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Empty Places by Gary Raisor:Spotlight



"Empty Places" first appeared in an anthology edited by Joe Lansdale and Pat Lobrutto called "Razored Saddles."

"Empty Places" is one of my personal favorites, written for my dad who had passed away a few years earlier. I always thought the story would lend itself to a graphic novella. I was lucky enough to find Jeff Austin, an extraordinary artist who was was able to capture the images of the story in all their stark beauty and terror. I hope you enjoy it. ~Gary Raisor

Praise for Empty Places:

Hauntingly sad. -FANGORIA

Heartwarming account of aliens and drifters. -MIAMI'S SUN SENTINEL

Reads like a young Ray Bradbury's short story version of Thomas Wolfe's YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN... -South Florida Science Fiction Society

The lonely last journey of a pair of tramps who encounter a spaceship carrying its own manifest of vagrants. -NEW LETTERS MAGAZINE

Poignant portrait of aliens... visiting their long-lost home. -TEXAS BOOKS IN REVIEW

And check out this Review on Fearnet!



Gary Raisor is an American horror author best known for the novels Less Than Human, Graven Images, Sinister Purposes, and his extensive short fiction work. His novels garnered great reviews[1] and sold-out print-runs. He was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel for Less Than Human in 1992.

He also edited the anthology Obsessions with stories from Dean Koontz, Kevin J. Anderson, F. Paul Wilson, Dan Simmons, Joe R. Lansdale, and featured the story Lady Madonna by Nancy Holder, which won the Bram Stoker Award for Short Fiction in 1991.

Raisor has written numerous short stories, beginning in the 1980s in Night Cry Magazine and The Horror Show, working his way into a lot of "Best Of" anthologies. Today, Raisor concentrates primarily on screenplays and comics.




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