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Wicked Whispering by Calinda B : Character Interview and Excerpt

Kai Williams knows more than he cares to know about the world around him. He senses things he would prefer not to know - the longing, hopes and dreams of humans...the shiver of a shark....the thrum of an octopus...the mind-blowing vibration of whales.

He also hears voices...wicked whisperings that threaten his sanity...his life and livelihood...and his ability to love. When the whispering begins to destroy all that he cherishes, he does what any red-blooded guy would do: he goes deep into the darkness, deep into the sea that cherishes and nourishes his soul. There he comes face to face and eye to eye with evil and more heartbreak than he ever knew possible.


Character Interview by Calinda B

 Author Calinda B interviews two of the characters, Kai Williams and Kayden from Wicked Whispering, Book III in the Wicked Series. Kai is the main character. He is trying to sort out some issues with intimacy and find his way to his Whale Whispering abilities in Wicked Whispering. Kayden is an arrogant (but lovable!) Galaxy Dancing Man of Mystery constant in the series – he is the “other half” (literally!) of Chérie Abella Manhattan.


Calinda B (CB): Who is your favorite author?

Kayden: No-brainer here. It’s you, Calinda B. You give me your complete, undivided attention when I speak to you. Why wouldn’t you, though? I am amazing. How about you, Kai?

Kai: Same. You listen well. I like you. I like the way you tell my story. I appreciate your thoughtfulness as well as your sense of humor. You do like to laugh! That’s one of my favorite things about you.

CB: Thank you guys! What was the scariest moment of your life?

Kai: (snorts) Ha! That would be meeting you, Kayden! You scared the crap out of me by just appearing in front of me – I was walking along with my crew and then poof! There you were!

Kayden: Such a wimp. You Earthlings… (sniffs and brushes his hand over his skin-tight black t-shirt along his six-pack abs as if to smooth it) As for me, I don’t “do” scary.


CB: Come on, Kayden, haven’t you ever been afraid just a little, teeny, tiny bit?

Kayden: (looking unusually thoughtful) Well…it did frighten me the first time Cherie dropped down to Earth. She said she wanted to experience physical love with an Earthling since she and I can’t do that – we can only experience energy. I warned her but did she listen? No. Did she care that we both share the same experiences? No. I have had to feel her heartbreak over and over and over and over, throughout time, with Cam Tyson the guy who I call Neanderthal. So now I just endure her gallivanting around here on Earth. (shakes head dismissively) Good thing she is so adorable. It is my gift to her to let her keep roaming this sorry planet. I love her that much! 

CB: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Kai: First, I wanted to be anything but the freak that I am. I have since learned that who I am is unique and pretty cool. Besides that, I always wanted to be a scuba diver. I’ve always had an affinity with the sea.

Kayden: (sniffs once more and rolls his eyes at me)
You honestly don’t expect me to answer that, do you? I exist, sexy girl, I exist. That is enough. I know nothing of my origin, nor do I care to pursue such trivia.

CB:  What group did you hang out with in high school?

Kayden: (shakes his head at me and picks imaginary lint from his snug t-shirt before giving me a haughty, piercing glare with his golden eyes) I can’t believe some of the drivel you are asking me. Ask me what it looks like in when approaching the Carina Nebula or how many moons my favorite galaxy has. What high school I went to? What high school? I would never deign to enter the front door of a mediocre establishment such as a school. My education is constant and ever-changing throughout the galaxy. This one’s for you, Kai.

Oh, I’m younger than him but I hung out a lot with Cam Tyson.

Kayden: (interrupting) The Neanderthal…I like to have fun with him, too…more like mess with his head.

Kai: (frowns at Kayden) He’s a good dude, Kayden. Anyway, he and I would get into major trouble together but since people thought I was so “nice” I could usually appear innocent and smooth things over. I can assure you I was not innocent. (laughs)

CB:  Care to share what’s so funny?

Kai: (gives secretive smile)
Not really, no. What’s your next question?

CB:  What are you passionate about these days?

Kayden: (throws back his head in a swoon)
Everything having to do with Chérie, my ka’kriyayaga. I adore that girl.

 Kai: (looking askance at Kayden before answering)
I gotta say, I love the humpback whales, or Thunder Pumpers as I’ve come to know them. They are vast, intelligent denizens of the deep. The more I learn, the more fascinated I become. When I hear their calls or drop into the water with them, I can be one with them, experiencing life as they experience it. Now that’s a trip!

CB: Last question, guys - Who should play you in a film? Kai, let’s start with you.

Kai: (frowns)
I don’t know. Who do you know who is 6’5” and has hair as strange as mine is or eyes as weird? I guess if they wore a brown, red and blond wig and got emerald colored contact lens, they’d do alright. Let’s see – Brad Pit’s cool, he could do it. Maybe Paul Walker or James Marsden…they’d have to add some height, though. What about you Kayden?

Kayden: (stands up, his golden eyes actually shooting light from them)
I’m just about to leave. I can’t believe you asked me who would play me in a movie. First off, no-one plays me. No-one. Second, the only person- if you could call me that - who gets to be me, is ME. Only me. There is no one on this sorry planet who can even begin to grok who I am or what I am. Honestly, Calinda, you know better than to ask me such trivial questions. Can we be done, now?

CB: Sure, we’re done with the questions. Thanks, guys, er, Kai and manlike creature Kayden. Before you go, if you had a favorite excerpt from Wicked Whispering, Book III in the Wicked Series, Kai, what would it be?

Kai: (thinks for a moment, then laughs) Oh, man, Chérie got in a twist over this but here’s a funny moment with her, Cassie, Cam, Cam’s star dreamling (Fergitaboutit) and me. She did the telling so it’s in her voice:

EXCERPT from Wicked Whispering, Book III in the Wicked Series 

Cassie and I heard uproarious laughter, hoots and hollers coming from the room when we ascended the stairs to the second floor. “Uh oh,” I said to her.
“Yeah, uh oh. I wonder what those two are up to.”
Earlier, I’d found her in her room, flopped across her bed in frustration and tears. When I’d assured her that Kai really and truly was interested in her, she agreed to come back to the room. We’d taken a detour on the way back to look at the ocean.
We’d hit it off immediately. I found her to be a genuinely nice person. She seemed thoughtful, straightforward, and kind, and I experienced a kind of no-nonsense practicality from her – when she didn’t lose her head about Kai, that is. I believed if she and Kai were to make it as a couple, she’d be the one to keep him grounded and focused when he was confronted with energy.
Coming up to the doorway, I looked at her. Not knowing what was going on in there – and knowing Cam, it could be anything – I asked her to wait outside for a minute. “Cam can get, er…intense. Let me go assess the situation, okay?”
“Okay,” she stated.
I opened the door to a senseless scene. Apparently Kai had come to grips with Cam’s star dreamling, and Cam and the dream beast had kissed and made up. The coffee table and chairs were pushed next to the wall leaving the middle of the room open. Kai and Cam were facing one another, tossing something back and forth between them. Fergitaboutit, Cam’s star dreamling, was in the middle, leaping for the item they were tossing. He lunged and clawed at the object, usually snagging it with rapid, precise movements. When he caught it, Kai and Cam would scramble for it and try to get it back without getting scratched. At times Fergitaboutit would tire of the game and swipe at Cam or Kai instead. They’d pivot, lean, twist, and turn to avoid having claw marks across their faces. They all – dream beast included – seemed to be pretty drunk, stumbling and lurching around the room. Cam and Kai were laughing uproariously. The three of them looked like they were enjoying the game immensely.
I, however, was none too pleased. Before we’d done the commitment ceremony, I’d never had to deal with Cam’s smoking or drinking to such excess. For two years, he’d managed to maintain as the ex-smoker and the ex-hardcore partier. I guess my becoming a paranormal being and his run in with the dreamling had caused him to become unhinged. At least there were no signs of tobacco in the room. “Really?” I said, closing the door a little too hard. “This is how we’re starting our vacation with you two…er, three…getting plastered again?”
“No, no, no, babe…it’s not like the other night, I swear it isn’t. Look, I can stand and walk and everything.” He gracefully marched around the room several times until the dreamling caught his legs between its paws causing him to fall to the ground with a thud. The big cat then grabbed his pants leg between his massive teeth and shook it, creating a super-sized rip.
“I see…you think we brought unlimited funds for new clothes.” I tramped over and grabbed the object they had been tossing. Untying it, I groaned. “Come on, Cam, my new swim suit? It’s completely shredded.” I dangled the torn fabric between my fingers.
“It’s just a swim suit, babe. I’ll get you a new one.”
“It’s not the same – I looked and looked until I found that one.” I was going to have to have a serious talk with Kayden about clothes manifestation. This was ridiculous.
He grinned and leapt to his feet…leapt like an agile cat, in fact. “Don’t worry, babe. We’ll replace it.”
“Hmmm,” I said, squinting at him. Cam’s movements were truly graceful. When I thought about it, even his inebriated play with Kai and the dream cat was more sinewy…lither…almost as lithe as Kayden’s. Cam had always been athletic, but now he seemed even surer of himself, if that was possible. He moved with a nimble, feral intensity. What exactly, had those two done while I was gone?
My thoughts were interrupted when the doorknob turned. Cassie popped her head inside and said timidly, “I’m feeling a little left out, out here. Can I come in? Otherwise, I’ll just head back to my room.”
Kai and Cam immediately snapped to sober attention. The dreamling leapt for Cam’s chest and disappeared in a blur and a pop.
“Cassie! Of course…come on in,” Kai said. “I didn’t know you were out there. I thought Chérie wasn’t able to convince you to come here.”
“I didn’t need much convincing.” She gave him one of her sweetly enchanting looks as she stepped through the doorway. She looked down at Cam’s ripped pants. Then she noticed the shredded swimsuit in my hand. “What are you two up to?” she said to Kai and Cam, her forehead furrowed.
“It was just a stupid drinking game,” Cam answered, thinking quickly. “Involving knives…”
“Really? I didn’t think the room would supply such sharp knives for the guests.”
“They don’t,” Kai interjected. “Cam brought a couple of scuba dive knives for him and Chérie.” The lie hung in the room for a moment as we all gaped at one another.
“That seems pretty dangerous…to play with knives while drinking,” Cassie mused. “Is this what you guys used to do?” 
Cam smiled conspiratorially at his friend. “Oh, we did far worse, I’m afraid. Far worse…”


An award-winning web designer and certified SEO specialist, Calinda B has worked in the Internet industry as a web page designer/developer since the early 1990's. She has also taught web site design and computer graphics at community colleges in Northern California. In addition to writing, Calinda B creates fine art and music, and enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and bike riding. Calinda B makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats. She is currently working on the fourth book in The Wicked Series, tentatively entitled A Wicked Ending.


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