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Magic High by Christina G Gaudet: Interview & Excerpt

YA Science Fiction/Fantasy

Welcome to Andrew High, a school for mages...

That is, until its doors are opened to the non-magical, or “normie,” population. That means no more magic allowed on school property. For Tabetha Long, whose powers are directly related to emotions, hiding her magic is difficult. When her mother is hired as the new gym teacher, and her father comes back to town with is reality television show, difficult becomes impossible.

Now her every move is being caught on video and everyone else at school wants in too. All Tabetha wants is to become invisible.

But then the mysterious and cute new guy, Eric wouldn’t be able to see her either...

Yellow tights? Really? Seriously? She's going out in yellow tights? In public? This couldn't be happening. It really couldn't be.
Oh no. She actually wanted me to stand beside her while she wore yellow tights. Without even a skirt over them. Just some faded pink t-shirt with a brand name that I've never even heard before. It was probably some company that went out of business before I was born and she's kept the shirt ‘cause it was just so “cool” at the time.
Yellow tights? Ugh.
“Hurry up,” Mom said. “We won’t make it before lunch at this pace.”
Of course I was dragging my feet. I had to walk to school with my mom and gym teacher who just happened to be wearing yellow tights. Bright yellow. No dingy, dull, slightly less noticeable yellows for my mom. Nope. She had to go bright.
I was going to die of embarrassment.
“Hey, Tab! Hey, Ms. Long!” Of course Eleanor saw us. How could anyone miss us?
Eleanor's now blond hair was in curly pigtails and she had a bounce to her step that was frankly annoying. She was also wearing a plaid skirt. A very short plaid skirt. Something that was reminiscent of what Liz had been wearing yesterday. Except she could get away with it, ‘cause she looked like some model or actress, while Eleanor…didn't. Not that she wasn't cute. She just didn't really have the legs to pull off a short skirt. Or the butt.
At least she wasn't wearing yellow tights.
“Wow, Ms. Long. You look amazing!” Eleanor said.
She was really good at lying when she was dressed like she was. People actually thought she was telling the truth. If I hadn't been there, staring at the same outfit, I might have even believed her. Luckily I had two eyes and a brain. Unlike my mom.
“Hi,” an emotionless voice greeted us.
I should not have recognized that voice. I mean, he hardly even used it, how could I possible recognize it? And what was with this guy? Why was he everywhere?
“Oh! Hi,” Eleanor said in her sing-song voice. She gave me a funny look before turning back to Eric. “Um, I’m Eleanor.”
Right, they hadn’t actually met before other than the pen thing when he had run away before saying anything.
Eric stared first at Eleanor then at my mom for a minute before simply saying, “Eric.”
Did he ever say more than one word at a time?
“Good to meet you, Eric,” Mom said. “Did you just start at Andrew High?”
Eric didn't even bother speaking this time. He just scuffed the sidewalk, making a loud squeaking noise.
“So, do you live around here?” my mom asked in an attempt to get the boy to speak. It didn't work. He just nodded and pointed his thumb to one of the twenty houses that were to the south of our own. He couldn't even be bothered to tell us the number.
“How do you like teaching at our school?” Eleanor turned to Mom after waiting an awkward amount of time for Eric to say more.
YA Science Fiction/ Fantasy
“Oh, look. There's the school!” I interrupted.
I grabbed Eleanor's wrist and dragged her away. If there was any decency in the world, we would be able to get away without being seen with my mom.
John, the hottest and most popular guy in school, paused right beside us and waved to a friend who was across the lawn. When John spoke the entire school stopped to listen. And look. Of course, along with staring at his super sexiness, they ended up staring at me… and Eleanor… and my mom. Stupid yellow tights. Stupid luck. Stupid world.
The only good thing was that John didn't seem to notice me, or my mom's yellow tights. Everyone else did. And they were snickering. Some were even pointing. I wished I was dead. At least then I wouldn’t have to deal with the whispering.
“You all right?” Eric whispered to me. Three words. The world must be ending.
“Yeah, why?” I didn't mean to be snappy, but I was.
“You’re pale.” He looked me over, his sand-coloured eyebrows furrowed with something… concern? “And not breathing.”
I checked. I wasn't. Stupid magic.
“I'm fine,” I told him while waving him off and trying to gain some control over myself. “Just…peachy.”
“Whatever,” he said.
I glanced at him to see if he was still watching me and was relieved to discover he wasn't. Relieved. Was that how I felt?
Control. Control. Keep the stupid, useless, annoying, always-in-your-face magic under control. Must not be dead.
“Are you dead?” Eleanor whispered to me. It wasn't like her to whisper. Well at least not when she was playing the part of a “Bring It On” extra. Not that I had ever seen that movie. Or its sequels. Several times.
“No, I'm not dead.” I was lying of course. I hadn't breathed for several minutes, and I was beginning to smell like rotting flesh. Perfect. Just perfect. I was a zombie and it wasn't even nine yet.
“You look like you're dead,” she told me way too cheerfully.
Eleanor had just lost her best friend status. Your best friend should not be cheerful about you being dead. Then again, she had also told my mom she looked good, so obviously Eleanor had forgotten to bring any sense with her to school today.
“I'm not dead,” I said a little too loudly. “If I were dead, I would be trying to eat your brain.” Mmm… brain.
Oh, no.
“Sweetie?” Mom whispered in a way only mothers know how. “You really shouldn't be going to school if you're dead. Perhaps you should go home and rest up?”
“No!” What was I saying? Of course I should go home. And hopefully never return to the wretched place called school. “I'll be fine. Fine, I tell you!” There sure were a lot of people around. A lot of people with large juicy brains. Juicy, juicy brains… “Ok. Not fine. Elly. Help?”
Eleanor smiled and placed a hand on my shoulder to send a wave of calm through me. The thought that everything was going to be okay kept going through my mind until eventually I stopped being dead.

It's my pleasure to welcome Christina Gaudet today.  Hi Christina! I can tell you're anxious to get let's start with Plotter or Pantser? Why?

When I first started to write, I was entirely a panster. I’d write whatever came to mind. When I finished, I’d have tons of scenes and not a whole lot of plot. After writing a couple of novels that way, I realised I needed to start thinking things through a little more. However, my favorite part of writing is discovering the story as I go. I love when I figure out something about a character three quarters of the way through the first draft that completely changes the story. It makes things move a lot slower than if I plotted out everything in advance, but it also makes writing a book as much of an adventure as reading one.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

For the past year I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a great group of writers. We meet once every two weeks at a small restaurant where we’re always the most rambunctious group in there, so much so that we’ve been banished to the back room. Well, we banished ourselves.

One of my favorite things about the group is that everyone writes something different, from memoirs to fantasy to children’s picture books. I love having an excuse to read other types of work and it helps my own writing in ways that reading stuff that’s very similar can’t.

Plus everyone in the group is awesome. It’s always so much fun to meet with them and talk about books.

What songs are most played on your iPod?

I mostly only listen to music when I’m writing, so I tend to listen to stuff that works well with the tone of the book or a specific scene. I usually avoid songs with words because I tend to sing along and get distracted from what I’m trying to write. A lot of my music is soundtracks from movies and television, my favorites being Doctor Who: Series 5, Star Trek (the new movie), and Moulin Rouge. The most played song on my iPod is definitely the closing credits from Moulin Rouge, Bolero. I almost always start writing by listening to that song.

What is it that you like to do when you’re not reading/writing?

I tend to split my time fairly evenly between writing and drawing. I draw a lot of comics because it allows me to do some storytelling while creating (hopefully) pretty pictures. However, I rarely think the stories of my comics through and instead focus on having fun drawing the characters expressions and reactions. Often this ends with me having a lot of half finished comics. Since I started seriously working on finishing up my next novel, I haven’t had much time to draw. Both writing and drawing require a ton of creative energy and confidence and trying to do both at the same time can become pretty exhausting.

Do you have a website or blog? is where you can find out a little bit more about me and my work. Along with being the home for my work as an author, you can also find my comics there as well.

Thanks so much for taking some time out today to let us find out a little more about you and your life.  It's been so much fun.  Thanks for everything!

The author of the young adult novel, Magic High. When I'm not writing, I am usually reading, drawing, or working at some odd job or another. If you want to contact me, I'd love to hear from you at christinaggaudet @
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