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In Cassie's Corner by Dale Mayer: Excerpt, Featured Author

                                    YA Ghost
Faith and loyalty are tested as a young girl learns what it is to believe - in herself, in her friends, and in life after death.

Cassie's best friend, bad boy Todd, is gone. Gone as in dead. Gone as in ghost.

But she doesn't realize that when he wakes her in her bedroom and begs her not to believe what they say about him. It's not until the next day when her parents tell her about the accident that she learns the truth...

The police believe Todd was living up to the family name, drinking and driving and coming to a predictable end. It's up to her to find out the truth and clear his name.

Todd is shocked at his sudden change in circumstances...and angry. He struggles with his new ghostly reality, realizing all he's lost as he watches his brother build a relationship with Cassie as the two pair up to find out what really happened to him.

The truth isn't always pretty, and Cassie has to be stronger than ever before. Especially when the whole world seems to be against her.

This book 220 pages in book form.

From the Author

IN CASSIE'S CORNER is an emotional heart-warming story of a young woman's journey to both solve the mystery of her best friend's death and deal with his presence in spirit form. You might tear up while reading this story, but you will end it with a smile on your face.

It's the first of the young adult books that I have written. It is also the most emotional. That's part of the reason why I didn't publish it first.

Unlike several of my other young adult books, this one does NOT end in a cliff hanger ending. It's set up for more books in the series if I decide I want to continue telling Cassie's and Jessie's stories.

"Stop it, Mom. Just come out and tell me." Cassie twisted sideways, snagged her coffee cup up again and took a sip. It wasn’t much, but it did provide a slight barrier against what was coming.
"Your father spoke to Adam Spence."
Cassie closed her eyes, her shoulders sagging. Oh no. Any contact with Todd’s alcoholic father came under the heading of bad news. Maybe this would explain Todd’s cryptic statements last night.
The words blurted out of Abby’s mouth. "Todd’s dead. He was killed in a car accident last night."
Cassie’s eyes flew open, and she straightened abruptly. "What? No, that’s not possible." She swayed, her coffee washing high up the sides of the cup.
Abby pulled the cup from Cassie’s frozen fingers and led her to the closest kitchen chair, pushing her to sit. Her mother had to be wrong. Todd dead? Not possible. "There has to be some mistake," she whispered.
Her father jumped in, his voice harsh and condemning. "There isn’t. He was drinking and driving and managed to kill himself. A chip off the old block. I told you that boy was trouble. And isn’t it a damn good thing you weren’t in the vehicle with him?"
She glared at her father as his words filtered into her dazed mind. "Todd doesn’t… didn’t drink." Cassie stumbled. How could this be? This had to be a mistake.
"Cassie, honey?"
Her mother hovered at her side. Cassie looked up. "I’m okay, Mom. Just confused." And horrified. "I can't believe he's dead. Todd was so full of life and so much fun to be around."
"Too much fun, if you ask me. The only thing that boy was heading for was trouble. Well, he found it." Her father grabbed up his newspaper, opened it and held it between him and his family.
"Victor. That’s no way to speak about the dead." Her mother frowned at the paper he seemed determined to read.
It rustled loudly before he lowered the pages to glare at Abby and Cassie. "Just because he’s dead doesn’t change his actions. He drank, then he got behind the wheel of a car and drove off the road. He killed himself. Thank God he didn’t drag anyone else over that cliff with him."
Cassie shook her head, trying to comprehend the nightmare suffocating her. "I know you never liked him, Dad. But he wasn’t like that. He was always very careful with me."
"That’s because he wanted inside your––"
"Victor." Abby snapped. "That’s enough. Give Cassie some time. He was her friend."
"Humph." The paper lifted and her dad retreated into a wall of silence.
How could something so major change – and yet her world still looked so much the same? Blinking to hold back tears, she realized there had to be a mistake. It just wasn't possible. "Something’s wrong," she muttered under her breath. "I saw him just last night."
Her father lowered the paper. His deadly quiet voice stabbed into the silence. "What did you just say?"
Surely she hadn’t spoken aloud? Oh God. Her father would be out for blood now.
Ignoring him, Abby pulled a kitchen chair close and sat down. "Did you say you saw him last night?" She leaned forward. "When?"
"Last night. I woke up…" She shook her head, rubbing her temple as she tried to muddle her way through her suddenly rocked world. "And he was there. In my room."
Her father’s fist crashed to the table.
"What?" he roared. "That boy was in your bedroom?"
"It’s not like I invited him or anything. He just showed up." Cassie rolled her eyes. Her dad was so-o-o protective. If it weren’t so irritating, it would be cute.
Victor beetled his thick bushy brows together. He opened his mouth to speak again, but Abby held her hand up, stopping him. Confusion twisted her pretty features. "Please, Cassie. You need to explain."
Her mom wouldn’t be able to hold her dad off for long. Cassie rushed to explain. "Someone called my name and woke me up around two in the morning. When I rolled over, Todd stood by my window. We talked until the hall lights came on and we heard noises. I hushed him up. When everything went quiet and dark again, I called out to him, but he’d gone."
Victor opened his mouth then closed it again. He looked dumbfounded and exchanged a blank look with Abby before he shrugged his shoulders and returned to reading. Abby slumped back into her chair, her gaze jumping from Victor to Cassie then back again.
Cassie could see they weren’t pleased – but they weren't yelling, so that had to be a good thing. Maybe she’d escape without punishment after all.
Her voice as gentle as a buttercup, Abby reached a hand to cover hers. "Cassie, Todd died just after eleven last night. At two in the morning his body was already in the morgue."

Freelance writer Dale Mayer lives in the beautiful Okanagan valley in British Columbia, Canada. She's multi-pubbed in nonfiction and is currently writing The Essential Series including The Career Essential Series(The Resume, The Cover Letter, The Interview), Lifestyle Essentials (Ergonomics for today's world, Raising the dyslexic child, etc.), and the Gardening Essential Series, (Beginning with Bulbs, Urban Farming, Gardening for Seeds, etc.).
Stay tuned as she adds to these and several other proposed series. For the last decade, she's written on all of these topics either under her own name or as a ghostwriter. As a researcher and technical writer, Dale has a wealth of knowledge she can't wait to share!
However, fiction is her passion. Here, she writes taut psychological suspense with romance and paranormal elements. She has recently branched out into writing both mystery and urban fantasy books for young adult with the occasional vampire book thrown in just for fun.

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