Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Triton Rising by Sonnet O'Dell : My Review

Love can be like the ocean. Deep…and deadly.

Illiana is a half mermaid and has kept that fact hidden from all but a trusted few in her life. She is content to live her life, work her job and to stay far away from the sea she is so drawn to.

Then by accident she meets Karsh a full merman and they are drawn to each other and fall into a strangely instant and intense relationship as a mated pair. But knowing Karsh brings her into danger.

There is a man named Kelby who enjoys killed halfies like her and the minute he meets Illiana he knows what she is, setting to hunting her immediately. Can Karsh protect her or will she suffer the fate of dying at the purists hands?

MY Review
4 Cups

A bartender at Stallions, a male strip club, Illiana has a secret that only her best friend, Maddy knows.  Even though the ocean calls out to her, she resists its lure.

When the new guy, Karsh, performs on stage, and his strange eyes meet hers, Anna is overwhelmed and terrified by the intensity of feelings that overpower her.  She does the only thing she can do – she runs.

Karsh tracks her down, but in doing so, he unwittingly exposes her secret to Kelby, a dangerous foe, and one who is insanely prejudiced against her. Kelby is a cunning opponent, and Anna is a loose end he wants to clean up.

This was an entertaining, quick read that I devoured.  There was plenty of action and enough mystery so that my mind remained engaged.  Well-told, and filled with a cast of unusual characters, it briefly introduces a secretive society of Merfolk. Though the reasoning behind the activity was sound, I was slightly disappointed that Anna and Karsh fell into bed together so quickly.  A bit more anticipation and tension would have been welcome. This story brings a tantalizing peek into the lives of Merfolk that I sincerely hope will be further developed in a future novel. 



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