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Marked for Vengeance by SJ Pierce: Character Interview & Excerpt



Character Interview with Alyx Rayer - Main female protagonist in Marked for Vengeance


Hello Alyx, tell us a bit about yourself?

First, I want to thank you for having me today.  What a treat!

Second, I can only tell you what I’m allowed: I live amongst the humans and work for a law firm in Atlanta, GA. I have a boyfriend named Benjamin and a best friend named Cindra.

The rest? The rest has to remain a secret. Sorry.

What was your first impression of Isaac?

Oh… so you know about him? *shrugs* Alright, then. I suppose it won’t hurt if I say a little something. *blushes and nervously bounces leg* Well, he captivated me. Something about the soft angles of his face… his eyes… the way he curls his tongue over his top lip when he concentrates on his paintings… *sighs reflectively*

*swats hand in air* Ok, lets move along. Next question.

What makes you happy?

Life on Earth in general. Relating and bonding with humans, enjoying Mother Nature and soaking in everything she has to offer. There’s nothing like it. It will be a sad, sad day when I leave for good.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Australia. The idea that a place could be so beautiful, and yet, so dangerous appeals to me greatly. But that’s par for the course lately.

If you could have anything, what would it be?

*chuckles* Now THAT’S a loaded question. So many things. The most immediate one would be to keep everyone safe.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

*Hesitates and looks to floor with pained expression* When I realized that my actions put someone I love in harm’s way. I’m still not sure if he’ll ever recover and that’s just something I’ll have to live with. I should have obeyed orders.

What are you passionate about these days?

I can honestly say revenge.  

Well ah umm, You've really made me want to read your adventures to find out more. But, that's all we have time for today.  Thanks so much, Alyx! 
“Isaac was more than just precious to her, he was precious in ways the world could only fathom. If she failed, she failed everyone.” –Marked for Vengeance

Alyx Rayer’s existence in Atlanta, the eternally bustling capital of Georgia, is one of routine and blending in among the worker bees. But her ‘normal’ life is actually a façade for a higher calling; she's a three hundred year old soul, encased in a human vessel and sent from the darkness between heaven and Earth to capture her Marked when summoned by her superiors.

During the initial, routine stake-out of her Marked, a dream prophet named Isaac Walsh, Alyx is thrown for an emotional loop when his allure captivates her heart from two rooftops away. The event marks the very instance when her sense of what’s right and what’s wrong is brutally challenged as her contact with him is strictly forbidden.

While already trapped between honor and desire, her emotional struggles are further challenged by a man in a black suit who continually pops up when she least expects it, his presence evoking a strange response from the scar she was branded with at birth. The scar tingles like a warning beacon, alerting her that something is amiss. Because her superiors never told her what this would mean, or much of anything except what to do when they summon, she can only conclude to try and keep her sanity, and her life, from completely shattering to pieces.

This engaging first book of the series is a Paranormal Romance novel interlaced with twists, turns, and thrilling suspense that is sure to satisfy readers of any genre.
May not be suitable for YA.

CHAPTER 11: Marked for Vengeance, The Alyx Rayer Chronicles


Isaac zipped the bag closed and rounded the corner to the kitchen, snatching the butcher knife from the counter on his way to the door. When he emerged from behind the cabinets, he halted. Alyx stood in the middle of the living room between the staircase and the sofa, staring through the broken door.
 “Where’s my son, bitch!” he barked. Seeing her there was of no surprise to him now, he had almost expected her to show up.    
At the sound of his voice, she spun around. He dropped his bag, pointing the knife in her direction to show that he meant business, her frightening appearance not deterring him in the least. Because she had occupied his dreams for so long, this didn’t seem any different.
Her dark, polished eyes studied him intently as her body positioned into a careful stance, like a lioness sizing her opponent – or her prey – anticipating her next move. Fairly certain that his face didn’t reveal it, he now felt hunted and vulnerable. “Hello again, Isaac,” she said with a caginess to her voice that harmonized with her posture.
The feral tone in her words almost unraveled him. “Do you know where my son is?” he asked again, and hoped she hadn’t noticed the crack in his voice.
Her eyebrows pinched together as she searched the flat, his question taking her by surprise. “Your son?”
Yes, I have a son! Don’t play around with me,” he said, waving the blade violently through the air.
“Why would I know?”
“Well don’t you?!”
Her brows pinched tighter. “I wasn’t aware you had one.”
 Oh I’m sure.
She placed one foot in front of the other, carrying her smoothly in his direction, reminding him again of a feline.“Do you know who I am?”
He jutted the knife toward her. “I know that you look like a demon and that your name is Alyx.  Is that even your name?
“Yes,” she said calmly. “But do you know why I’m here?”
She took another indulgent step, and Isaac lunged forward. “I will use this, I’m not playin’ around!”
She fought an amused smile and held up her hands. “I don’t think that will be of much use to you.”
“All I want is my son, so if you can’t help me with that you need to get out of my way,” he said, grabbing the bag he had dropped, and marched for the door.
“You don’t want to do that,” she warned as she moved into his path.
He stepped around her. “Watch me.”
“No, you don’t understand… you don’t want to do that!” she shouted desperately.
He had almost made it there when she gripped his upper arm, pulling him back with the strength of a man three times her size. Clang! The power behind her quick grasping had launched the blade into the wall and onto the concrete floor. He hollered under the vice of her death grip and dropped to his knees. Oh, Isaac, I’m so sorry!” she cried and released her hold. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t know my own strength yet.”
He rubbed his throbbing arm as he stood, and when he glared at her, a burning remorse showed in her eyes. She told the truth, his pain upset her. “You care that you hurt me?”
“It was a reaction. I’m sorry.”
Isaac’s anger slowly withered away. Maybe he should listen to what she had to say. After all, if she had come to harm him, she wouldn’t be upset over his pain.


S.J. Pierce has a degree in Marketing Management, works for a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta, Georgia, and devotes her precious, spare time to writing Fantasy novels as an indie author.

Even though her full-time career has nothing to do with books at all, she has always enjoyed complex story telling with fascinating characters, and has had a penchant for the written word since grade school. As a matter of fact, her only publishing credit to date was a poem she wrote at the age of twelve. Why her love for writing never translated into a career, she can only attribute to 'life happens', but her wish is that she can redirect her career path into something that satisfies her creative inner-self.

To quote a line from her debut novel, Marked for Vengeance; "If he merely lived to work and die, his soul would always thirst for something more. His paintings were an escape into the surreal, a way to cope with the humdrum of everyday life. With every well-placed stroke, he would escape further into whatever world he envisioned, its atmosphere a temporary break from reality." This captures her love for writing flawlessly.

(For the month of October, with every book purchased from the Alyx Rayer series, S.J. donates a percentage of her profit to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.)

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Howard Thurman


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