Monday, September 10, 2012

Beneath the Floodlights by Martin Tracey: Interview and Excerpt

When Birmingham football club Kingsbarr United are relegated from the English Premier League they are seemingly rescued by a mysterious new manager from Transylvania, Professor Cezar Prodanescu and his stable of young superstars – who also happen to be a nest of vampires! Once darkness falls and the floodlights glow, their powers enable United to win games by incredible margins. Buried nearby is the world’s first vampire and Cezar’s plan is to resurrect a clone from the extracted DNA of his ancient bones. But Cezar did not legislate for falling in love with human girl, Lily, or for acquiring such admiration for team captain and local hero Johnny Knox and United’s other human footballers. But as Cezar struggles with his emotions and attempts to shield his identity as a master vampire, his finest example, star striker Andrei is eager to keep things on course. But will the cloning of the world’s first vampire materialize? Will Cezar lead United back to Premiership glory? Does Cezar hold any answers for the disappearance of Johnny’s long lost son? And when the evil Andrei takes a shine to Johnny’s teenage daughter, a dramatic showdown ensues in a desperate bid to rescue her – and the entire human race.

“So is it the all-white kit then?” enquired Johnny.

“No, Johnny we now have a fourth kit, financed and designed by yours truly. As you will have noticed on your pegs, you each have a clothes carrier hanging upon them. Unzip it and the contents shall be revealed to you.” And with saying that the players proceeded to obediently follow Cezar’s instructions, curious to what they would find.

The clothes carrier that shielded the kit was itself impressive, black in colour with the Kingsbarr United crest of three crowns elegantly placed to the left of the zipper in gold embroidery.

As one by one the kit revealed itself from within the individual carriers it was Johnny who spoke first. “Hey, red I like it,” said Johnny. “It’s an unusual shade actually.”

“Indeed it is Johnny. I like to refer to it as blood red.”
Afina hadn’t even had time to scream but as the vampire sank his teeth into the left side of her neck her fear was quickly replaced by a strange and overpowering state of arousal. With every drop of blood that was sucked from her veins the state of arousal increased and she soon lost the notion to fight against the vampire’s clutches. As she grew weaker the vampire quenched his thirst for human blood and he gently allowed Afina to drop to the floor in a state of bliss unconsciousness.

As the vampire looked up he noticed the lift doors open once more to reveal a figure as ghostly white as him in appearance. His hair was distinguishing grey in colour and styled to masculine perfection. He purred with the aura of power and charisma.

“Well done Andrei, I have taught you well I see.”

The vampire grinned revealing his fangs once more only this time, like the rest of his mouth, they were coloured by the red of Afina’s blood.

“Thank you Master. I am glad that I please you.”


What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?


On the back of the London 2012 Olympics it seems quite apt to share a story with you. When I was 14 years old I ran an 800 metre race at school and soon after I was unable to walk. I was a bit of a clown at school so everyone thought I was naturally goofing around but my legs were paralysed. I got sent home and over a short period the paralysis crept over my entire body, I ended up in ICU and my parents were told to expect the worst. The medical staff at the hospital were baffled, why could I feel them stick pins in me yet I could not move a muscle? More by luck than knowledge, and in the nick of time, it was discovered that I have a rare hereditary blood condition called Familial Hypokalaemic Paralysis. I now take 9 Slow K tablets a day, which is basically pure potassium to prevent the paralysis returning. The worst of it was I only finished second in the race!

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

In my home I am the only natural early riser and my imagination is always at its most fluid in the morning. I am blessed, or cursed, to automatically produce a fountain of ideas at this time of day - I’m simply wired this way. Therefore I mainly try and write Saturday and Sunday mornings before the rest of the household decide to greet the day.

Who should play you in a film of your life?

Jason Statham. He has the same hairstyle. Also as he is British, and a damn fine actor, he shouldn’t have too much trouble sorting out a Birmingham accent.

Beatles or Monkees? Why?

That is an easy one for me. I like the Monkees but I categorically believe that The Beatles were the greatest and most influential musical group ever. They came along before The Monkees of course and set the bar to actually inspire groups like The Monkees. The prolific song writing partnership of Lennon & McCartney ensured they were fully self- sufficient and did not have to rely on song smiths from elsewhere. In just an 8 year window The Beatles were able to dictate the changes in music which generally saw everyone else follow, look at the impact of the “Revolver” and “Sergeant Pepper” albums for example. Anyway I believe that the Beatles’ achievements and legacy speak for themselves.

Do you have a favorite quote, quip, or saying? What is it?

 “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon.

 If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?

Johnny Knox, the main hero of Beneath the Floodlights. Johnny has it all, a loving family (I do have that already I hasten to add), but Johnny is also a famous and wealthy International footballer, playing for the team he supported as a boy. He is loved and respected by those in and outside of the sport, a bit like David Beckham I guess. To score a goal and hear the crowd roar in appreciation must surely be an awesome feeling. Who wouldn’t want a bit of that?


Martin Tracey has always enjoyed an interest in the supernatural and likes to specialise in this type of fiction although he would be happy to write about any subject that is in his heart. Martin’s initial literary output was in the form of songs and enjoyed some success in the music industry including supporting the Fine Young Cannibals and his song Raging Bull can be heard on Old Gold Anthems-The songs of Wolves FC. This gives an insight into his personal interests which are soccer (mainly in the shape of Wolverhampton Wanderers) and music (usually in the form of The Beatles). His passion for football and music feature in his tales of chilling suspense. Martin is a native of Birmingham, UK and is married with 2 daughters, 2 cats and a crazy Jack Russell terrier named Ringo.

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