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Red and The Wolf by Laura Lee Nutt: Character Interview and Excerpt: Sizzling PR Tour Stop



Thank you for joining us. Today, we’re interviewing Heinrich Jaeger, huntsman of Ulfheim Villiage in the Black Forest, werewolf extraordinaire, and hero in Laura Lee Nutt’s new fantasy romance, Red and the Wolf.

Heinrich: *shifts awkwardly and clears throat* I would not exactly say hero nor extraordinaire. And please refrain from saying “werewolf” too loudly. People like me get burned at the stake for that. 

Perhaps in 15th century Germany, but you have nothing to worry about in the 21st century. 

Heinrich: Oh.

We learned a lot about you in Red and the Wolf, but you never mentioned much of your life before you came to Ulfheim. Tell us about your family?

Heinrich: There is little to tell. When I was bitten by a werewolf as a child while we were on pilgrimage, they abandoned me. I cannot blame them. They had my brothers and sisters and themselves to protect. I have not seen or heard from them since, and I can live with that. Right now, I care much more for my current family, the one I am building with my mate and wife, Blanchette.

Well, then at least tell us, as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Heinrich: A lion tamer. I saw one once in a circus in Italy and was fascinated by how he controlled yet accented the wildness of the beast.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Heinrich: It is not mannerly to mention.

Go on. You can tell us. 21st century and all, remember?

Heinrich: I lie with my mate. *grins* I miss my work like that sometimes too.

So are you a morning person or night person? How do you know?

Heinrich: Definitely a night person, but then the wolf that shares my existence prefers the night. There is a certain glorious freedom when I let him loose, and we savor the moon, the stars, the scents of the earth. Oh, and I do a lot of lying with my wife at night too. *grin*

What would we find under your bed?

Heinrich: *scratches his chin thoughtfully* You would have to ask Blanchette. She does the cleaning these days. Although, she scolded me the other day for leaving out a pair of dirty stocking, an old starling’s nest, and a chewed bone. I could have sworn I had picked everything up. Perhaps those were under the bed. The bone would have been the wolf’s fault though. He finds making my life difficult when I let him take control amusing. Actually, he finds it amusing no matter which of us is in control.

What one word best describes you?

Heinrich: Determined.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Heinrich: Well, most of the villagers are not too keen on me lately since they learned I am a werewolf, but I think they would be surprised to know that I do not hold it against them. They would also probably be shocked at how much I am willing to risk for their safety.

Thank you for joining us, Heinrich. We’ll let you get back to 15th century Germany and your work.

Heinrich: *grin* Actually, I thought I might unwind and relax today.

<![endif]-->They said Little Red Riding Hood lived happily ever after. They lied.
Six years after the attack at her grandmother’s cottage, Blanchette still wilts at the sound of a wolf’s howl. The scent of pine rising from the Black Forest surrounding her home is a constant reminder of the beast’s assault and the injury it left on her finger. After years spent hiding away, Blanchette’s world tilts when she wakes--naked and without memory of the previous night--in the forest, instead of behind the safety of her closed shutters.
Since rescuing Blanchette and her grandmother, huntsman Heinrich has befriended her family by day, and keeps watch as a powerful wolf over his territory by night. Sinister otherworldly creatures constantly threaten his domain and the human village he protects.

When the emperor sends a hunter to investigate the attack and slay any inhuman beings, Heinrich must tread carefully and protect not only himself, but his newly-discovered mate, who prowls the moonlit nights alongside him. He must also determine who is responsible for a string of murdered villagers, proving he can control his lupine nature and offer protection to the village, rather than danger.

CONTENT WARNING: Vengeful fae, dark magic, vicious murder, moral quandaries, explicit sex, and tragic honor.

A Lyrical Press Fantasy Romance | Lyrical Press Once Upon

Series – Embracing Ever After

Red and the Wolf is available at Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, I-Store (soon), and Lyrical Store.


Herr Kaismann’s soul-scouring gaze left Blanchette certain the man had memorized her every detail. He showed no regard for Herr Jaeger’s unconcealed aggression, yet an odd compassion in his gaze made her unsure whether or not he would inspire nightmares. Usually in her terrorizing dreams, strangers joined the wolf along the shaded woodland path where the flowers dripped fat drops of blood when she plucked them.

Breaking his stare and shifting his attention to Herr Jaeger, Herr Kaismann said, “I thought the girl was blond.”

“What?” Herr Jaeger asked, incredulous. “What does the color of Blanchette’s hair or your being some--” Herr Jaeger bit off whatever he had originally intended to say and glanced at her as if remembering she still clung to him. “What does any of this have to do with Fraulein Blanchette?”

Herr Kaismann folded his hands neatly before him. “The tales say Little Red Riding Hood was blond, and from everything I have seen, your Blanchette is the true Little Red Riding Hood.”

Herr Jaeger glanced at her, scowled, gray eyes igniting with the comforting protective anger of a man defending his woman. He shifted and turned on Herr Kaismann. “You speak of nothing more than a child’s tale. Do not harass our young women in its name.”

Only, it was true, at least in part. How had the man found her out of all the girls in the Holy Roman Empire? In the world? How had he realized she was the girl to whom the tales referred?

A thin smile turned Herr Kaismann’s lips. He stepped forward so less than a pace remained between the two men. “The emperor and I find the prospect of such simple stories being pure fancy rather…unbelievable. At the heart of every fable or children’s tale lies a grain of truth. In discovering it, we reveal the real danger. We cannot have man-eating wolves running loose, now can we?”

In elementary school, Laura Lee Nutt checked out every fairy tale in the library so often, if she picked something else, it was cause for curiosity. Even into adulthood, she nurtured her imagination with stories of fairies, true love, monsters, especially werewolves, and the fantastic, but she wondered what happened after “happily ever after.”
This curiosity and catching an illness one chill winter day brought her before a blank computer screen, desperately desiring to write something new. Heinrich, Blanchette, and Karl swiftly spun the tale you just read. Laura feverishly typed, barely fast enough to keep up.

Once Red and the Wolf was born, other stories coalesced in Laura’s mind, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, all asking the same questions: What might happen if the end of these tales wasn’t really the end? What were these characters’ lives really like after the harrowing events of the fairy tale? What if achieving true love and happiness required something extra? Thus came the idea for this series, Embracing Ever After, where achieving true love requires something special and happily ever after isn’t really the end.

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