystals that threatens to change everything. Kammy and Jad must find a way to thwart the king and to save Jamie, but that is just the beginning. For Kammy is in possession of a Key and the fate of countless lives, both human and Semei, may rest in her hands.

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Perhaps Eric had no intention of returning? He had seemed honest and kind but Kammy did not know him. If she did not know him then how could she trust him? The energy that had surged through her went out like a light. She stopped and stared at the hole in the wall. She willed Eric to appear but he did not.

A different mouse did and it pushed free of the hole. This mouse was a chocolate brown colour with a vivid white stripe down its left foreleg. Its eyes fixed on Kammy. There was such intensity in that gaze that it might as well have been a giant bear. The mouse began to shift and Kammy marvelled at the sight. Soon a second boy stood before her. She hardly noticed Eric appear beside him.

He was dressed much like Eric, though his shirt hung looser on his slimmer frame. His hair was a fluffy, chocolate mess. He was taller than Eric and he glared between them both before his eyes came to rest fully on Kammy. The first thing she noticed was the purple bruise on his cheek. The second was how bright his blue eyes were.

‘What is this?’

His voice was cool and Kammy tensed. He talked to Eric while continuing to stare at her and there was nothing friendly in his expression.

Eric shrugged, ‘We’re not leaving her, Jad.’

Kammy edged closer to Eric, sorry for doubting him for even a moment. Although she did not understand why he was grinning as though the whole situation was amusing.

‘We need to leave now,’ Jad’s eyes finally left hers and Kammy took a breath.

‘I promised her.’

Jad’s jaw clenched. ‘And how are we supposed to get her out of here?’

Eric’s grin widened and he curled a finger into his mouth. He popped something out into his palm. Kammy frowned; it looked like a ball of blu tack except that it was orange. He held it up between his thumb and fore-finger. ‘Welm gave me enough.’

Jad fell silent and Kammy could tell from the way his brow lowered that he was thinking hard. There was an air of authority about him. Eric had seemed friendly from the start but Jad was different. He was harder than his red-headed companion; cooler. He made her feel nervous.

His gaze drifted to the door, ‘the Armours will be on us in an instant.’

‘We’ll have a head start, and there are only two of them.’

Jad scowled. ‘There are only two of us.’

Kammy bristled but remained silent.

‘Eryn might…’

‘Eryn might not be anywhere near here.’

Kammy clutched her hands together to stop them shaking. She looked up at Eric and he smiled at her. The coldness in Jad that made her shrink away did not faze Eric at all.

Jad sighed, pushing his hair back and shaking his head. ‘Can we really risk everything for this?’

Eric’s eyebrows shot up. ‘Don’t even try it.’

Jad stared at him. His mouth was fixed open as though he wanted to say something clever but could not. Kammy looked between them with mounting suspicion until, to her surprise, Jad laughed and all her attention was drawn back to him. He looked much younger when his expression was not so severe. He rubbed a hand along his jaw. ‘You have me there.’

Kammy was lost. Her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. She could not demand that they explain themselves, she could not make a sound. She could only stare at them both while her mind screamed that they should hurry the hell up.

‘We’ll do it,’ Jad spoke to Eric as if Kammy was not there. She was almost too annoyed to feel relief that he would help her.

‘Can you manage it?’ said Eric, ‘you’ll have to carry her.’

Kammy felt her heart sink. She did not like the idea of being carried by either of them but she looked at Eric with his strong arms and thick chest and was sure he was the safer bet.

‘I can manage it.’

Jad sounded bored. Kammy had to rein in her irritation.

Eric nodded. ‘Then let’s not waste any more time.’ He stepped towards the hole with the orange ball in his hands. ‘This will be fun,’ he winked and popped it into his mouth . He started to chew as he knelt beside the wall. Kammy had given up on trying to understand anything at all, ever again.

There was a light touch on her wrist and Kammy looked up.

‘You’ll want to stand back,’ Jad said, and then the touch was gone. He moved away from her as silently as he had approached. Kammy caught her breath.

About the Author:

I grew up in a village called Swilland, in the countryside of Suffolk, England. There wasn't much around, other than farms and fields, but for the most part I loved it, and I still do. I’m a passionate person by nature. I don’t just LIKE things, I LOVE things. Whether it’s a book, a film, or a sports team. Once I decide to enjoy something, I enjoy it to the MAX.

I’m a terrible cook. I prioritise essential social media work over keeping my flat tidy, because I know best. 

Onto my love of reading and, consequently, writing - it was my dad that played a big role in encouraging me to read. He didn't push me towards books necessarily; he simply read a lot himself. Then I would pick up his books and read them after him. I was reading high and epic fantasy from a very young age. I guess that might explain why I have always loved adventure stories with magic and intrigue and princes and princesses in.

I was aware that I wanted to ‘be a writer’ from a very young age. I was convinced I would be the first best seller that hadn't reached double figures in age yet! I wrote about the Danshees, furry creatures that lived through a mirror. I wrote about a Sand Bottle that transported a boy into a world of magic. I wrote about a sick girl finding a music boy that healed her, but transported her back in time. (Wow, I always have loved alternate universes…)

When I was eight I wrote my first novel called The Land of No Return. Despite the title, I am determined to return to it one day. I feel like I owe it to my past self. So, as you can see, I have always been writing. There have been times when I have gone weeks without scratching down a
word. Then there are days where I churn out multiple chapters and only my body’s silly desire for sleep and/or food can stop me. 

I write because I enjoy it. I write fantasy because I enjoy it. I try my hardest to put something of myself into my writing. I like to think my characters have depth, I like to think that my fantasy worlds reflect upon the real world in some way. You guys will be the judge of that but
even if you don't agree I know that I at least try and I can do no more than that.

These days I live in North London and I love it. I work full time and London is a hectic city. Juggling work, writing and a social life is tough but nobody is forcing me to do it so I can't complain. The dream is that writing will be my career one day but it doesn't matter if I never quite make it. I love writing too much to ever pack it in.

I am desperate to get a dog. My mum suspects I miss my cats at home more than I miss her. I am a devout Arsenal/Ferrari/Rafael Nadal fan. I get all mad when confronted with a case of social injustice and then I get all mad when people take the fight for social justice too far. I mostly keep those  thoughts to myself and simmer with rage. I watch good TV and bad TV, because I can. What I can’t do is enjoy bad books (subjective opinion of course). I just can’t.

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