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Silent Madness by Roberta Hoffer: Guest Post



Have you ever had nightmares as an adult only to realize they are actual events from your childhood?  I, for one, have.  You tend to block out the bad and replace it with good only for the bad to seep back into your head through nightmares and your subconscious.  My story…

     When I was young I spent time at my grand –parent’s house.  I am told I lived there with my family for nearly 6 months while we relocated.  This I do not remember.  I do, however, remember in my adulthood, the nights I would wake to find my grandfather standing over my grandmother and me with a large knife in his hand.  It was frightening yet I was able to block it somehow; for a while.

     My grand-parent’s house had one of those basements that had a huge coal burning furnace in the middle of the floor with arms stretching out like a giant octopus.  I was petrified of the darkness it held.  My grandfather would go down there to secretly smoke.  He ended up dying in a state hospital.  Even through those memories and nightmares I still loved and felt sorry for my grandfather.  I felt there was more to his life than I knew.

     A few years ago I decided to research my father’s side of the family.  It was a long process and trying since there were no known living relatives.  I did discover some disturbing information in one search.  It had to do with my great-grandfather.  In 1901 he shot my great-grandmother and thinking she was dead, shot and killed himself.  She survived the gunshot and lived into her 80’s.  My grandfather was 22 years old when this happened.  Did it affect him emotionally?  I think so.  Yet, it was only after he had been gone for almost 50 years did I discover this news.  I couldn’t ask him.

     So, this is where my vampires enter the picture.  I have always had an attraction to the vampire genre.  I loved movies and books growing up about the undead vampire.  Vampires are fictional.  This could be a question, or a statement.  However you perceive it.  I felt some of my deceased relatives were somewhat fictional to me.  I never knew them, therefore, I could create my own personalities for them.

     Enter SILENTHEART, my first vampire novel in my Vampire trilogy.  I used my deceased relatives and their life events as my characters. I incorporated birth dates and death dates.  I used names of some and changed a few.  I used my deceased relatives that I knew as a young child as ghosts portraying themselves.  And, of course, I used the house that gives me such nightmares as a focal point.  That house still stands, although it shows the years openly.  It still gives my skin goose bumps whenever I visit my hometown and drive past the house.

     Vampires are vampires are vampires; or so they say.  Well, my family of vampires is very different from others you may have read about in the past.  They don’t burn to ashes in the sun, look like monsters, or have issues with mirrors.  As all vampires do, they seek blood.  They are smart and perfect artificial blood or go to the animal world for assistance.  Yes, that’s been done as well you say.  However, as you read through the pages you will find reasons for such decisions.  Then there are the evil ones.  Some of which are select deceased family members. Adding romance between the mortal and immortal world adds complications to the saga.  Once you read SILENTHEART, you will seek answers in SILENT MADNESS, the second book. 

     Can vampires return to mortality?  One can.  He crosses the lines of immortality/mortality for love only to have to return to protect those he loves.  Carter develops a burning love that grows over the years for Sarah.  Burning love scenes once they come together?  Your imagination can take you wherever and however hot you want.  What I wish to instill in my readers is the connection a mortal and immortal can have.  Aside from all the adversities and danger, it seems to be a possible scenario for them.  Until…SILENT BLOOD…my third and final book in the vampire trilogy.  This book, in the process of being written, will give you a turn of events you couldn’t imagine even if you ran through every possibility in your head. 

     Still believe vampires are just fiction?  Did I mention that in the 1901 newspaper report they listed where they took my great-grandfather after he was pronounced dead?  Did I also mention that after extensive research, there was no record of such place nor, could anyone in this small town in Indiana find any reference to this particular burial parlor existing.  There is a grave; but what lies beneath it?  After 111 years should it be unearthed?  After doing so, what if we were to find…nothing.  Then?

     Now I ask you, have you ever considered that the person standing next to you in a crowd just might happen to be a vampire??? 

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Vampire Personalities
Benjamin Abbott is Sarah Abbott’s great-great-grandfather.  He is one of the good vampires.  He has perfected a form of artificial blood to survive.  He has only created three others during his existence of immortality.  Actual years:  born in 1840=172 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1882=130 years.  Created at age 42.
Margret Wells Abbott is Sarah Abbott’s great-great-grandmother.  She was the first created by Benjamin when she was dying of cancer.  Actual years:  born in 1842=170 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1904=108 years.  Created at age 62.
Benjamin and Margret had 4 children: Clarance, Franklin, Nellie, and Dallas.  Only 3 chose to enter immortality.
Carter Johnston is not a member of the Abbott family.  He was recruited by Benjamin to be Sarah’s Guardian Vampire.  He was a good mortal but was racked with unbearable pain which led him to seek an end to his life.  He is handsome, with long blond hair and facial features that would rival any Greek god. He was created by the evil Victor and lived an existence of vile vampirism until he was rescued by Benjamin. He fell in love with Sarah while keeping watch over her for 14 years until he was finally invited into her life.  Actual years:  born in 1755=257 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1781=231 years.  Created at age 26.
Franklin Abbott is Sarah’s great-grandfather.  He is a Traveler; one that does not live with family but exists as a loner in the vampire world.  He survives on human blood, but is not necessary considered evil.  Actual years:  born in 1879=133.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1934=78 years.  Created at age 55.
Nellie Abbott is Sarah’s great-great-aunt.  She contracted pneumonia at an early age and was created by Benjamin, her father.  She is a Traveler but prefers animal blood to human.  Actual years:  born in 1876=136 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1896=116 years.  Created at age 20.
Dallas Abbott is Sarah’s great-great-uncle.  During his mortal years he was like a mortal traveler with no conscience.  He is a Traveler that requires human blood and leaves destruction in his path.  He is estranged from the Abbott family; until?  Actual years:  born in 1882=130 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1910=102 years.  Created at age 28.
Eva Abbott is Sarah’s great-aunt.  She is Franklin’s daughter, but because he did not take on the leadership of Guardian vampire for her, she was created by her grandfather, Benjamin.  He was her third and last creation.  Actual years:  born in 1903=109 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1918=94 years.  Created at age 15.
Elisabeth Johnston was Carter’s first wife as a mortal.  She was born in 1758 and died in 1781.  She had no Guardian vampire. 
Olivia Johnston is Carter’s sister.  She was created by Victor shortly after Carter left to destroy his own life after the horrendous incident that left him numb.  Actual years:  born in 1762=250 years old.  Actual vampire years:  created in 1781=231 years.  Created at age 18.
Victor has no record of time lived or time created.  It is estimated he is over 400 years old in vampire years.  His appearance gives the impression he was created in his late 20’s to early 30’s.  He is dark and handsome yet disgusting in his choice of existence.  He thrives on human blood.  He created many in his existence including Carter, Olivia and Derek that we are aware of.  And, of course, another character introduced in SILENT MADNESS.
Marshall and Patricia Abbott are Sarah’s brother and sister-in-law.  They are mortals and exist in a family of vampires yet to be disclosed to them.
Adie Abbott (Franklin’s wife), and a few other family members are ghosts who appears from time-to-time throughout the story.  They are deceased family members who for one reason or another chose not to accept immortality yet still have a vaporous connection to their loved ones.
New character is unveiled in SILENT MADNESS.  I cannot reveal their connection or place in the family.  You will need to read both books to find out the answer.
Baby Johnston is born in the last chapter of SILENT MADNESS.  How will that birth turn out?  What will the baby be like from the combined love of a mortal and immortal turned mortal?
Emily is Sarah’s close friend when she moves to Perryville, Maryland.  Her future is disclosed in SILENT MADNESS.
Kaitie is Emily’s sister.  Her future is also a mystery that unravels in SILENT MADNESS.
Derek Zander was Sarah’s first husband.  She divorced him and moved to Perryville where she met Benjamin and Carter and her family of vampires.  Derek needed assistance in “taking care of” Carter and enlisted Victor only to be created by Victor.  He is a weak vampire with a big mouth.
Chloe was Sarah’s best friend until Sarah found out she was sleeping with her husband, Derek.  Chloe was created by Derek accidently.
Lindsey Zanders was Derek’s wife after Sarah.  She ran him through the grinder in his mortal life.  After he was created by Victor Derek sought revenge on Lindsey and did not give her the choice of immortality. 
Vilhem and Lady Catherine are eternal.  Their existence surpasses centuries.  They are the head of The Ancients.  It is said that Vilhem created Victor for a son only to be disappointed at every turn by him.  It is Victor’s goal in this existence now to regain their pleasure and take the side he feels is rightfully his on the throne of the Ancients.
And last but not least, our heroine:  Sarah Abbott Johnston.  Sarah is the star of our book who lives a difficult adolescent life with brother Marshall all the while unknown to her that a Guardian vampire named Carter is keeping close watch over her.  During this time he falls madly in love with her and awaits the day she learns of his existence and invites him in.  When this happens, it becomes a love story; a romance that spans two worlds, dangerous situations, and compromises.  It is an enduring and captivating story of how two different forms of existence can become one.
There are several supporting characters throughout the books.  Professor Vladcenko, a mortal, and Katarina, a vampire, have a unique relationship that turns bad.  Wolfgang and Abraham, both vampires, assist in both experiments and confrontations.  Lizzie is Margret’s sister and also a vampire who owns the bed and breakfast in Columbus.
Then, there is “the house.”  It is a real place and still stands today in Columbus.  It is old, decaying, and just plain spooky looking.  It sticks out among the more kept homes around it.  Yet, it will not fall, as if it has some purpose to continue to exist; like it has a soul of its’ own.  Every now and then I have a dream that something has changed about the house.  When I make the journey to Columbus and pass by the house, something each time is different.  Minute as some changes may be to others, they are enormous to me.  It speaks to me and I have listened.  Now, I have scripted two books and a third on the way because of the messages.  My next series?  I will wait for the house to talk to me but I am getting the vibrations that a ghost story is soon to be unveiled in a new series. 
Of all these characters, who would you stand beside? Read SILENTHEART and SILENT MADNESS and you will be crying out for book three to find out how it all ends.  SILENT BLOOD is the final book in the Silent Vampire Trilogy coming soon.

I am a retired teacher, married for 43 years to Kevin, with two children, Amy and Andy, one grandson, Christian, and a Yorkie named Minnie.  I live in a small town in Indiana.  I have always enjoyed writing and hope to devote my retirement to  complete many future books.  I love snow activities, boating, camping, mini-marathons, and time with my family.  I am fortunate that my family indulges my vampire fantasies and creativity.  I hope my deceased relatives I have used as my characters are as accepting of the personalities I have created for them.
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When the paths of mortality and immortality cross there are expected consequences. The story of a mortal, Sarah, and her immortal husband, Carter, bend the limits of what can be expected. Carter had been given the gift of returning to the mortal world by his colleague, Benjamin. During his brief return to the living, Carter and Sarah were married and conceived a child. Learning of this great news, the evil Victor formulates a plan to abduct the baby, born or unborn, and regain the good graces of Lady Catherine by placing the mortal child in her hands. Carter cannot protect his wife and unborn child against the vampire forces and remain mortal. He reluctantly returns to the immortal world only to find his abilities have been enhanced. A false calmness sets in as if waiting for a storm. Ready to take on the next encounter, Carter learns news that throws him off guard for a brief moment. How does a man, mortal or immortal, decide which family he will defend and protect? Only the Abbott family knows the answer as they continue to live in this co-existence between two worlds; both enduring a silent madness.
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Vampires walk among us. Are you certain they do not? Sarah Abbott discovers they do. Not only does she meet her great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Abbott, but he informs her of his immortality. He then enlightens her of the vampire existence; contrary to the beliefs folklore has led us to believe. She also meets and falls passionately in love with a vampire that has secretly loved her for decades. Carter is a beautiful vampire with sapphire blue eyes that melt Sarah's heart. Their uncommon relationship is in danger when, Victor, Carter's centuries-old rival, makes it his mission, with the help of his companions, to destroy what they have together. Vampires, both good and evil, fill the pages with their personalities and abilities that encourage the reader to want more. Some characters will make you love them while others will make you love to hate them. The uncanny twists that occur throughout the story supplies suspense and intrigue into the lives of the mortal and immortal. The rapid, frightened beating you hear is YOUR heart as you make your way through the pages of this book. Remember, the immortals you will grow to love as the story unfolds exist only with a heart that lies...Silent.
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