Friday, April 12, 2013

Terminus X by Shane Ward: Spotlight and Excerpt


Terminus X, Part One
Terminus X is a story that is based on an unprecedented disaster when the sun ejects a massive cloud of charged plasma particles and lethal radiation. When the solar wind reaches Earth, it destroys electronics and heats the Earth's core to a point the planet is shattered into fragments around its molten core and moon One hundred years later society slowly reorganizes itself, forcing a government system onto the survivors: Xigen and HumaniX. Any leftover survivors are then placed into a five-tiered cast system consisting of: Priests, Communicators, Warriors, Outcasts, and Dregs.
HumaniX government is advanced in technology and its citizens live in huge sky cities that travel through the gravity wakes between the moon and Earth's molten core. The Xigen are a lesser-advanced government, which lives on the floating landmasses, struggling to survive. The two governments have been constantly at war over water, food and land.
Struggling in a hostile environment, Travis Medwin and Nelson Porter conduct illegal deals and eventually join a dangerous race that could mark the outcome of their lives. But after being dragged into a conflict between two warring factions, their goal suddenly changes to that of survival as they fight to discover the truth that's plaguing the struggling remains of humanity.

Travis Medwin rubbed his eyes vigorously, but when he stared back at the ceiling, it was still no good. With blurred vision, he checked the time on his bedside clock; it was around six thirty in the morning from what he could make out. He knew his strenuous day was about to start. At the age of twenty, he was still a young man, but he could not pull the all-nighters any longer because he needed more credits.
Slipping out of his warm bed, Travis slammed the alarm clock just as it began to ring. After a moment of blissful silence, he remembered there were no contracts today. He could have stayed in bed for an extra hour, but he had to get his machine ready for a new test.
Sizzling his mushy breakfast in a pan, Travis thought about the world and its history; the terrors man had to go through to survive, the things he was forced to do.
A decade ago he'd been a child growing up on a farm, enjoying the life his family provided for him. His father was part of a band of people called Vanguards, who travelled around delivering news and guiding people to safety against the gravity wakes that streamed between the Earth and Moon.
It was a peaceful existence until the two remaining governments, the Xigen and HumaniX, brought the war to their little part of the world. Even the rest of humanity was forced into five different caste systems in order to make classification simple, although it was widely debated.
"World!" Travis exclaimed as he gazed out of the kitchen window.

Shane Ward used to spend most of his time dreaming up stories and tales that deserve to be out there for all to read. He's been writing for many years now, his first project was fan fiction and he can still be found writing stories for his favourite TV shows, but he has now moved on to telling personal stories and attempting to become a professional novelist.
He lives in a small bucolic town on the outskirts of London where he uses his spare time to write and develop stories. He has had some success and is now attempting a novel.
His chosen genre is Science Fiction and he had written many stories in this field. His preferred storytelling is similar to that of David Baldacci and John Gresham with a hit of Kevin J Anderson.
His story offers adventure, with a cocktail of mystery and crime. He creates creatures from the depths of his mind and describes scenes in detail that will inspire your imagination, but will not blanket the reader in a sea of words. His stories are quick, easy to read and with minimum jargon. Shane's goal is to tell a story, not impress with his writing technique.


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