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Doubt, Among Us Trilogy by Anne-Rae Vasquez: Character Interview


Interview with Harry Doubt:

Bio: Former child prodigy, Tech geek, creator of the online game Truth Seekers and leader of a group of online gamers who are in search of their missing loved ones.


Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
I dream of travelling to the future to find out what is in store for mankind. You may know of the late Professor Aaron Doub, famous quantum physicist.  He was my father, although he really wasn’t a father to me.  The only thing I learned from him was that there is proof that we can travel to the future. I always believed that my father didn’t die but travelled to the future as he always dreamed of doing.

What group did you hang out with in University?
I was 15 when my friend Cristal Hernandez and I started attending Global Nation University of New York.  It was hard to find things in common with students who were much older than us. Cristal and I usually hung out with profs, Truth Seekers’ gamers, techies, and geeks.  Most of the time, we hung out in virtual hangouts, or in the Truth Seekers online game.

What do you do to unwind and relax?
Unwind, relax… cannot process those words. Not sure what they mean.

Who should play you in a film?
Joshua Jackson because he is intelligent, relatively good looking and has a sense of humour.  Cristal always tell me that Joshua Jackson’s role as Peter Bishop in the TV show Fringe really reminded her of me.

What one word best describes you?
Complicated. No complex. Hmmm.. Difficult.   Ahh… let’s stick with “Complicated.”

Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?
Introverted. I have a lot of stuff going on in my head. I don’t trust many people. I prefer my virtual friends to my real ones even though they are usually one and the same. Lol.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I know how to bake bread.

You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?
I’d buy all the best computer and networking equipment in the world and then set up a huge computer gaming lab.

Doubt is the first book of the Among Us Trilogy series.

At 21 years old, Harry and Cristal are fresh out of university with their PhD’s. Labeled all their lives as being ‘weird’ and ‘geeky’, they find true friendships with other outcasts by playing online virtual reality games. Now they face the challenges of starting out in the work force, while at the same time trying to get used to their ‘adult’ identities. Harry Doubt, a genius programmer and creator of the popular online game ‘Truth Seekers’, has a personal mission of his own; to find his mother who went mysteriously missing while volunteering on a peacekeeping mission in Palestine. His gaming friends and followers inadvertently join in helping him find her; believing that they are on missions to find out what has happened to their own missing loved ones. During Harry’s missions, Cristal and the team of ‘Truth Seekers’ stumble upon things that make them doubt the reality of their own lives. As they get closer to the truth, they realize that there are spiritual forces among them both good and evil, but in learning this, they activate a chain of events that start the beginning of the ‘end of the world’ as they know it.

Among Us is a book series which delves into the world of the super natural and how it intersects with the every day lives of seemingly ordinary people as catastrophic events on Earth lead to the end of times. Among Us will attract fans of the TV shows Fringe, Lost, and 4400.

The Among Us Trilogy is about a group of outcasts (online gamers) who band together to investigate who or what is behind the catastrophic events happening around the world. Harry Doubt, a programming genius and creator of the virtual online game "Truth Seekers", brings his gaming friends into undercover missions in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA to uncover the truth when his mother mysteriously disappears on a Global Nation volunteer assignment in the Middle East. Little does he know that there are forces more powerful than governments and more dangerous than he or his friends can imagine. Reluctant heroes, Harry Doubt and his group of gaming friends find themselves in a battle to save humanity.

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“…This novel contains a mixture of interesting genres, including fantasy, thriller, adventure, mystery and even romance. The letter in the beginning written to “truth seekers” was a nice touch; a good way to foreshadow what is about to happen.

As a big fan of the show Fringe, this book appealed to me tremendously. The writing was well done, and the way the “supernatural” forces were introduced was great. The characters, primarily Harry and Cristal, were developed and built up very well, and had enough detail about their lives for us readers to understand them as people, not just characters. Genuinely looking forward to read the rest of the series when it comes out!”- Melissa Greenberg, Inkspand reviewer

“Doubt, Among Us Trilogy, by Anne-Rae Vasquez, was a good and refreshing read for me. I am not too into books about the supernatural, but the idea of angels on assignments was intriguing.

The characters in this book are mainly young, gifted adults. The fight is one that is as old as time itself—good against evil. Trust is a precious commodity, for your very existence may depend on who is really true and who is not. Love, jealousy, deceit, and friendships play a big role in the plot and bring home the fact that knowing someone may be just a myth. Loved ones disappear without explanation, adding to the mystique of the story, and Cristal, the center of the story remembers her father telling her before he disappeared to not trust anyone.

In the battle of good and evil, Cristal finds that she has powers that are spiritual in nature that she has barely learned to control. Little does she know that this gift may yet help in finding the missing in a place called purgatory. The author uses this story to show that we are spiritual in nature, either for good or for bad. Cristal and all of her associates often obey orders without question until good eventually overcomes and the reader is left with a lot to think about.

I would recommend this book to a friend. I would liked to have seen some of the characters developed more, but maybe Ms. Vasquez intends to reveal more in book two. I will read book two and three because of the interesting way the subject of angels and demons is approached. A good, clean read for any age.” - S. Coleman, Inkspand Reviewer

“It starts with a game designer and shining star programer, Harry Doubt. His father is dead. His mother is missing. And he has created a network of online gamers. ‘How was he going to convince online gamers to leave the privacy of their virtual world to work with others in the real world?’ is the question that ends chapter three. As someone who is married to an online gamer, that strikes me as a really good question. Curiosity is apparently the strongest motivating force at first.

As the book progresses and the characters develop, we see that not only are these gamers working on missions in the real world as well but we also start to realize that their real world isn’t quite like ours. Or maybe it is and the rest of us just don’t see, making it the perfect urban fantasy world because it feels so real. With everyone else blind or willfully ignoring the spiritual forces at play, only the truth seekers can head off the danger.

It was an excellent story that I’m sure both adult and teen urban fantasy fans will enjoy. You don’t have to be a gamer or know one to identify with the characters. They’re very well developed and definitely feel like people. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and I’m really looking forward to the second book.” - G. Lego, Inkspand Reviewer

“Doubt is book 1 of an intriguing and exciting trilogy by Anne-Rae Vasquez.  With enjoyable, vibrant young characters fighting a frightening unknown entity in a world that is about to self-destruct, Doubt will definitely appeal to readers of all ages who love sci-fi supernatural thrillers.”- Owen Choi, author of Amazon Best Seller, Tendrils of Life

“Captivating, thrilling and compelling. The story is original and fresh–a definite ‘have to read’ for new adult urban fantasy fiction readers.”- Libby Howell, reviewer

Anne-Rae Vasquez, is a web design geek, freelance journalist for Digital Journal, author and filmmaker.  Doubt is her latest novel, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy. She wrote the novel and screenplay for the award winning feature film and web series Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, Salha’s Secrets to Middle Eastern Cooking Cookbook Volume 1, Gathering Dust – a collection of poems, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by (a division of Macmillan Publishing). Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is her feature screenplay and film directorial debut.
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