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Pendomus by Carissa Andrews: Interview


Welcome Carissa.  Thanks for agreeing to answer some of my questions.  How did you start your writing career?

My writing career took a couple turns throughout my life. I was gently nudged in that direction from the time I was very young. Teachers in elementary school would tell me I had a great imagination and I was even tapped to be part of a select group of kids who wrote and illustrated our own book in the 6th grade. In 8th grade, I had a fascinating and extremely intense dream. To this day I can still remember it in full detail. I wrote a full novel at that time and even had my teacher read and edit it. Granted, nothing ever came of it, because at the time, children didn’t publish novels. From that point on, I did many new things. Studied different things, experienced life. I wrote poetry and other musings, but really didn’t put too much into novels. In 2010 I was lamenting the idea of solely doing marketing and graphic design to my best friend. I had gone into the career, thinking it would be what I was looking for. While I like aspects of it, at its core, marketing is very empty for me. It was at her insistence that I started writing again. We had discussed a paranormal novel about a ghost love story, which I even started writing. About a month into writing it, the entire world of Pendomus came flying at me. I wasn’t planning to start a different project, but there it was and Runa’s voice wouldn’t leave me be.


Tell us about Pendomus.

Pendomus is book 1 in a 3-part series I've been writing, called the Pendomus Chronicles.

The series is YA sci-fi, dystopian with paranormal romance elements. It takes place on another planet, Pendomus, and follows the tale of a seventeen-year-old girl, Runa, who leaves the humanity-run complex known as the Helix, only to be brutally attacked when she does so. Runa ends up being saved by a man with blue-hair and brought to a hidden location on the planet. As she heals from her attack, evidence begins to emerge that Runa's attack was not merely an accident. She begins hearing voices in her mind, which are not associated to the Helix's eLink technology (a means of wirelessly transferring thoughts and communication via minds) and they warn about insidious plans to murder her. Her only chance is to find a way inside a mysterious doorway on the side of an ancient tree for answers. The trouble is, in order to do so, she must return to the place she left-- the Helix. Can she find out what's happening without risking the lives of her new friends? Or worse, the man she's beginning to fall for?


When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?


I’ve always been a morning person. So as annoying as I probably am to most, I write best as the morning bum starts shining outside. When I first started writing Pendomus, I was a stay-at-home Mom with a lot more time to write during the day. Now I work full-time and get only mornings and lunch breaks to hammer out words. Most days, I probably get a good hour to two hours a day, but it still keeps my forward momentum going.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I have both, actually. My best friend Sherry (the one who started all this writerly madness) is whom I affectionately call Beta-Reader-Extraordinaire. She has helped me in so many ways and I am forever in her debt. In addition to Sherry, I have had many critique partners read and give feedback for Pendomus. Most of my critique partners are now very successful authors, too. People like Kendall Grey, author of the Just Breathe Series, and even New York Times Bestselling author Cassia Leo have read and critiqued Pendomus for me.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

In the beginning, I was most definitely a pantser who had it all figured out. HA! But as time went on and my knowledge of writing a novel grew, I can honestly say I have changed my ways! Books 2 and 3 will be plotted out (at least to some degree with room for flexibility). I spent 1 year writing Pendomus and another two cleaning it up. I won’t make that mistake again if I can help it!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to be was an archaeologist, of all things. I wanted to explore the world, learn about ancient cultures, see the world through other people’s eyes. Now, in a sense, I use that same wonder in writing and living the lives of the people I write about.


Entice us, what future projects are you considering?


Beyond the obvious sequels for Pendomus, I have a number of projects waiting in the wings. I have a book about a woman who has lived for over a thousand years, but cannot remember her first thirty. She has not idea why she’s immortal, but she doesn’t particularly like it. I’ve dubbed this book ‘Oracle’ and the first 10,000 words are already started. I also have a modern romance novel in the works based very loosely around my own life. Its working title is ‘Confessions of a Narcissist.’ HA! I even have a couple of young children’s books waiting for me to illustrate and publish.


Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?

My life has had many ups and downs, particularly in the last five years. One of the pieces of advice that has come to me and has stuck, is one Jillian Michaels likes to repeat: “Why choose failure when success is an option?” Regardless of how hard it’s been at times to get Pendomus finished I have carried on and followed through (and I write this in the midst of a completely flooded basement, pending court case and a mountain of work at the office to do). I am a firm believer that we are put on this earth to find our purpose, which is why the hero’s journey in fiction is so compelling to each of us. They make it simple when our own lives can be so complicated and muddy.

Pendomus by Carissa Andrews
(Pendomus Chronicles, #1)
Publication date: October 10th, 2013
Genres: Dystopia, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult



Humanity has colonized on a tidally locked planet known as Pendomus, a planet of extremes. Half eternal scorching desert and half perpetual arctic night. Surviving along the temperate band between the two, we’ve set up home in a complex known as the Helix. Within the Helix lies a highly sophisticated, highly technological society functioning solely on humans fulfilling their life’s purpose. That purpose is determined and nurtured through a person’s natural aptitudes, as read by their daily brain scans. Eating, sleeping, even procreation is handled by professionals. These basic concepts, no longer a part of society’s every day norm.

Seventeen-year-old Runa Cophem longs to be more than part of the Helix machine. Her life inside is anything but fulfilling. She feels disconnected, and longs to be more than society dictates. Inside, no one socializes, no one interacts in a meaningful way. It’s never set right with Runa. She would love nothing more than to reach out to her family, but not even her own mother can show any semblance of love for her. Instead, Runa has found solace in the ancient woods nearby, despite being strictly forbidden.

Runa’s life takes an unforeseen turn when she’s brutally attacked, and left for dead in those woods near the Helix. Rescued by a stranger with blue hair, she’s immersed into a surprising way humanity has survived. Fueled by a yearning to belong, and an attraction she didn’t even know was possible, Runa wants desperately to make a new life. Yet, there’s much she doesn’t know about herself, about the planet and the forces controlling her from afar.

What she needs is some answers.




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Born and raised in central MN, Carissa Andrews has always loved books. She started her career at 15 in a bookstore, just to be able to afford her book fetish. By 19, she worked for a magazine publisher. At 22, she was working for printers to learn their trade. At 27, she went back to school for graphic design, and became an award winning designer. Little did she know all of her experiences would lead her to becoming a self-publishing power house.

At 31, a magical world on a planet far away, invaded her mind.

At 34, she’s learned what she needs to make her work successful.

Pendomus (Book 1 of the Pendomus Chronicles) will be released OCTOBER 10, 2013.


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