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My Haunted Fairytale by Chrissy Peebles: Character Interview and Excerpt


Character Interview with Sixteen-year old Zoey Sanders from My Haunted Fairytale



What do you think makes a good story?

The best stories have a fascinating plot, unforgettable characters, and a story that grabs you and never lets go.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

I never believed in ghosts until I stayed at a boarding school in Scotland. One of the scariest moments ever was when I was exploring a secret passage and a ghost grabbed my shoulder and whispered my name in my ear. I was freaked out! 

What book are you reading now?

Divergent by Veronica Roth.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson,
Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia.
 P!nk - Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess
I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
Stay by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko

What would we find under your bed?

Lots of romance books! 

What is the next big thing?

The iPhone6. 

What makes you happy?

Being with my crush, Hunter! 

This is book 2 of the Enchanted Castle Series.

Zoey Sanders is thrilled to spend her senior year of high school in a medieval, gothic castle located in Scotland. When she meets her Prince Charming, everything seems to be clicking into place, and she dreams about having the perfect fairytale.

But suddenly, things take a drastic turn. Zoey becomes increasingly disturbed as paranormal activity picks up all around her. She is forced to confront her greatest fear...the castle might be really haunted.
Enchanted Castle - book 1 is FREE (see link below)


I stared into the mirror and ran my fingers over it, noticing the flickering shadows. It was one of the coolest, most ornate mirrors I’d ever seen. Celtic knots adorned the huge frame, and a dragon on each side of the mirror held purple and red tea light candles to create a haunting glow. The bathroom was large, made completely of decorated stone.
Hunter had gone back to his room to change and finish the book report I’d reminded him to do a week ago; now he had to rush to get it done.
A knock on the bathroom door startled me.
“I’ll be out in a few minutes,” I said.
“It’s Zoey,” Blair said. “She’s hogging the bathroom.”
I rolled my eyes. “I’m almost done!” I yelled. I had slipped out of my wet clothes from the rainstorm and into some dry ones. As I started to brush my hair, the large mirror began to steam, as if I’d taken a shower, which I hadn’t. In the next moment, the bathroom grew ice cold—so cold I could see my misty breath.
Glancing around, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I assumed there was just a draft, nothing too uncommon in an old castle. I took a deep breath and grabbed my wet clothes, deciding I could just finish getting dressed in my room. 
When I glanced at the mirror again, a shudder shot through me; there, in the steam, was written one word, a warning or a command by some unseen finger: “LEAVE!” My hand shot to my mouth. I was sure the word had not been there before.
I gasped as the electric lights flickered off and the candles blew out, leaving me in complete and utter darkness. Utterly freaked out, with my heart thundering a panicked rhythm in my chest, my fingers frantically gripped around the doorknob, but the stubborn door refused to open. The room grew colder, till I could have sworn I was standing in the middle of an arctic blizzard, shivering from head to toe from the fear as much as the chill. 
A hand gripped my shoulder, sending my heart into overdrive. I screamed like a banshee, and I refused to turn around to see who it was. 
“Who’s in there?” Pam said, jiggling the door from the other side.
“It’s me, Zoey!” I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. Fear and terror gripped me.
“Get me out of here!” I screamed, my heart throbbing so hard I thought it might crack my ribs. I tried the doorknob again, and this time, it released, sending me tumbling forward into Pam’s arms, nearly hyperventilating with terror.
“What happened?” she asked. “Are you okay?”
I hugged her tight. “It was freezing, the lights went out, and something touched my shoulder!” My voice wavered. “Then the door wouldn’t open. I bet you really think I’m crazy now, huh?”
“No,” Pam said. “If I didn’t believe in all this crap before, I’d have to now. You’re not the only one who’s seen and heard all this freaky nonsense.”
“Get a grip, people,” Blair snapped. “This entire place is spooky. I mean, it’s nerve-wracking to walk down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and walk past those empty suits of armor and all those gothic statues.” 
“Are you okay?” Shantel asked me.
“Yeah, I’m all right,” I fibbed, giving her a fake smile. “Pam, can I talk to you…alone?” I said.
“Listen, I hope you don’t mind, but I filled Blair and Shantel in on everything. Shantel’s been hearing a little girl giggling all over the castle.”
“The same little girl you told me about?” I asked. “Elizabeth?”
“I didn’t exactly ask her name,” Shantel said.
Blair tapped her chin. “I’m not sure if I really believe any of this hocus-pocus. People are always scared of old buildings. Haven’t you ever seen one of those ghost-hunting shows? Most of that stuff is staged.”
“Oh, there’s nothing scripted about this,” I whispered. “It’s all too real, and I’m not helping them one tiny bit.”
“Helping who?” Shantel asked.
“Helping ‘boo’ is more like it—the spirits,” I gasped between breaths. “For all I care, they can stay stranded in this stuffy castle for all eternity. What happened in that restroom was entirely uncalled for and certainly not the way to ask for my help.”
“Hold on a minute. Do you hear yourself?” Blair criticized. “Do you really think a ghost locked you in the bathroom?”
I glanced back at the mirror; the steam had dissipated, and the writing was gone. “I guess it does kind of sound ridiculous when you say it like that,” I admitted, blowing out a breath. “Where’s Hunter? I should tell him about this, and—”
“Are you sure about that?” Pam chimed in.
“Uh…no,” I said, breaking from my friend’s comforting embrace. “On second thought, I don’t want him knowing about any of this. He’s going to think I’m headed for a rubber room, and straightjackets aren’t very figure flattering.”
Pam laughed and shook her head.
“I’m sure there’s some logical explanation.” Blair walked into the bathroom and glanced around, then waved her hand in front of the vent. “See? Cold air is blowing out.”
“But it was ice cold,” I whispered.
“Yeah, because you were all wet from your little rain dance with Hunter,” she said, grinning coyly at me.
“Oh. You saw us?”
“The place has windows,” she said. “We were heading back to the room and caught a glimpse of you from the hall.” She cocked a brow, then smiled. “What were you guys doing out in the rain anyway? Then again, do I even wanna know?”
“We were looking for the graveyard.”
Pam sighed. “Grave-digging doesn’t sound too romantic to me. Zoey, it sounds to me like you need a lesson on Snagging a Hot Guy 101, and spooky old cemeteries have nothing to do with it. You’re going about it all wrong.”
“It wasn’t a date, Pam. It was more like an investigation into the unknown.”
“Hmm. That’s interesting.”
“I’ve never seen investigative research performed while one investigator’s arm is wrapped so tightly around the other. Your little spirit hunt seemed a bit chummy, if you ask me.”
“I was scared,” I said. “He was just trying to make me feel better.”
“And that’s exactly why you don’t take a potential date to a graveyard,” Pam scolded.
“Wait,” Blair interjected. “If walking around tombstones in the rain makes a guy like Hunter hold Zoey the way he was holding her, maybe we all oughtta start hanging out in the graveyard,” she surmised, drawing a laugh from Pam.
“You have a point, Blair,” Pam said, “but it’s really best to take him to the gardens, preferably when there’s sunshine. No wonder you got so freaked out in the bathroom,” she said to me.
“How do you explain the lights turning off?” I muttered.
“This is an old house,” Blair said. “How many times have we seen the lights flicker? They really need to invest in an electrician.”
“I guess you’re right. All these ghost stories and hanging out in the graveyard in that creepy storm must’ve just freaked me out. I thought the door wouldn’t open, but I probably just didn’t pull on it hard enough. I don’t know. Maybe I am one step away from the asylum and massive doses of lithium.”

Zoey Sanders attends her senior year of high school at a mysterious, gothic castle in Scotland. As much as she loves meeting her Prince Charming, she begins to wonder if the castle is really haunted.

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Chrissy Peebles, a practicing nurse, has always loved reading and writing fantasy from the earliest age she can remember. She plotted every single twist she could think of during bedtime stories for her children. When her little ones begged for more adventures, she felt confident enough to let her overeager imagination spill out into her first novel. She lives in Ohio with her husband, two young kids, one hamster, three dwarf hamsters and cat. When she's not taking the kids to Little League soccer, basketball, or baseball, she loves to snap photos as her favorite hobby.

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Nov. 2012 - Zombie Chronicles 3
Jan. 2013 - Eternal Fire - Book 3 of The Ruby Ring Saga
Feb. 2013 - My Haunted Fairytale - Book 2 of The Enchanted Castle series
March 2013 - The Zombie Chronicles Book 4
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Laurie, thanks for having me today on your lovely blog. : ) It's such an honor! You did an awesome job of putting this post together. ((hugs))

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Very nice character interview. Zoey sounds like a fun and exciting gal to follow around. I'm looking forward to reading her adventures!

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Thanks, Suzy, H.H. and Finding Forever In Romance! You are the sweetest. : )