Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Demon Child by Anila Hoxha: Spotlight and Excerpt



After her mysterious disappearance, everyone thought that the six years old Anne Marie Bordoleau was a victim of the “animal” attacks that was terrorizing New Orleans lately. Only her big sister thought otherwise, because of the terrible visions she had at night where Anne called her for help. But looking for Anne isn’t easy. There are secrets revealed, ancient prophecies, and legends. It’s a dark world, where even angels can fall.

How can she save her sister from the evil, if her sister is the evil itself? 


Suddenly she heard a little splash from the river behind her. “Maybe it was just a fish” she thought trying to calm herself down. But then she heard another splash and then a soft melody that captivated her. Rose started walking near the river following the melody. It took a few minutes for her to realize that the melody was coming from underwater. Rose didn’t think twice and she jumped in the river. The melody was louder now. The water was ice cold, but surprisingly nice. She opened her eyes and she saw another person inside the water. Rose wanted to greet her. It was a young girl with a nymph face, turquoise hairs with white highlights, blue eyes, and blue thin lips. Her mouth was open and she was singing this beautiful melody. Suddenly, she stopped singing. Her facial expression changed to a predatory one. She opened her mouth and revealed her sharp shark-like teeth. 

A cold hand grabbed Rose out of the water. The creature turned to the nymph and broke her neck. Rose was shocked. As she took a closer look at her savior, she realized:


“Rose, I told you not to come here! Run away from Julian! But especially stay away from Maria.  Please Rose, believe me! Oh no, she found out I am here!”


You would probably find her disguised in a dark corner of her library, reading a book, trying not to make any noise, afraid that she might disturb Dracula, who is hiding at the third floor of her house in Albania. Now, don’t even ask about how he came from his castle in Romania, to Anila’s house.
Anila is a horror writer, a bookworm and Dracula’s number 1 fan. When she was little, she wanted to be a vampire hunter, but now that she found out the world was so boring and without vampires, she decided to be a vampire writer. Her book “The Demon Child” it’s something between gothic horror, dark fantasy, urban legends, paranormal romance and mythology.

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