Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alone by Seanpaul Thomas: Spotlight


A young man awakens from a long hibernation sleep on-board an eerie and crew-less space shuttle with no memory of who he is or how he ended up on board the 'lost in space' vessel.

When a young woman awakens from hibernation shortly after him and curiously has no previous memories about her past either, the man is forced to solve the mystery of the shuttle, who they both really are and what became of the other crew members who haunt him frequently with ghostly and chilling visions.

The man must also come to terms with his own lonely fate, his possible limited existence and a dangerous physical urge towards his fellow amnesiac female companion.

A word from the Author -

'Alone is a very dark and macabre atmospheric Science fiction mystery. I first got the idea for Alone while watching the movie 'The shining.' The psychological implications of being isolated and cut off from the rest of humanity really made an impact on me and I wanted to develop an idea for a 'Shining' set in Space Novel. After many notes, drafts, rewrites and edits, I have this final version of Alone which I'm now really happy and content with. Right now I'm already making notes for a sequel called 'Giovanna' Even though Alone can be viewed and read as a stand alone novel.'

Born in London to Scottish and Irish parents, Sean spent most of his childhood and teenage years growing up on the move in the likes of Cyprus, Germany, Wales and England as an army brat. With a keen interest in both reading and writing he was diagnosed with the travel and writing bugs very early on in life.

Now, writing, reading and traveling are his main passions in life, but he also loves outdoor sports too from Rugby and Hiking to Tennis and Boxing.

His main inspiration for writing today, comes from living in such a beautiful, Gothic, haunting, awe inspiring, dramatic and historical city such as Edinburgh. This place has given Sean so much amazing inspiration to write and write and write the more time he spends dwelling here with her. And he challenges anyone with 'so called' writers block to take a walk up and around the magical Carlton hill (In any kind of weather too, which will usually be a windy rain storm even in the heart of summer) in Edinburgh's city center sometime. Then just kick back, relax and enjoy the majestically views of our glorious castle, Princes street gardens, the bridges, the breathtaking and spectacular volcanic Munroe 'Arthur's seat', The river fourth, the Greek influenced national monument on the very top of the hill (Which is where Edinburgh gets its nickname 'Athens of the North' from.) And of course the view of the fabulously Gothic monument of Sir Walter Scot, Scotland's greatest and most famous ever writer to date.

At this moment he is writing another two books, one is about a young man working in a dead end job and life who discovers that he has a terminal illness so decides to withdraw all of his savings from the bank and being doing all the things that he's always wanted to do, but was restricted by the rules and regulations that society feeds into us from birth. The other book is about his recent four month awesome back packing adventure through Eastern Europe last year, from Estonia to Sarajevo. He is also looking forward to more traveling and writing adventures in the near future. He also tries to treat each day like it were his last and in the words of a famous basketball player, you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take in life.


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