Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Siren's Tale by Anne Carlisle: Spotlight


The sexual pursuits of a siren in human form, operating in the Old West, makes for mesmerizing paranormal-historical romance and spicy inspiration for New Adult readers. Female power and intellect clash with rustic superstition as the siren seeks a life of fiery passion. Deadly consequences arise for Cassandra's human lovers, owing to a curse from the dark side. Can love (or a good story) alter destiny? Will the youngest siren learn from her ancestor's exploits? In the end, can a siren's voracious appetite for adventurous passion be reconciled with core human values?

Anne Carlisle is the award-winning author of THE SIREN'S TALE, Book 2 of her HOME SCHOOLING series, NA paranormal-historical romances about a line of gifted sirens who get tangled in their own webs. She also is a Goodreads moderator for the Review Group. She has a Ph. D. in 19th Century British Literature from Case Western Reserve University, where she also served on the faculty. A former Dean at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, she currently is a consultant for the American Council on Education as well as Course Chair and Professor of Writing for the University of Maryland University College, where she teaches writing to servicemen and women throughout the world. As a literary magazine editor, newspaper columnist, and platform speaker, she published a trade book on writing (Penton Press) and received awards for creative writing (novel manuscript, The National Writers Club) and journalistic writing (ANPA). She authored hundreds of feature articles. She has homes in Wilmington, North Carolina, Key West, and Seattle.

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