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Frozen In Time by Marie Symeou : Interview

Set in Ancient Greece, at the time of Alexander the Great, a time when the spirit world of gods and goddesses and other immortal beings bleeds into the world of mortals, Frozen in Time is an engaging story of a love that can transcend anything. Even death or banishment to otherworldly realms, or the transformation of the lovers into immortal beings.

After the death of his wife in childbirth, Philip, grief stricken and suicidal, joins the army of his half brother Alexander, with whom he has an uneasy relationship. But the world of immortals has other plans for him, and the vampiric monster, Scylla, plays on his grief by seducing him in the form of his dead wife. Horrified when he discovers the truth and that he too is now one of the immortals, it becomes his life's quest to escape Scylla, find a way of destroying her forever and also reunite himself with his beloved wife in one way or another.



Tell us about your current release.

My current release is historical fantasy novel Frozen In Time. It's the story of an Ancient Greek vampire and is set in the 4th century BC. It's a vampire story of love, loss, immortality and what constitutes humanity. 

Before he becomes a vampire, Philip rescues Amaranthea from her controlling father and marries her. But after he loses her in childbirth he joins Alexander the Great's army (Alexander is his half-brother) and during the night before the battle of Issus he meets a vampire that has taken on the form of his dead wife. Now turned vampire, he finds himself trapped on the vampire's Island and must find away to escape. When he does, he has to seek out the help of an immortal sorceress who sends him on a quest to another world, a kind of faery realm, where he must find a substance that will destroy the most powerful vampire of all. He also longs to meet his wife again.... reborn, so searces for her reincarnated soul. 

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Description. I am never comfortable with it and always have this fear that I don't describe in enough detail. I think I'm improving on that though. I just worry about taking too long over describing things in case it bores the reader, so perhaps this is what holds me back. I tend to write my first drafts like screenplays and love writing dialogue. It just seems natural for me, and writing in this way helps the story evolve through the characters' actions, etc. 

Where do you research for your books?

Online mostly. I really don't know where I'd be without the internet. When I first started writing I had to go to the library to research (I didn't get online until 2002). But now, even though I do occasionally research from books, I can find so many resources that help me online so I don't really need to look up stuff in books. Though if I can, I do, just to double check stuff. I also try to read novels set in the era I'm writing about just to get a sense of how people lived at that time. And I watch movies set in the times I'm writing about. This helps me gain more insight into the fashions and settings of the time. For Frozen In Time, I watched Oliver Stone's biopic Alexander quite a bit. 

What do you think makes a good story?

Strong characters and emotions that invoke sympathy and empathy in the reader, and of course, a great plot. Something that will hold interest in the reader.

Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?

Yes, usually the music of symphonic metal band Nightwish, folk rock band Blackmore's Night, and some movie soundtracks. 

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I'm sure the first dream I had was to be a pop star or movie star. I just loved to sing from a very young age. I also loved reading and made my own little books and magazines. 

What are you passionate about these days?

Apart from music and writing, my passion is animals, especially cats. I am well into animal welfare and caring for the environment. I want to do my bit in helping with these issues by raising awareness and fighting for the rights of animals.The fact that animal abuse is on the rise is truly sickening. I can't believe people can be so cruel towards another living creature. 

What is it that you like to do when you’re not reading/writing?

I'm also a singer so I love to sing. It frees my soul. I watch a lot soaps on TV too.

Who should play you in a film of your life? 

A young British actress called Lacey Turner, who was in the BBC soap EastEnders. I have huge admiration for her. She is very talented. I am a highly emotional person and have been through some dramatic experiences, so I think she would be able to portray that side of me extremely well.

Do you have a Website or Blog?


I have been an avid reader all my life, and as a child I loved to write short stories and make little books and magazines out of exercise books. As an escapist and dreamer, I find it hard to deal with real life and enjoy losing myself in music and writing and creating my own fantasy worlds. It is what I've always done.

As a teenager I longed to be a singer, but I always felt that one day after I'd achieved my dream of having a successful singing career, I would become an author as I'd always loved writing. Well, of course the singing didn't work out the way I wanted (or dreamed). But as I got more heavily into lyric writing and poetry, and since I loved reading novels, I decided it was time to begin writing them too. As I have always had such a vivid imagination I thought it would be easy, but of course, you need more than just imagination to be a novelist. So, after honing my craft for many years I am now ready to reveal my first historical fantasy novel to the world.

I am currently working on book 2 of this series and a couple of screenplays, as well as continuing to write lyrics for my band Violet Eternity.

My writing influences are: Anne Rice, Mary Shelley, The Brontes, Philippa Gregory, Jim Morrison, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Bram Stoker, John Keats and William Blake.

I am also the vocalist of Violet Eternity, and my music/singing influences are Nightwish, Stevie Nicks, Blackmore's Night, Tarja Turunen, Pat Benatar, the Doors, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, Sarah Brightman, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and many many more. 

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