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Three Wishes by Paula Millhouse: Character Interview, Excerpt: Bewitching Tour Stop


Character Interview with Michael McKnight from Three Wishes by Paula Millhouse

Paula: Hi Michael. Thanks for agreeing to an interview for the Bewitching Book tour of Three Wishes. Laurie, our guest host wanted me to ask you a few questions. Thank Laurie for hosting us. Michael sits down on an opposite couch. He’s so tall, he barely fits.

Michael: Aye, and she’s a fine lassie for asking, isn’t she Paula. Thank you, Laurie! Yours is an awesome website.

Paula: OK, first question. What is something people would be surprised to find out about you?

Michael: I’m a Warrior Class Leprechaun. I’m a real Leprechaun, not those silly green short guys everyone sees on St. Patty’s Day. My ancestors were once fierce warriors in the lands of Ireland, and now that my curse has been removed by my sweetheart Abby, you can see me for what I really am in Three Wishes.

Paula: I look at Michael, and smile. He’s easy six-foot five, muscular chest and arms, with long wavy locks of reddish-blonde hair. Handsome, and buff, he winks at me with teal green eyes. Definitely not small. Or ugly. Michael, Laurie wants to know what was the scariest moment in your life?

Michael: I’m man enough to admit to ya it was when the Fairy King Dionis caught me putting on unauthorized fairy dances for Abigail O’Malley. See, I was a wee lad back then, we were just teenagers, and I didn’t know I was doing wrong. I loved Abby so, and the dances made her happy. Dionis, the Fairy King sentenced me to ten years in purgatory for my sins, and for hoarding gold. He cursed me, and made me small. He insisted I wear that ridiculous green felt suit, with the hat, and the pointy felt shoes. Utterly ridiculous. When I realized Abby would be alone all those long years, I was terrified she’d find another love.

Paula: I’ve met Dionis. It can’t be good to anger a Fairy King. Where do you dream of traveling to, and why?

Michael: Ah, that’s an easy one. I’d love to take Abby to Ireland, to show her the coast, and meet our people. Her father Angus raised her in Savannah, but Abby O’Malley is an Irish lass, through and through. Have ye seen all her freckles? We plan to do some research on Irish beers to serve at O’Malley’s Bar & Grill on Riverstreet. Laurie, you and your readers have an open invitation to stop in and share a brew with us, any time.

Paula: Michael, what do you like to do to unwind and relax?

Michael: Abby and I share a beer together on the balcony of O’Malley’s and watch the ships pass down the Savannah River.  Then, on special nights at home, we go outside and if we’re lucky we get to watch the fairies dancing on the lawn.

Paula: What’s your favorite meal? Do you eat haggis?

Michael: He makes a funny face. Not on your life, darlin’! That’s a Scot’s dish. I’m a steak and potatoes kinda guy, with a hearty Irish Stout. Oh, and dark chocolate with whipped cream for dessert. Now you’re talking.

Paula: I smile. Yummo - What time is dinner? What are you passionate about these days, Michael?

Michael: Fairy shoes.

Paula: Fairy shoes? Elaborate, please?

Michael: It’s what I do, love. I design exquisite dancing shoes for the fairies in Three Wishes. They pay me in gold to get their hands on my shoes.

Paula: So that’s how you get all that gold! Too cool! Well, I guess that about wraps up our interview. Thank you for coming and talking to us Michael. Tell Abby we all said hey.

Michael: Thank you, Laurie.

Laurie: Great to meet you Michael. Thanks Paula for allowing us this special opportunity to learn more about Michael from Three Wishes.

Three Wishes
Paula Millhouse

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781938876585


Number of pages: 46

Word Count: 18,500


Book Description:

Abigail O’Malley wants to find true love…which is about as easy as catching a leprechaun.

Abigail O’Malley’s world turns upside down when a rival Irishman threatens to take her bar, an historic Savannah landmark, mere days before the start of the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

When she captures a leprechaun, her three wishes include his gold, fairy magic, and the mystery of her One True Love.

Will Michael McKnight have time to prove he’s up to the task of granting all her wishes before the bad guys close in and destroy Abby’s dreams forever?


The afternoon had gotten away from her and twilight loomed, so Abby took the charms and strode across the yard to the old oak. Her imagination ran wild with thoughts of fairies dancing in the wooded area, fireflies though they might have been. She longed to see them again, longed for a time when she had the unfettered mind of child, when her world revolved around her parents, when she was safe and loved, and happy.

She approached the old live oak and placed the miniature fairy door at the base of the tree, just so. Next she settled one of the delicate little chairs beside it. Now the bench, and the remaining two chairs belong on the other side, on the old rock. She walked around the tree, set up the fancy little charms in an inviting arrangement, squeezed her eyes shut and asked a mighty question of the universe and whatever power imagination truly held within the world. She asked for hope, peace, and some way to solve this mess with her father’s bar.

“Please, little fairies, I need all the luck you can lend me today. I’m inviting you back to play. Please come back home and show me what to do.”

A mighty wind kicked up and swirled through the branches of the grand old oak, fluttering her hair with its force. Abby opened her eyes then frowned, surprised. Clearly, the stress of it all had finally taken its toll. The fairy charms vibrated and glowed with brilliant color, and a leprechaun dressed in a Kelly green suit, with a top hat and pointed shoes, stood waiting on the other side of the tree. A radiant smile lit his face.

Abby gasped, stepped back, and scurried around the oak toward the safety of the house. Then she shrieked. Her world closed in around her. Her heart hitched and her brain screamed foul. Her knees chose that moment to give way, and she collapsed into a heap at the base of the tree.

4 Stars

This was a quick, feel-good read that was just perfect for a rainy afternoon. Polished and fast-paced, it tells the story of two lonely people who after an enforced ten-year separation just may get a second chance at love. Unfortunately, Michael has been cursed for past grievances, and his appearance now when Abby so desperately needs his magic is at odds with Abby’s fanciful dreams.  Physical appearance aside, Michael and Abby share a connection both baffling and comfortable. 
Michael, in a melodramatic and satisfying manner, thwarts the dastardly villains’ plan to ruin the heroine – earning him hero status in her eyes – in spite of  his small stature and ludicrous attire.  Using his talents and his considerable persuasive skills, Michael demonstrates that he is indeed a reformed leprechaun willing to do whatever is required for the chance to stay with his beloved Abby forever.  This lovely fairy tale with a modern spin is sure to leave you smiling, too.
This book was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.
 Reviewed by Laurie-J


About the Author:

Paula Millhouse grew up in Savannah, Georgia where Spanish moss whispers tales in breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, and the Intracoastal Waterway. As a child Paula soaked in the sunshine and heritage of cobblestones, pirate lore, and stories steeped in savory mysteries of the south. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal chapter, the Mystery/Suspense chapter (Kiss of Death), and a member of Savvy Authors.

She lives with her husband at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains with their pack and pride of furry babies.

In the southern tradition of storytellers, she loves sharing the lives of her characters with readers, and following her muse on the quest for happily-ever-afters in thrilling romantic fiction.

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Paula Millhouse said...

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for hosting me and Michael McKnight today. It was fun chatting with you on our last tour stop for Three Wishes.

Susan Mac Nicol said...

Paula, lovely character interview with Michael, very revealing and interesting.
PS Can I get a pair of those magic dancing shoes urgently before I go to the RNA Summer party tomorrow night?

Paula Millhouse said...

Hey Susan,
I'll get Michael on those shoes right away. You'll be the Belle of the ball,

Samantha MacDouglas said...

I love the dichotomy of warrior and shoe maker. A lot like samurai writing poetry. Does Michael long for the old days of battle? Or enjoy the newer style battles in the court room?

Paula Millhouse said...

Hi Samantha,

I asked Michael your question - seems the courtroom scene has gotten his dander up, and now that Abby's revealed his true nature his warrior's soul is on the lookout for trouble.

Hmmm...I wonder what could happen if King Dionis had a problem only a real leprechaun could manage...?

Brilliant question, Samantha.