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Apocalyptic Moon by Eva Gordon: Spotlight, Review and Guest Post



Apocalyptic Moon

By Eva Gordon

Apocalyptic Moon

Series: After the Bane
By: Eva Gordon
Published By: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published: May 10, 2013
ISBN # 9781612177380

362 pages

Word Count: 90,189
Heat Index  3


Book tagline:

Ravaged by a global zombie pandemic, humanity’s survival depends on the secret society of shifters, but can they be trusted?

Book Blurb:

Dr. Dora Adler’s life has been in disarray since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, but when she gets bitten by one of the undead her whole world is turned upside down. Held captive in a secret underground lab, the tall, muscular hunk in the next cell is her only hope for salvation. Unfortunately, he claims to be a werewolf. Yeah, and she’s supposedly a witch.

Dirk Gunderson is an alpha Arbor pack werewolf. Captured and collared, he’s sold to the zombie lab in hopes his blood serum can create a vaccine. He needs to escape, but not without the hot little brunette witch.

In the midst of enemy werewolves and the hordes of undead, Dirk and Dora’s sexual tension ignites a blaze hotter than the desert highway. Along their journey, they
battle the inevitable: a werewolf must never take a witch as a mate.

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I admit that I have been on a zombie kick lately.  I love the whole “Walking Dead” gruesomeness, and reading about survivors just trying to maintain a foothold in the new order.  This book excites me because along with having a strong woman who literally, for some unknown reason, can survive zombie bites, we also get to follow the exploits of Dirk, a werewolf pack leader.  The global pandemic is forcing opposing factions to cooperate, and the results are often explosive. 
This paranormal action romance kept me tied to my kindle…even when the battery ran low I read tethered to the power cord.  The set-up begun in this book depicts a world on the brink of absolute collapse.  The first in a planned series, the book leaves questions unanswered, but I thought this story ended well, and at a logical point.  With the survivors in retreat, Dirk and Dora’s forbidden relationship is still unresolved, and could bring about an ideological battle that could further splinter the fragile, hard-won coalition. I am looking forward to more action and adventure in the next book. I love Dirk, and Dora is a worthy companion who can hold her own when the chips are down.
This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.
Reviewed by Laurie-J   

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List of 18 tips to survive the zombie apocalypse of Apocalyptic
Moon, Book 1 After the Bane Series

1.      Guns need ammo, blades and werewolf friends don’t.

2.      Keep a cool head and try to see the humor in things.

3.      If you miss their heads, aim for their legs.

4.      Take shelter in higher ground, zombies are clumsy.

5.      Don’t take elevators.

6.      Fight or Flight? Flight is always better.

7.      Uses your senses of smell, sight and hearing to detect zombies.

8.      Don’t make noise that will attract zombies.

9.      Don’t get bitten.

10.  Have a plan to get to your loved ones.

11.  Go on free shopping spree at the local empty mall. First, make sure it’s empty.

12.  Not all shifters are to be trusted.

13.  Don’t trust the zombies.

14.  Don’t trust people bitten by zombies.

15.  Don’t go anywhere with the first- guy-to-die for being stupid dude.

16.  Beware of Tankers; former criminals and gangs who rape, raid and enjoy feeding the zombies.

17.  Oh, yeah, don’t feed the zombies.

18.  Never moon a werewolf, when you should be focusing on survival.


One last suggestion: Get a solar powered e-reader charger and stay tuned to download book 2, Raven Moon, before all distributers go down.


Eva Gordon said...

Hi Laurie,
Thank you for your honest review and guest hosting my blog visit. I'm currently waiting for the final galley of book 2, Raven Moon. Cover reveal coming soon.

I love meeting readers so feel free to contact me.

Tina B said...

Great review! I don't read many apocalyptic stories, but I am currently reading Endless Knight by Kresley Cole. I am loving the series so far.
I, too, LOVE the Walking Dead! It comes back on soon!! Yay!
This one definitely sounds intriguing!
I have already added it to my TBR. :)
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.