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Hunting by S.M. Hineline: Interview and Excerpt



Today, I’m pleased to introduce S.M. Hineline. Since she has agreed to chat a bit with me; let’s find out a little about her. 

Welcome! Thanks for this opportunity to ask you a few questions. It’s great having you here.  J  How did you start your writing career?  

I had written a book and basically hid it under my bed.  My husband found out I'd written it, and starting bugging me to figure out a way to publish.  He said there was no point in writing it if I was just going to hide it from everyone.  After a couple months of feet dragging, I reached out to an artist friend of mine and convinced them to make me a cover.  Another friend gave me the name of an editor, and from there it was pretty simple.  It was published in January of 2012, and I waited super not patiently for someone to be the first person to buy Hunting.

Tell us about your next release.

Discovery, Book #2 in the Hunting Saga, will be releasing next month.  It's written in a different voice than Hunting, but still based around the same characters and told from Jade's point of view.  In Discovery, Jade and the rest of the hunting party are called on by the Queen to help assist the police in an investigation.  Someone has been torturing and killing young girls, and the police are starting to suspect it may be a vampire.  This is bad for the Vampires because their treaty with the United States hinges upon them keeping law and order amongst their people.  If they don't stop the killer, they'll risk being kicked out of the last country willing to allow them sovereignty and independence.  

What do you think makes a good story?

I think a good story needs characters you have feelings for.  Doesn't matter if you love them or hate them, but you have to feel something.  It also has to have a great plot, something interesting that will keep you turning the pages well after you should have turned the light out and gone to bed.

What are your favorite TV shows? 

Oh man, I have so many.  I like True Blood, Game of Thrones, Bones, Castle, The Glades, Being Human, Falling Sky, Vikings, Walking Dead, The Ricky Gervais Show...there are more, but those are the ones I've watched in the last couple weeks.

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a writer

I started when I was super young.  When my mom used to put my brother and me to bed, she'd let us pick certain aspects of a story, and would then make up a new bedtime story.  So I would choose that it needed to have a princess, my brother would want an airplane, and my mom would come up with something that had a fighter pilot saving a princess.  It was always exciting to see what the story would turn into, and I think that more than anything gave me my love for story telling.

And now for my last question. What do you find most rewarding about writing? 
I think the most rewarding part about writing for me is having people read what I've written.  Sometimes they love it, sometimes they hate it, sometimes they're sort of lukewarm, but no matter what their reaction, I always get a charge out of knowing that someone is reading the story I put down on paper.  


In the war between humans and vampires... a child will turn the tide.

Thousands of years ago a goddess cursed a family, every 500 years a child of their bloodline would be born a vampire. This child would mean the survival or destruction of the vampire race. And each would do anything to find the child first.

Jade knew nothing of the curse, but when a vampire princess calls, you answer. Now she must do her best to help find the child and save it from the humans who would see it dead. And if that weren't enough, the princess' cousin, in an effort to show her unworthy to lead their people, is doing everything in his power to stop them. Even if that means killing them all.

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Vampires were created five hundred years ago by a powerful goddess,” the elder began.
Jade listened attentively to the tale that followed. Sekhmet, the goddess of war, fell in love with a mortal man. The goddess of beauty, Bastet, was in love with the same man and decided to seduce him.
When Sekhmet came upon the two locked in a passionate embrace, she cursed their union. The child born of that union was the first vampire, and the pair named her Khalidah before they knew what she was to become. As Khalidah aged, she became more and more beautiful. She also became colder, as if she were dead, and yet she walked and talked, although her parents never saw her eat.
One day Bastet took Khalidah to Sekhmet and demanded to know why her daughter was as cold as death, never ate and yet was still alive, and grew more beautiful each day. The goddess of war laughed and said she had placed a curse on the child. The child would grow more beautiful each day and would be immortal in the image of her mother. However, she would walk the earth without truly being alive, forced to steal life from others just as Bastet had stolen life and happiness from Sekhmet when she seduced the mortal man Sekhmet loved.
Horrified at what her daughter was, Bastet cast Khalidah out. Sekhmet saw the child alone and afraid and felt pity. She took the child as her own and raised her, teaching her to hunt mortals and to steal part of their life without taking too much and causing them to die. Sekhmet also taught her many secrets known only to the gods and goddesses. Khalidah learned how to fly, how to shift forms, how to control others using her mind, and most importantly, how to hide what she was. 


S.M. Hineline has always loved reading, especially anything to do with vampires or werewolves, much to her parents' dismay. She recently moved with her husband to Indiana, where they're setting up a house and learning how to be urban farmers (but she's not sure about the whole gathering Chicken eggs thing).

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