Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chronicles of the Marauder by A.G. Moye: Spotlight


Neil Armstrong Andrews sees his dreams come true after the largest lottery jackpot in history!
Now, with so much money, he builds a spaceship with his money and the help of foreign governments. Recruiting what most considered crackpot scientists to design and build the craft along with him.

What he doesn't count on is encountering Aliens.

Neil's past haunts him when he becomes Captain of the Marauder, being more of a figurehead than a real Captain. The Commander a one eyed female (Janice) and Chief Engineer Boris seek to block him from being the actual Captain.

Neil's bright light Carrie, is the only thing that shines in his life always happy and bubbly while she sang constantly.

Events transpire where Neil becomes Captain instead of just a figure head. Dealing with the Aliens, they needed his level-headed leadership and quick wit to survive the encounters with all these different Species.
Boris, his chief engineer butt heads with Neil; until Neil finally puts him in his place.
The first time they go faster than light results in the Marauder getting lost somewhere in the Milky Way. The results of this first attempt at FTL cause the death of his pilot.

Discovering a debris field of Alien ships, puts the Marauder in jeopardy. When they go to investigate the Alien debris. They learn they are in a forbidden zone!


Born in the cotton fields of Arkansas. Married with seven children, twenty-two grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Starting writing seriously in 1987 when I got my first computer, long hand before that. Hayloft filled with old stories. Published in 2011 after being prodded by my wife when she read the first of the Lightning in the Tunnel series books, before just wrote as a stress relief and for the fun of it.

Wrote ten books in the Lightning in the Tunnel series along with A Stranger comes Crawling, my true first SciFi. Then T.T. Gristman, my time travel/ love story book. Followed by my updated version of my hand written mystery book called “Brandi’s Nightmare”.

They were all followed by the highly successful series called “Chronicles of the Marauder” which book three of the trilogy is due out around the first of 2014. My wife pressured me to finish the Lightning in the Tunnel first so I have, it is in editing right now.

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