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The Value of Jade by Daniel J Williams: Guest Post & Excerpt


There is just something about an apocalyptic scenario….

I have long tried to figure out my fascination with apocalyptic fiction. Ever since I was a kid, I was drawn to anything that had a doomsday slant to it or was epic in proportion. I know I may be dating myself, but Charlton Heston was the ultimate hero during my formative years. I loved The Omega Man and The Planet of the Apes series so much I had constant dreams of battling sadistic mutant hordes or weirdly-evolved apes. I can still quote almost any line from the original Apes film. “Take your stinkin’ paws off me, you damned, dirty ape!” is still pure magic to my ears…

Now take an apocalyptic scenario and throw in some walking dead, characters you love or love to hate, and you’ve got pure Apocalyptic gold in my opinion. Lately, I’m like a little kid running to the nearest haunted house on Halloween every Sunday night. I love The Walking Dead. I make my wife leave the room because she’ll make some type of rude comment. She doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the apocalypse. She prefers people who roam the malls for deals, not living flesh. Go figure.

Mace of the Apocalypse was my first literary journey through the apocalypse. I wrote that over the course of several years while traveling regularly for my former employer. Stuck in a cold hotel room late at night? No problem. Crack open a laptop and immerse yourself in your worst possible nightmare. Imagining people’s reactions to that hellish scenario and developing realistic characters trying to survive was so intoxicating it took on a life of its own. I have always loved writing, but this story took me to a whole new level. I fell in love with some of these characters.  I loved them so much I couldn’t let them go. So, I did what any sane author would do. I wrote a sequel!

Value of Jade is the second book in the series. It took me to places I was never expecting to go. It is not just a story of survival in a world gone mad, but explores the power of love and hope despite all odds in that type of environment. The human condition is one that never ceases to amaze me and one that I will spend a lifetime exploring. I am now a full-time author. It is my calling. I hope you will open up your imagination and come explore my world. It is one that will make you laugh, make you cry, and hopefully give you a chill or two.


Mace of the Apocalyse, Book 2

The sequel to Mace of the Apocalypse…The world has been decimated by a powerful toxin that kills quickly and then reanimates the dead. A small pocket of survivors struggle to create a safe zone in Kansas, knowing that time is running out. Sarah Thompson, one of their members, is having visions. What she sees terrifies her. Something is coming. Something very, very, bad…

Meanwhile, three months after the final battle with a teenage gang, Mace Marconi has recovered enough to lead his group towards the safe zone in Overland Park, KS. A promise was made by his fiance, Jade, to deliver an antidote and she is determined to have her baby away from the horrors of San Francisco. The
road is filled with danger, however, and the odds are not in their favor. Zombies rule the landscape and death is everywhere.

What none of them know is that the infection has mutated and it’s now much, much, worse…

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"This is, without a doubt, my favorite book this year. I laughed, I cried, I was totally freaked out, I was amazed and then sad it was over. I still feel attached to the characters and really am hoping for a continuation. The way that Mr. Williams built this whole new world, the details and trials and tribulations were fascinating. The details in the how the monsters evolve, magic. There were many times throughout this book I was shocked at what I was reading, it sucked me in and did not let me go. It played like a movie in my head it was written so well! If you are into the Horror genre like I am, you can not pass up this book."

~ Jaded Mage "Kelly C"



With a soft breeze whispering through the thin bedroom curtains, Sarah Thompson stirred fitfully in her sleep, her vision growing more frantic with each passing second. “They can’t come back! No! Not like before!” Her voice grew louder causing Bo, her husband, to roll over and murmur something in his sleep. He’d been up late going over some development plans.

Sarah woke abruptly from her nightmare, bolting upright, disoriented and startled by its urgency. She began shaking Bo. “Bo, something’s going to happen. Wake up! We’ve got to do something!”

Bo stirred, her words not making sense and his senses not fully awakened. “What? What are you talking about, Sarah?”

Sarah shook him again and said excitedly, “We’ve got to be prepared! Something's coming!”

Bo rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to wake up. He was growing more agitated by the second. He wasn’t awake and he wasn’t able to grasp what she was talking about. “Who’s coming? What the hell are you talking about?"

Sarah was almost in a panic. “If we don’t do something now, we’re all going to be dead!”

Bo switched on the lamp next to the bed and studied his wife’s face. “You had a bad dream, Sarah. That’s all.”

Sarah shook her head and tried to catch her breath. “It was no dream, Bo. It was a warning. I saw our encampment on fire. This very house..." Her voice trailed and her eyes grew wide as she recalled the images that had splashed across her sleeping landscape. In a low monotone voice, she said barely above a whisper, “Something's coming. Something bad. We are going to be attacked." Looking at him with deadly seriousness, she added, "We're going to lose a lot of people. There's more though. I couldn't see it all.” She remained silent for a second, and to his surprise, Bo felt a finger of fear slither down his spine.

“The future is uncertain,” she said with the same flat, hushed tone. “There will be darkness before the dawn.” She said those words and had no idea where they had come from.

She stared at Bo, wide-eyed. “I saw an image of you searching for a wrench. You were with Manny. Then I saw Manny dead."

Small flashbulbs of light sparkled across Bo’s vision as he pictured the search for the wrench yesterday afternoon, blinding him momentarily. His breath caught in his throat. The finger of fear turned into a full-sized chill.

“What the hell?”

They both remained quiet, eyes locked, jaws open. Finally, Bo whispered, “I think it’s time to turn this up a notch, especially now.” Sarah was five months pregnant.


Not more than two hundred yards from the bedroom window the fires blazed hot. Fueled by oil in long metal cattle troughs, they were spaced every hundred feet or so. In the incandescent glow of the controlled burn, the infected could be seen at the outskirts, moving in the shadows, raging at their existence. The flames kept them back, but there was no denying the fury of their longing.

Travis Rogers lined up his night scope, the fluorescent green of his victim only shadowed by the deep red in its eyes, which appeared black, and the dark blood that dripped from its chin. A bitter smile creased his lips as his trigger finger twitched, and his heart pumped a little harder as the image blurred and dropped, its head obliterated by the hollow point that exploded on impact.

There was no sound but a small pop, the homemade silencer Travis built keeping the area relatively still and quiet. The distant moans of madness were always there at night, but after a while became so normal that with a little effort they could be drowned out.

“Say goodnight, Margaret,” Travis whispered as he slowly lowered his weapon.

Mace of the Apocalyse, Book 1
A terrorist attack on a BART train has left San Francisco in the grip of a powerful toxin. Spreading like wildfire, its victims convulse violently until death overtakes them. With death, however, comes a new type of existence; more horrible and deadly than anyone could have imagined.

A small band of survivors led by Mason “Mace” Marconi, struggle to stay one step ahead of the raging infected as the virus spreads, battling not only the undead but a psychotic gang of drug-addicted teenagers intent on ruling the new forbidden landscape.

Father Jack McCann, one of their traveling companions, has gained possession of the only antidote for the toxin. Seeing it as a sign of God's grace, he has yet to discover the terrible side effects it contains.

The enemy is everywhere. The enemy is within. The zombie apocalypse has arrived.
Kindle  |  Goodreads 
Captivated by the eerie and a lover of goosepimples, I thoroughly enjoy embracing the fear that resides within. A scary story or movie is always at the top of my list.

Mace of the Apocalypse is my first complete novel which delves into the darkness within all of us. It is meant to shock and repulse at times, but also question who we really are or could become in an atmosphere of pure insanity. There is also a spiritual side to the story, because inside each of us is a struggle to come to terms with the true meaning of our existence.

Value of Jade, the continuation of the story, is available now.
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Love post-apocalyptic novels. This sounds like a very interesting series. I enjoy learning about how the characters adapt to all the changes in the world.

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Definitely sounds like an interesting book! I love this style of writing!