Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Unholy by Paul D. DeBlassie III: Guest Post and Excerpt

My Take on Critique Groups

In The Unholy it is religious groups that are the focus of the dark side of human nature and society. You get the feeling that, as in many groups, no one really thinks for themselves. There is no self. There is only the group. Archbishop William Anarch, the incarnation of evil, is in reality the spokesperson of the religious group complex. Due to his own psychological damage he has given himself over to the Great God Religion and in this found his pulpit, his twisted and destructive sense of self that takes as its nourishment not only acclaim by the religious organization but domination over women. Groups lose the feminine quality of sensitivity and caring in favor of power and control and manipulation. Claire is the divine feminine battling against the out-of-control group maniac Archbishop William Anarch, a misogynist, one who typifies masculine energy gone amuck as is true in power mongering groups that no longer serve the needs of the individual, have left the service of humanity, and exist only to serve their own power ridden ends. In general, groups are quite prone to be power ridden and antithetical to the growth of the individual. Claire Sanchez, symbol of the divine feminine within every man and woman, stands on her own. She will not abide by or tolerate immersion in the group. She stands apart and for this reason is a character to be reckoned with. Claire Sanchez, heroine within all men and women waiting to be discovered, is a veritable force of nature!
Paul DeBlassie III

A young curandera, a medicine woman, intent on uncovering the secrets of her past is forced into a life-and-death battle against an evil Archbishop. Set in the mystic land of Aztlan, The Unholy is a novel of destiny as healer and slayer. Native lore of dreams and visions, shape changing, and natural magic work to spin a neo-gothic web in which sadness and mystery lure the unsuspecting into a twilight realm of discovery and decision.
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Lightning streaked across a midnight dark sky, making the neck hairs of a five-year-old girl crouched beneath a cluster of twenty-foot pines in the Turquoise Mountains of Aztlan stand on end. The long wavy strands of her auburn mane floated outward with the static charge. It felt as though the world was about to end. 
Seconds later, lightning struck a lone tree nearby and a crash of thunder shook the ground. Her body rocked back and forth, trembling with terror. She lost her footing, sandstone crumbling beneath her feet, and then regained it; still, she did not feel safe. There appeared to be reddish eyes watching from behind scrub oaks and mountain pines, scanning her every movement and watching her quick breaths. Then everything became silent. 
The girl leaned against the trunk of the nearest tree. The night air wrapped its frigid arms tightly around her, and she wondered if she would freeze to death or, even worse, stay there through the night and by morning be nothing but the blood and bones left by hungry animals. Her breaths became quicker and were so shallow that no air seemed to reach her lungs. The dusty earth gave up quick bursts of sand from gusts of northerly winds that blew so fiercely into her nostrils that she coughed but tried to stifle the sounds because she didn’t want to be noticed.    

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D., is a psychologist and writer living in Albuquerque who has treated survivors of the dark side of religion for more than 30 years. His professional consultation practice — SoulCare — is devoted to the tending of the soul. Dr. DeBlassie writes fiction with a healing emphasis. He has been deeply influenced by the mestizo myth of Aztlan, its surreal beauty and natural magic.  He is a member of the Depth Psychology Alliance, the Transpersonal Psychology Association and the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. 
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Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D./SoulCare said...

Thank you for hosting The Unholy!

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This sounds like an intense and frightening story.

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Thanks for having the blog hop. i get introduced to a lot of authors I have yet to read. Your book sounds interesting.

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D./SoulCare said...

I've enjoyed hearing from all of you...happy reading!

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D./SoulCare said...

I've enjoyed hearing from all of you...happy reading!

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A fascinating read.

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