Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dumb Waiters: The Awakening by Bailey Johnson & Kyle Brown: Spotlight


Lexi drives me on the raw machine – Kid Magick, fish-n-chips – rough yard, crazy white boys. Vision – full pulse – we lock our fists and feel a twist: origin, Thompson Twins, an artist’s exploration for your entertainment. Indeed, these things have happened.

Knowledge mints – scrape my side – come and see what I see: Solar For World Peace, this generation that can end its judgment and go to space and read 2.99 eBooks while hittin’ wormholes.
Can’t ever get enough snuggle stories – Dumb Waiters coming from a fifth-generation cemetery guy, sharing love for a women and future daughters and paranormal/Jung joy. That’s just what it is to me – I write for you, good reader – it is what you want it to be.
Take risks – make mistakes – let the characters tell their story: they always will.

I’ve been a storyteller since I was 3 – lighting that passion to tap humanity’s soul: with words and ideas, a natural aphrodisiac, best job in the universe.

Strange things are happening in the town of Chester, VA. Anne Cooper wakes up in the woods and doesn't feel her cheery self. Chris Lujan is in love and walks into a nightmare on her behalf. Jake Konstantine is a hero in the making and destined to save someone.

The events are simple. The consequences are not.

This is the American swamp, the land of dreams.

Nothing is what it seems.



He’d been suggested through Naval circles… ‘cause of that then missing huss… who until then had gotten involved at Reverend Nasr’s church.
Cardinal Kid, Miss Cooper. Thought all crazy ladies knew about him. He snatch, he weird, he cool. I know you know him best. He bought your problem with matricide. He stays on solution.
I feel him yearn for goddesses. I get la sueur froide. I sweep pecan dust, read of l'entrepreneur de pompes funèbres Jay. I break into rehab and kill a daughter’s plan cul. I trace Sharon’s footsteps for a night.
She flies in. She gives ‘em lead – prêtres vaudous – boivent leur sang. L'évasion, in a scorpion cage. We are those critters – and boys get horny when they’re curious. What if Mr. Hatfield wanted an ending… or just a peek inside?
Sucellus. Because of the máilléad, he can do le réveil.
Roisin Dubh. Bondage.
I mistreat St. Rónán and kill a cleric–
Don’t let Sharon get too far without announcin’… without preventin’… marbh… stacked by the Druids who’d sought adventure.

Bailey Johnson and Kyle Brown are close friends who met in Atlanta and found a unique bond through this love story, called The Coagula Series. Ambitious, stubborn, passionate, full of faith, it was Bailey’s idea to make an epic serenade for one special person. The guys live in Colorado and Florida, respectively, and currently working on their next episode.

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