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Violet Dawn by Lynn Rush: Character Interview


Hi, Everyone. Emma Martin here. Thanks for helping us celebrate the second story in the Violet Night Trilogy—Violet Dawn.
It’s weird having a story—er—two stories out there depicting your life. I mean, sure, I’m a Vampire Hunter and life is pretty crazy sometimes…but it’s weird to see it in print.
I’ll tell ya someone else who has a crazy life. The ice-slinging teenager, Amanda Smith, who Lynn Rush writes about in the Touch of Frost Trilogy. Those stories don’t start coming out for a bit yet, but I thought it’d be fun to chat it up with Amanda.
I happened to catch her at a pizza place she likes to hang out at. Can’t really say where it is just in case the Coats are surfing the airwaves.
ME: Crap, Amanda, I mentioned your full name.
AMANDA: Don’t worry, it’s not my real full name. Oh, and you can call me Mandy.
ME: Really? I heard that’s reserved for your closer friends.
MANDY: Hey, we’re kindred spirits, girl. She let out a big, knowing, smile. You got some freak going on with you, just like me, so it’s all good.
ME: Got some freak going on…LOVE IT. So, speaking of freak, how the HECK did you realize you can freeze things you touch?
MANDY: It’s never a convenient time to find something like that out, let me tell you. Mandy shook her head and took a bite of her steaming slice of pepperoni pizza. It was after my parents’ funeral. I kinda of went bonkers on my bro. Nearly killed him.
ME: Dang. That’s tough. And you’ve been on the run ever since?
MANDY: Yep. My bro takes great care of me. But we have to move around A LOT, which totally and completely sucks. Mandy nodded to me. So, you really don’t eat? As in ever?
ME: Nope. No eating, sleeping, drinking.
MANDY: Which means no bathroom breaks. Wish I had that. She put her hands up in the classic stop gesture. Wait, I take that back. I’ve got enough with the whole worrying about freezing Zach’s lips off when I kiss him.
ME:  Yikes. That would be a little worrisome. Really? Freezing him.
And here all I had to worry about was hiding my wrist when it lit up like a Christmas tree around Vamps.
MANDY: Yeah. It gets a little weird hiding it. But you have to hide stuff, too.
ME: True. But I had control of my powers pretty quickly. Yours are still wonky, right? Still learning?
MANDY:  Yeah. The other night when Zach…wait, not sure I can share that part of the book yet since it’s not out…um, yeah, in certain situations…um…intense ones, I kinda lose track of my powers.
I winked at my new friend knowing exactly what she was talking about. I couldn’t help laughing a little, considering I’ve read a draft of her story, so I knew exactly what she was talking about. What a freaking crazy life.
ME: What’s one good thing about being super-strong and able to freeze things?
MANDY: I can help my bro around the house. Just the other day I lifted up the back end of his car so he could change his flat tire. And a few weeks ago, we got a new fridge, I carried that baby right up the stairs.
ME: Not to mention staying cool since you live in the desert.
MANDY: Helps the cooling bills here in Arizona! And, my drinks are always cold. Mandy glanced around and leaned in. Your wrist really glows when Vamps are around? Jeez, I didn’t even know they existed.
ME: Sure does glow. And yep, they’re around. Not many people know it, and that’s the idea. I’m thinking the humans would freak a little. I offered up my hand. Hit me up, girl. I want to feel the chill—if I even can since I don’t feel temperature changes.
MANDY: No way! I can’t control it very well sometimes. She shook her head. I’ve been practicing, but still—
ME: You’ll do fine. Consider this more practice. I scooted my chair close. Just a little. I’m dying to know if I can feel it!
Mandy drew in a deep breath, and I swear her fingernails flickered blue. It had to have been my imagination, though. She reached out and brushed her forefinger against my open palm.
MANDY: You’re cold already.
ME: Steady at 74.7 degrees. Keeps me relatively undetectable by the Vamps—no heat emanating off me.
MANDY: Cool. She straightened in her chair. Okay. Here goes.
I didn’t notice anything happening at first, but then I saw a glisten of frost covering a small section of my palm, just below my thumb. A little tug to my skin followed. I’ll admit, I was a little bummed I didn’t get to feel the chill, but still. It was wicked to see that coming from Mandy’s fingertip. I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from saying anything.
MANDY: Okay, back off. Back off.
Her voice wasn’t more than a whisper but I’d heard her say it, though she wasn’t really talking to me directly.
ME: Why do you say that?
MANDY: It’s the only way I know how to pull the cold back in. She reached for her pizza slice again letting out a long breath. Works pretty good at getting me to shut it off.
Mandy’s cell buzzed and inched across the table top. Her eyes widened, and she hopped from the chair.
ME: What? I joined her standing as if it was instinct.
MANDY: 9-1-1 from my bro. There’s trouble. I have to go.
ME: Anything I can help with?
MANDY: No. He might have spotted—Mandy stopped abruptly and looked at me—Maybe you can help kick some butt.
ME: Oh yeah. I’m all about that. Human or non?
MANDY: Neither. It might be the scalpel-happy scientists hunting me.
ME: Wait, they found you?
Mandy headed toward the door waving me to follow.
MANDY: They sometimes do—which means, I sometimes have to turn the freeze on and run away. She grinned as she held the door open for me to pass by. But I’m thinking your mind-wiping skills might come in handy…
ME: Game on!
Oh yeah. Mandy and I had some fun with those Coats. Dang. They’re wicked. I’m just glad I could help. I can tell she’s sick of running and has some people in her life now that are worth sticking around for.
Too bad that means she’s got a battle ahead of her.
Thanks for hanging out with us for the interview. And thanks for sharing in Violet Dawn’s release celebration. Stay tuned for the final book in the trilogy to come out this summer!

Violet Dawn
Violet Night Book Two
Lynn Rush
Release Date April 1, 2013
Crescent Moon Press
About the book:
In the darkest place, the Light shines brightest.
Emma’s love saved Jake from life as a vampire. But their happily ever after is threatened by a savage Vamp seeking retribution for destroying the Avenos Trinity of Evil. 

A mysterious stranger enters the mix, coinciding with the first Vamp attack in months. Emma’s new friendship, and the suspicion and deceit surrounding it, further drives a wedge between her and Jake. 
To complicate things, Emma is bitten by a Vamp with abilities no one has ever seen before, and that bite has left its mark.

A mark that might tear Jake and Emma apart forever… 


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Driven to write, Lynn Rush often sees her characters by closing her eyes watching their story unfold in her mind. Lynn Rush is a pen name that is a combination of two sources – Lynn, the first name of her mother-in-law, who passed away and Rush – since the author is a former inline speed skater and mountain biker. All of Rush’s books are dedicated to Lynn, her namesake, and a portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research and awareness.

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