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The Blood Myth by Stacy Moran: Character Interview


Character Interview with Tanerk Raka

The King of the Raka, son of the Tahir, he now after murdering his father. Tanerk is the father of Zakah and a multitude of unknown children. He is merciless and sadistic in his agenda to fulfill what he believes is his shai/ destiny.  Destroy the Saka by breeding their females, creating an ultimate power.


Physical Description: Varies in appearance but prefers a tall, lean muscular build, long black hair, and the only constant in his appearance is his azure eyes. Race: Raka Diavol


What was your reaction to the end of the book, specifically the last page?  Do you know who the father is, or are you going to be surprised like the rest of us?


My reaction to the book, Stacy has a skill for writing, as close as possible to my true self but it was not completely how I would have relayed, the turn of events. Of course I know who the father is, the thing is will what everyone finds out be the truth or not.


What is it about the Dakhla women; specifically the twins that make you crave them? Wouldn't just one do you enough?


One would never be enough and yes there is something else driving me but it is too soon to share exactly what and why the Dakhla women are so important to me.


Are you proud of Zakah? Even though he does not follow in your footsteps? But if you could look at his life from an objective point of view, are you proud?


That actually is something I have never thought about before, maybe more accurate answer would be I respect him. A male Raka has natural urges and the ability to control them as Zakah takes great strength.


Have you ever loved someone and, do you want to be in love?


Yes, I have loved someone before, many years ago… Do I want love now, no I don’t.


Why do you think that you are so popular with the readers? You would think with all of the evil that you have done in your lifetime people would be scared and disgusted by you.


Scared, disgusted? Look at me? I am handsome, powerful, intelligent, and the dark secret every being craves but is afraid to admit their desires.


How do you feel about being a pawn in a game of the gods?


Who’s to say, the gods are not my pawn? Akhekh sits on his throne and watches what his creations do because of his boredom but we are the ones doing… The gods live in their own sense of delusional security but it is us the mortals, the Saka, and the Raka who have the true power.


Are you excited about book two?


Excited? I think my story is not a one book story so, yes I am excited but it will not be the end of me.


If you could change, one thing about the book what would it be and why?


I would want there to be more of me, specifically my time with Nikolette and Sorina.


Do you have anything you would like to add to this interview before we get to the final round?


Something to add, not everything is as it seems and there are plenty more surprises in store for everyone, including Ms. Moran.


Alright now it's time for the lightening round ... Pick one word for each answer.

White meat or Dark meat? No meat

Day or Night? Day, morning to be exact

Boxers or Briefs? Neither

Knives or Swords? Myself

Magick or Demon? Both

Whips or Chains? Hands on kind of guy

Daughters or Sons? Depends

Virgins or No? Again depends

Power and Control or Submission? Complete and utter domination


Zakah Sange and Sorina Ruzicka come together through a random happenstance of events. Now the two must fight for survival, fight for their families and fight for each other. Will they learn to compromise and fight the inner demon Zakah's bloodline shares? Will the evil king of the Raka win out on the willful witch and her family? Only time will tell.

Stacy was born and raised in West Virginia but now finds herself living in Texas. She has always loved writing, starting in the first grade with The Land without Rules, her very first novel. Her mother will tell you it was a brilliant book.
She was in journalism off and on during her school years. She loves telling a story and creating her own worlds. She focuses mainly on paranormal romance and poetry.

Stacy recently finished a poetry book, Whispers in the Dark with Ashley Nemer and Torie N. James. She is extremely excited to introduce her Myth Series starting with Blood Myth.

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