Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Footsteps in the Sand by Ju Ephraime: Release Day Blitz



One Christmas Eve, five years ago, James Lorde lost the love of his life in a freak drowning accident. His wife’s body was never recovered, and since that night, he’s been in a depression, both grieving and clinging to hope that she lives.

It’s Christmas Eve, and the depression is especially hard this time of year. He gets only a small measure of relief when he’s near the water that stole her away from him because, somehow, he feels her presence on the beach. His family thinks he’s losing his mind when he tells them he feels her out there, but that is the reason he bought the home where he currently resides. He wants to give her a way home.

On Christmas day, it feels as if his wife is in the home with him, but when he looks, there is no one there. In a fit of desperation, unable to remain in the house, he takes off running to the beach. No sooner has he started running than he feels someone running beside him, but there is no one there when he looks. Thinking he has definitely gone over the edge, he begins running backward, hoping to catch evidence of whomever is following him.

And there it is—two footsteps next to his in the sand. He is so shocked by this that he keeps running, looking for the footsteps, but before he can focus on them, the waves wash them away. He trips over an obstacle in his path. Turning around, he is not prepared for the sight that greets him.

This Christmas will be different because anything is possible at Christmas, and wishes can, indeed, come true on this special day. Loved ones can even find their way home….


About Me by julia e antoineI began writing professionally at the age of 19. At that time, I wrote short stories for the local radio station in my home town. I gave up writing when I moved to the United States to attend college. I have since earned several degrees, including two Masters and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston.  During the course of my schooling, I wrote and published a working curriculum for a career school, a business manual and its answer key, as well as other literary work.  In 2010 I revisited my first love, writing for fun and enjoyment.

I write children’s books under my given name, which can be found here, Too-Clever ,and under my pen name, Ju Ephraime I write high heat, steamy, adult romance novels, which can be found here, Ju Ephraime or on my blog here, All About High Heat Romance.

Currently, I am working on my ninth  romance novel, a love story set in the beautiful state of Connecticut,  Against All Odds, the sequel to Temptation To Sin. I am also participating in National Novel Writing Month and hope to put out one title, Complete Surrender and a Christmas Novella, Footsteps In The Sand. Check back for updates or signup for updates, using the form to the right.

You can purchase any of my books from my publisher’s Online Store.

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