Friday, January 11, 2013

Scarlet Night by Megan J. Parker: Character Interview



Megan (Reporter) – Thank you for stopping by and answering a few questions for my paper!

Zane - * rolls eyes * Can we just get this done with? Why did I agree to do this again?

Serena - * laughs * You know you can’t say no to me, Zane!

Megan (Reporter) – * coughs * Well, anyway. My first question is to you, Serena. Do you plan to stay with your father’s Clan? I mean, there seems to be some chaos that directly connects to you.

Serena - * glares * Yeah! And that bastard is going to get it! * grumbles and clenches her fists* Can’t believe that little shi—

Zane - * arches an eyebrow at Serena and smirks * And they call ME the angry one!

Serena - * turns to Zane and smiles TOO nicely * Zane, dear, you want to repeat that?

Megan (Reporter) - * waves hands * I-it’s fine! Moving on... * coughs again, nervously * Zane, this question is for you. You seem to drink a lot, but being a vampire, you can’t get drunk on normal alcohol. So, why do you do it?

Zane - * smirks * I used to drink before I was turned. Plus, there are ways. Gregori had some special stash that added to the alcohol to give you the feeling.

Serena - * rolls eyes * OF COURSE my father would have something to do with the booze!

Megan (Reporter) – Anyway, what do you think about your friends Zoey and Isaac?

Serena – *smiles* I was happy to meet Zoey and gain one of my first female friends! As for Isaac, he’s alright in my book if he cares for Zoey!

Zane – *shrugs* It’s not my business. I guess Zoey has always been helpful around the clan when I had joined in...

 Megan (Reporter) – This one is again for you, Serena! What about Devon and you?

Serena – *frowns and looks away* Skip!!

Zane – *glares* Skip? Meh.

Megan (Reporter) – This one is for both of you. * smirks * How do you two feel about each other?

Serena - * frowns and looks away * I... * glares * What kind of question is that?! Y’know what! This interview has been fun and all, but I’ve got other things to do!

Zane - * smirks * Now, wait! This was your idea! Don’t leave them hanging, right? Come now, Serena!

Serena - * glares * Do you have a death wish?!

Zane - * shrugs * Maybe last ni—

Serena - * lifts a table with a purple-glowing aura and throws it at Zane *

Zane – Ah! * falls forward* fu--!

Megan (Reporter) – Last question!! What do you two think you’ll do about the Clan of Vailean now?

Zane – *glares* what her father had planned for the clan originally of course! No more questions!

Megan (Reporter) – Uh, I, uh…I forgot I had to go interview Xander Stryker! Nice talking with you!

Serena – Hey wait! The real Xander? * smirks * Take me with you!

Zane – Not happening! * Tackles Serena *

Megan (Reporter) – Gotta go! * rushes out as the two tackle each other *



Zane Murdoch just got a tattoo. The problem is, the tattoos are a magically infused curse that turns him into a raging beast and the only hope he has of curing it is absolving his rage. Seems simple enough until he and his clan are nearly demolished in a powerful attack. Now Zane finds himself involved in a paranormal battle of mystical proportions and breaking the curse may be a bit more challenging than he thought. Serena Vailean is alone in the world and quite frankly that's how she likes it … At least until she finds a way to bring back her dead lover, Devon Thomas. Unfortunately for her, plans have a nasty way of changing and she finds herself thrust back into the world she's been trying so desperately to escape. Her only hope is to seek help from the very people she has gone to great lengths to avoid. As an epic battle approaches, Serena and Zane must rely on each other and overcome their personal demons if they plan to survive. Unfortunately, caging a demon makes them all the harder to control.


Megan J. Parker lives in a small town in Upstate NY with her fianc√© and two devil kitties. She loves all things art and is usually writing, designing or editing videos. She started with writing poetry before slowly developing into writing short stories and finally, her work developed into novels. Her debut novel, "Scarlet Night" will be released October 1st, 2012 and will be available in print and Kindle. 


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