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The Ms. Matherson Plot by Allan Melody: Character Interview, Excerpt


Character Interview with Owen Ortho a character in The Ms. Matherson Plot
LAURIE: Can you start by telling us a little about who you are?
OWEN: Yes, my name is Owen Ortho. I have spent my life uncovering conspiracies of all sorts from the phony moon landing in 1969 to tracking down creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. I've written over 50 books but my latest is my most important achievement. It is called The Truth About our World where I reveal a vast global conspiracy undertaken by creatures of immense power that affect the lives of us all. Because of it I am the most hunted man on the planet and can never stay in the same place for more than a day or two.
LAURIE: Since you’re a writer yourself, do you have any favorite authors?
OWEN: Yes, I am a huge fan of the work of Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, and JRR Tolkien. It is very difficult to get hold of their books as they have been banned by the government, but I have managed to store away a good portion of them over the years.
LAURIE: I’d like to talk about your role in the affair of the Ms. Matherson plot, which was just released as a novel recently.
OWEN: Yes, by a competitor of mine of sorts. It gives a decent breakdown of the story though eventually I plan on releasing the definitive version when my life becomes more manageable. After all, there is nothing better than a first-hand account of true events.
LAURIE: Your own role seemed rather small in this particular story, so I’m hoping you’ll give me some insight on the three children we read so much about and what you think of them
OWEN: Well, I think you would be rather unjustified to call my role small. After all, I am the one who set things in motion and who filled those children in on the truth behind everything going on. And I think anyone who reads the entire tome will have to admit I’m pretty handy with a vacuum cleaner as well. Not to mention that my own book is quoted from extensively throughout the novel and I haven’t seen one penny come my way for its inclusion. I would seriously consider suing for plagiarism if I was allowed to go out into public these days.
LAURIE: Yes, we all know what a hero you are. That’s why I would like your impression of the three children. Can you start by telling us a little about Darren Cluster?
OWEN: Yes, as long as you understand I cannot be too specific about anything in this interview. There is no telling who might be listening in, and I’m still not sure if I can entirely trust you either. Anyone and everyone needs to be viewed as the enemy by someone like me.
LAURIE: I think you’ve made that clear. Now please tell us a little about Darren.
OWEN:  I knew him since he was a young boy. He has a tragic family history. Both his parents are long gone, but they entrusted me to track him down and give him some of the information that I know. The poor kid is really messed up. He is embroiled in so many layers of conspiracies from personal ones to global ones to cosmic ones that it even makes my head spin when I think about it. The kid has been in the hands of terrible people for 10 years and it has almost ruined him but he seems to be coming out of it a bit which is quite a good thing.
LAURIE: Why is that?
OWEN:  Because that boy might be the only way to change the way this world is. If things turn out right, he can bring the world back to what it was and put our phony president and everyone else on the run. I’d really like to believe that. Unfortunately, optimism was never my strong suit which is why I write conspiracy books. That’s why I’m afraid before we get to the bottom of everything that boy might be responsible for making things even worse. I hope not, but either way I’m sure I’m going to have material for a lot of new books. There is one thing that has really helped him.
LAURIE:  What would that be?
OWEN:  The second of the three children we’re talking about. A girl named Jennifer Levinson. There aren’t many fighters in this world anymore but that 13-year-old girl is one of them. Her parents got her started when she was young by letting her know that nothing on this planet can be trusted, but she’s exceeded even their highest expectations. She stands up to everyone, even her lunatic English teacher Ms. Matherson. And if you ever got near that woman, you’d know what I’m talking about. She’s about the craziest and scariest thing I’ve ever seen, and you’re talking to somebody who has been face-to-face with yetis, sea monsters, and Richard Nixon. Ms. Matherson is worse than all of them. Jennifer goes head-to-head with her, and I think a lot of that courage and spunk has already rubbed off on Darren in the short time that they have known one another.
LAURIE:  That sounds like good news for all our sakes. But tell me about the last of these three unlikely young people. What is your impression of him?
OWEN:  (Owen Ortho laughs heartily for a moment) Yes, well, he does have quite a different background from the other two. He’s been a school bully ever since he could walk and his favorite victim has always been poor Darren. But if you’re up to date on the latest events you’ll know that the young man has been, ahem, altered quite drastically. It’s a bit too early to tell but it seems that it might have had a positive effect on the lad. Only time will tell.
LAURIE:  Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be of help to you and these kids in solving the mysteries that are engulfing this world?
OWEN: Well, if you don’t mind giving up your entire life and everyone you know and going on the run, then the life I live is the one for you. Otherwise, just keep your head down and try to do the little things. Don’t believe every story you read in the newspaper. Don’t believe everything your leaders tell you. Take everything with a grain of salt, starting with this interview. And while we’re on the subject, my advice to anyone reading these words is to delete or destroy them as soon as you commit them to memory. If you’re found with this interview, any of my books, or The Ms. Matherson Plot in your possession, you may well disappear.
LAURIE: Well, on that note, I think it’s about time we wrap up the interview. I thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck. Any idea what I’ll be doing next?
OWEN:  Yes, but I won’t be telling you. And I recommend you leave your current location ASAP as well.
LAURIE: It has been a privilege.
OWEN: I know!
           Allan Melody is the author of three fantasy novels, Save Columbus, The Ms. Matherson Plot, and Everlore Circle, each of which serves as the opening act for three epic fantasy series rife with imagination and ambition. He is currently hard at work on the second book for each series. The first one to be released will be the title that sells 5000 E-books on Amazon first.
            Allan’s passions are the arts. He loves plays and books, is steeped in the history of children’s fantasy literature, and is a devoted, fanatical cinephile. Careful readers can find scores of film references in all his work. The roots of fantasy and films of all shapes and sizes serve as the inspiration for his work along with the scores of children he has taught over the years as a professional tennis instructor and English tutor.

            From the author: “For me, there is nothing more significant or meaningful than the creation of art, whether it be a painting, song, play, book, or film. Their creation is one of the things that make life worthwhile and I thank every artist who has made my life fuller thanks to their work. I am honored to have a chance to put my own art into the world in the hope that it will give that same enjoyment and inspiration to someone else. Art is life!”
 Due to the sensitive nature of his books and the need to maintain constant privacy, no photographs of this author have been made available. It is simply too dangerous for him and even this blog to give out too much information. You never know who might be checking in.


 Mattermolders. You won't find them in any book, movie, or search on the Internet. So what are they? They are entirely original creatures, ready to burst onto the scene like hobbits, borrowers, gremlins and other famed creations of literature. Mattermolders, as the name implies, are a race that can play with reality, bending it to their will. Each possesses a singular ability over matter, except for their leader who has limitless skills .They use this stolen gift to manipulate the laws of the universe and control countless worlds. The earth is under their control and no one is even aware of it.

Facing off against this threat are three thirteen year old children who become aware of the mattermolder’s plot and realize that they themselves are at the center of the conspiracy. In book one of the young adult fantasy series The Mattermolder Chronicles, The Ms. Matherson Plot, the heroes must deal with myriad obstacles including evil relatives, annoying twins, obtuse school principals, weird butterfly magnets, artistic raindrops, two-faced politicians, and the most insane English teacher on the planet in an effort to get to the truth about what controls the world.

The Mattermolder Chronicles paints a richly imagined universe populated by bizarre creatures, but what makes it come together are Darren, the loner whose cruel family holds dark secrets to the conspiracy, Jennifer, the courageous rebel trying to cope in a nightmare world, and Paul, the school bully who is about to get a serious wake-up call. Readers will follow them as they battle the mattermolder threat and their own personal demons, loving them for both their strengths and foibles. Thus, although the story is of Lovecraftian dimensions, it will still come down to conflicts on a very real and personal level.

The following is an excerpt from my novel.
It introduces the chief villain from the book and
occurs in chapter 2. The beginning of the book
is available free on the Amazon website.
This excerpt is not part of that.

As the reunited family embraced, they never noticed the oak study door open and close behind them all on its own.  Didn’t hear the soft footsteps in the hallway or their creaky front door opening and closing.
Outside, small dime-sized raindrops began to fall, splattering and popping on the pavement.  A streak of lightning flashed across the sky followed by the inevitable drum roll of thunder.  The wind kicked up and blew over a couple of the lighter garbage cans left out for the following morning’s pick-up.  In a few minutes, people up and down the street would be shutting and fastening their windows to keep the storm from drenching their carpets and furniture.
“Darn this rain,” said a soft prim voice out of thin air.  There were some shuffling noises followed by the sound of something being opened with a whoosh.  The Levinson’s still had their windows open, but, sad to say, they didn’t hear any of these sounds either.
Nor were they or any of their neighbors looking out of their windows.  If they had been, they would have been privy to a most unusual sight.  As the rain grew heavier, they would have seen a strange, shadowy, colorless outline holding something over its head.  At first, it would look like an illusion, some bizarre creation made by the steam coming off the pavement combined with a bit of mist.  Then they would have seen the outline take shape, forming a transparent young woman holding an umbrella who looked like she had just stepped out of a child’s paint by the numbers activity book.  Then, if there had been anyone watching, they would have really rubbed their eyes, because they would have seen the plain figure growing features and sprouting color with every second. Would have seen ears with tasteful earrings pop out, seen the small sandals which had been making the clicking noises on the pavement shimmer into view, seen the light pigmentation on the skin appear and contrast with the Aqua blue rather stylish dress that the figure was wearing, and seen the flowering of the scarlet umbrella the figure was holding over its own head.  In about thirty seconds, an observer would see a flesh and blood woman (a very pretty flesh and blood woman, almost anyone, man or woman, would have agreed) form where there had been nothing before.
But there was no one watching.  Ms. Matherson knew this very well, or she never would have appeared out in the open in the first place.  As she walked down the street, she glanced at her wristwatch.  It was 10:38.  Too late for any more visits on this particular night.  However, it had been a most productive evening.  She’d visited many houses and found out many things she needed to know.
As she walked along, Ms. Matherson reached into the fashionable little purse that was dangling from her shoulder.  She withdrew a plain black book, and began fingering through it expertly with her left hand while still holding the umbrella with her right.  Dexterously, she turned page after page, all of which were filled with the names of every man, woman, and child in town written carefully, delicately, and meticulously in alphabetical order.  Some of the names had happy faces next to them, others had frowning faces, and a few had nothing at all.  She pored through the pages until she reached the L’s, and if anyone had been looking over her shoulder, they would be able to find amidst the many entries on that page, the names of Jennifer, Leonard, and Karen Levinson.
Ms. Matherson shook her head sadly, her brow furrowed, and the creases of her own mouth bent down to form a frown much like the ones dotting many of the pages. “Jennifer, I’m afraid you and your parents are definitely being very naughty,” she said aloud. “You’re all going to have to stay for detention in the very near future.”  With those words, she popped her forefinger down swiftly on the space next to Jennifer’s name, as if she was striking a savage blow to a typewriter key.  She followed this with two more thrusts.  Then she surveyed her handiwork, and her frown was replaced by the typical angelic smile that many of her students knew and worshipped.  Next to the three members of the Levinson family were three frowning faces.
“You have been very naughty indeed,” said Ms. Matherson aloud, “but you did do one very good deed.  Thanks to you, I now know everything I need to about someone I hadn’t been at all sure about until now.” As she spoke, her deft fingers riffled down through the pages to the R section.  There at the very top of the page on the right hand side was the name David Renford.  Ms. Matherson shook her head sadly. “Yes,” she said, “I hadn’t known about you, but now I can see that you’ve been a very naughty boy.”  A quick thrust and the familiar frowning face popped up next to Principal Renford’s name.
Ms. Matherson surveyed her handiwork with admiration for a moment.  She was pleased to see that almost every entry had a face next to it.  There were few blank spaces left in the book.  Almost everyone had been sorted out into the category in which they belonged.  Nice and naughty.  A few more days and every single person would be catalogued and fitted neatly in their place.  Her work would be done at last.  This pleased Ms. Matherson well, for she had a most meticulous nature.
With a contented sigh, she closed the black book and placed it back in her purse.  Through the entire operation, she never broke stride, clicking along over the stone sidewalk without a single misstep.
Looking down, she noticed the wind and rain had caused her skirt to flutter up a bit and stick to her leg. “Oh dear, this won’t do,” she said aloud.  With the care of a surgeon, she dislodged the offending material and primly brushed it back into its proper place.
She hummed a little tune to herself as she headed back home, something she did only when she was particularly happy and cheery.  It had been a productive evening.  It warmed her heart to know she was setting the world right by putting everyone in his or her proper place.
She couldn’t wait for school the next day.  There was truly nothing better than enlightening young minds.
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