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Arielle Immortal Awakening by Lilian Roberts: Interview and Excerpt


When in the day/night do you write? How long per day? 

I like to write late at night because it works best for me. I am more awake and more alert when the house is peaceful and the quiet is deafening. I can sit down and be creative. During the day there are too many interruptions in my life. At night after everyone has gone to bed, I sit in my office in front of my computer and start to pour my thoughts into my manuscript. I think the quiet is stimulating. 

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

When I decided to finally publish my series, I was shocked to find out all the work that went into getting the books ready. I never thought that the writing part was hard because that was something I love, and I am passionate about. The hardest part of writing is trying to stop editing while writing.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

I learned that once and I decided on my manuscript characters, my thoughts ran wild. The scenarios kept pouring into my head and all I wanted to do is keep writing. I didn’t stop until I got to the 8th book in the series.

Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask? 

Yes I do. They usually want to know what is going to happen with a certain character in the next book. They want a little information because they can’t wait for the next book to be published. That’s something that makes me feel wonderful, knowing that there are readers out there who like my books enough to fall in love with the characters.  

Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?

I love to listen to the music while writing. I actually never write without soft music in the background. I listen to French music.

What was the scariest moment of your life? 

I think the scariest moment in my life was an incident that took place when I was a flight attendant. We lost the landing gear upon approach to Fiumicino airport in Italy. To make things worse, the manual would not work either. The plane had to do an emergency landing and they had to foam the runway. I was busy running around helping people prepare for emergency landing, I didn’t have time to think of anything else. But when I finally sat down and I heard my safety belt click something clenched inside of me. I looked out of the window and that is when it hit me. I was scared to death, trying to fight the nausea that was becoming worse as the moment ticked by. I know it was a short time before the plane hit the ground, but I swear it felt like a century. I am happy it was my day to go.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I wanted to be an engineer, and I am happy to say that I succeeded in becoming one.

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words. 

Individual, Original, Transcendental.

Is there one passage in your book that you feel gets to the heart of your book and would encourage people to read it? If so, can you share it? 

“When immortal passion breathes into a human soul”. That pretty much describes the depth of Sebastian’s love for Arielle throughout the series.


A  mortal soul…

From the time college co-ed Arielle Lloyd had been young, she had been able to hear the thoughts and feel the pain of certain others, and those she comes to think of as her special group. One friend’s dabbling with spells and magic showed her the power of love that can endure beyond the grave. But another friend’s terrifying encounter with a warlock left Arielle wary of those who claim otherworldly powers. On holiday in the south of France, a chance encounter could change her mind. Or could cost her life.

An Immortal man…

Sebastian Gaulle is the wealthy, handsome owner of an international company. He is also an Immortal. For five centuries he has sought the one soul who can fulfill his dreams of everlasting love. Then he meets Arielle, whose heart calls out to him like no other.

A timeless love…

Sebastian has made his choice clear. But jealous Immortals from his past threaten retaliation. They have vowed to destroy any woman who becomes involved with him. In spite of the powerful protection amulet Sebastian gives Arielle, death stalks their newfound love. Their love may be eternal, but they may be running out of time.

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Arielle felt a cold chill run down her spine. Her veins felt fused and her stomach was churning as if she might throw up. Looking at Eva and Gabrielle's faces didn't make her feel any better. They were all wondering who Jasper was and why Julia was waiting for him. 
“Show yourself,” Eva demanded. 
The pointer moved to the word “No.” 
“Juliet, show yourself!” Eva's voice demanded again, in a stern tone Arielle had never heard before. Their hands left the board and they reached out toward each other, intertwining their fingers as stony silence fell in the room. Arielle heard Gabrielle draw in a deep breath as her own breath seized up in her throat, and her body started to tremble from fear and anticipation. She felt a cold shiver as if the temperature in the room had dropped to below zero in a blink of an eye. Suddenly a light breeze blew through the open window, moving the curtains ever so slightly, but rapidly it grew stronger and stronger, and the curtains flapped wildly against the wall. There was a crashing sound that made them jump in fright, and their eyes widened as they watched the papers on Arielle's desk being swept up and whirled around the room. Small objects were violently thrown off of the end tables by the sofa and scattered all over the floor. The candles went completely out, letting darkness fall around them like a curtain of death. For a moment, there was silence, and they stopped breathing altogether.
Suddenly there was a brilliant circle in the center of the room, glowing like a bright sun. A pale-faced young girl dressed in a beautiful white gown was standing in the center, wrapped in the glow. In place of her eyes were two dark holes; her long blonde hair was blowing in every direction, as if the brilliant circle was a wind tunnel. Blood was dripping slowly out of her mouth, down her neck, and onto her white gown, turning the front of it completely red. Tears were pouring out of the holes where her eyes should have been, and her hands were stretched out toward the girls. One of her hands was clutching a chain with what looked like a pentagon at the end of it, illuminated from the bright light of the circle. The girls gasped out loud, and Gabby let out a low scream. Arielle wanted to scream but she couldn't, and she couldn't move any part of her body. The girl was chanting words that had no meaning at all, but she looked distressed, suffering, clearly looking for Jasper.

Lilian was born the second of two daughters in Athens, Greece. She came to the U.S. to study during the late 60s and early 70s. College, marriage, the corporate world, and a beloved daughter kept Lilian's writing on the back burner for many years. It wasn't until later on in life that she decided to sit in front of the computer and finally put her thoughts on paper.

Lilian lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is blessed with a wonderful and supportive family, and a circle of friends who have encouraged her along the way, and who have tremendous faith in her journey.

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