Monday, March 11, 2013

Unveiled by Lauren Grimley: Cover Reveal


Lauren Grimley lives in central Massachusetts where she grew up, but her heart is on the beaches of Cape Cod where she spends as much of her time as possible.  After graduating from Boston University she became a middle school English teacher. 

Her loves are lounging on quiet beaches, laughing with good friends, and curling up with the cat and a great book on a rainy day.

As for her first novel, she has her seventh graders to thank for starting her on this path.  A few years back, they convinced a skeptical new teacher vampire stories were worth reading.  She now spends her time writing them when she should be correcting papers.
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Alex chose the Rectinatti coven. She chose Markus as her mate. What she didn't choose was her power. As the strength of her gift begins to unveil itself, Alex needs to learn to control it before it consumes her and endangers those she loves.

With strength comes vulnerabilities.  With love comes loss.  With power comes pain.  The world Alex now belongs to hinges on such balance.  Her every step seems to be lurching her precariously closer to one wrong side or another. Alex had known her life as a Seer wouldn’t be easy. She knew her gift would be difficult to control and constantly sensing others’ emotions would be overwhelming. She even knew she’d be hunted for the power it would provide whichever coven of vampires controlled her. What she didn’t foresee were the difficulties she’d have with the parts of her life she ought to be able to control: her decisions, her actions, and her relationships.

It isn’t until she’s botched every facet of her new life that the opportunity arises to make things right. Rocky’s lover has been abducted, and Alex’s gift is the best shot at bringing her home alive. It's the first trap the Vengatti have set in order to acquire the most dangerous and powerful weapon in the ongoing feud: Alex. She knows this. Her coven knows this.  But so long as the Vengatti keep using her loved ones as bait, Alex is unwilling to stay home. Despite the danger, she'll continue fighting the enemy. Even that will require tipping the scales in a direction no one but Alex can understand.

This sequel to Unforeseen is a darker tale of the battles Alex continues to fight against her enemies, her gift, and even herself. This time victory might cost her sanity, her lover, or her life.

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