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Tumbling in Time by Denise Wyant: Character Interview

My Interview with Tasha from Tumbling in Time

I scheduled this interview with Tasha two weeks ago; I have been looking forward to catching up with her; I’m curious how things are at school and if things have progressed any further with Arikk (relationship-wise). Tasha suggested we meet at her favorite coffee shop the day after she finished her final exams. I selected a pair of worn arm chairs in the rear of the shop, thinking it would give us privacy; however, it turned out the place was deserted even at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Glancing at my watch, I realized Tasha was running a bit late. I relaxed into the chair, sipping the house brew. I didn’t have to wait much longer before the door chime announced a patron’s – Tasha’s – arrival. The poor girl looked harried. Her button down shirt was wrinkled; several strands of hair escaped the sloppy bun perched atop her head. She let her messenger bag drop to the floor before flopping into the other chair.

Laurie:  (I sit forward in my chair) Tasha, if this is a bad time, we can reschedule.

Tasha:  No, it’s fine. I’m sorry, I’m just really tired. (She rubs her eyes before tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear.)

Laurie:  Did your finals go okay? You’re finished for the summer now, right?

Tasha:  Yeah, thank God. I just finished my last exam. Arikk and I got into a wicked battle, and I missed my Chem final so I had to reschedule. (She shoves her hand into her front jeans pocket and pulls out a tube of lip gloss.)

Laurie:  (I catch a hint of cinnamon over my coffee . . . must be the lip gloss) So, hanging out with your man instead of studying, huh?

Tasha:  (Her mouth curves into a tender smile.) Not quite hanging out, but it was good to see Arikk. We’re making progress, but he’s still not my man. (She shoots me a knowing girl-to-girl look.)

Laurie:  What are your plans for the summer? Any movies you want to see, books you want to read? A beach vacation?

Tasha:  Movies . . . hmm. I haven’t kept up on the new releases. I do want to see The Vampire Academy movie when it comes out. Dmitri is so hot! (She cringes and curses under her breath.) Don’t tell Arikk I said that!

Laurie:  No worries on that one, Tasha. Books? Vacations?

Tasha:  (chews on her bottom lip) Any books I read now are, sadly, school-related.  No vacations, either. I’m probably going to take a summer class or two so I can graduate early.

Laurie:  Tasha, you need to give yourself a break. You look like you could use a week of sleep to catch-up. A little rest and relaxation wouldn’t hurt.

Tasha:  What are those? Although . . . (I watch as her face takes on a faraway, yet scheming look.) I know a certain someone who could help me get some quality rest, after wearing me out, of course.

Laurie:  Dear Lord, I am totally not picturing her and Arikk having sex. (I clear my throat. Loudly.) So . . . (my brain is frantically searching for a safe topic) . . . done any yoga lately? Run any races?

Tasha:  Yoga poses . . . now there’s a good idea . . . (She kicks off her flip flops and curls her legs onto the chair.)

Laurie:  This is not working! Need a change of subject, stat! Are you a dog or a cat person?

Tasha:  (Brow furrowed, she glances at me.) Huh?

Laurie:  Success! Granted you can’t have a pet in a dorm, but if you could, would you have a dog or a cat?

Tasha:  Neither. I love those bunnies that have the long ears. They are so adorable!

Laurie:  What would you name it? Any ideas?

Tasha:  (She looks up at the ceiling, apparently thinking.) Is it silly that I would want a boy rabbit so I could name him after my dad? (I shake my head “no,” and she continues.) Then, I would want a spotted one – browns and blacks – and I would name him Everett.

Laurie:  That is very sweet. You won’t be in school much longer. Any plans for after you graduate?

Tasha:  I have a lot more school ahead of me. I want to be a meteorologist. I’ve already been accepted to the University of Oklahoma’s grad program.

Laurie:  Good for you! I had no idea. (I bite my tongue. I was on the verge of asking if Arikk knew and what his thoughts are.)

Tasha:  Yeah, I’m really excited about it. Arikk thinks it’s pretty cool, too. He’s never said it, but I know he likes having a smart girlfriend.

Laurie:  Gee, Tasha, don’t think highly of yourself! Are you going to – (I halt mid-question when I see Mother Nature’s ring start pulsing.)

Tasha:  (already on her feet, grabbing for her messenger bag) Sorry, I’ve got to run. Hopefully, Arikk has gotten word on Rafe.

Laurie:  Be safe, Tasha!

Tasha:  (She shoots me a grin over her shoulder.) Thanks

I watch as she plows through the door of the shop. My coffee’s now cold. I decide to head home and type up my notes.


Tasha Hutchinson, a meteorology student at a suburban Kansas University, looks forward to tornadoes but not for the same reason as her fellow classmates. She uses the storms to travel through time to visit with and fight various demons with her crush, Arikk. She has fallen hard for the stubborn wizard. Arikk better be careful – if Tasha has her way, they will be sharing more than platonic kisses.

As an immortal wizard with unique parentage, Arikk is blessed with all sorts of special abilities. He serves as a high ranking sentinel with the Guardian Peacekeepers, a demanding organization devoted to maintaining peace and justice through space and time. While Arikk has fun with Tasha – his Sunshine – he knows his life is too dangerous for them to be anything more than friends.

Will Tasha, a fragile human, survive the battles with otherworldly creatures? Will she be successful in winning the heart of her wizard?

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Denise L. Wyant enjoys writing romance and urban fantasy stories where the good guys win and love conquers any obstacles in its path. She makes her home in Maryland with her Himalayan cat, Willow (her other cat, Sidney, is on permanent vacation with the grandparents). When not crafting works of fiction, she enjoys caramel lattes, cycling, and lazy Saturday mornings.

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