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Story Time by Linell Jeppsen - Review & Interview

In the not too distant future a young woman bears witness to the end of her world.
Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions rock the planet, reducing cities to smoking rubble, burying entire islands and coastlines beneath cataclysmic waves.
Religious fervor and human evil erupt and entwine, becoming a maelstrom of madness in the days after, bringing with it the horror of apocalyptic war.
As a population in the depths of despair struggles to overcome insurmountable odds, can a single glimmer of hope flare into a beacon for the survivors?
This is her tale…the world is ours…and now, it’s STORY TIME.

5 Cups
Naomi is a young woman when a series of cataclysmic events occurs. Millions, then billions perish as the Earth’s fundament spasms and contorts in the agony of its final years.  Safe, for the time being, on the family ranch, Naomi and her two brothers struggle to make do.

With dwindling resources, and the need for protection from marauders, Naomi invites the remaining family and close friends to join them on the ranch. Every day brings new challenges as turbulent forces continue to wreck havoc on the battered planet. 

When a young man named Michael Anderson miraculously rescues some school children he is instructed to take them to Naomi’s ranch. As the few survivors face increasing pressure from the dying planet, the veneer of civilization is stripped away. While some will be become stronger when tested by adversity, others will sink to despicable levels.

Linell Jeppson has written an exciting and remarkable story.  It is one that once I picked up and began reading I could not put down or get out of my head.  The action never lets up, and the imagination of this author seems to know no bounds yet is logical and makes sense within the context of the novel.  The story is conveyed in an unusual manner, told from several different perspectives in a highly unique framework that is almost as captivating as the story itself.  It is immense in scope, playing out against a huge world canvas, but focuses with true elegance on a few chosen survivors.  I loved the story for the adventure of it, but also for the way it provoked me into re-examining some of my own closely held beliefs. I loved it and recommend it most fervently.    



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Where do you want to travel, and why?
I think, if I had the traveling jones, I would want to go to the British Isles. It is beautiful there and the people there are friendlier to Yanks than some other places around the world. Also, there is so much of our own history there. Many of our folk tales and deep seated beliefs were born in England, Scotland and Ireland. I would like to see Stonehenge…or maybe the Locke-ness monster!

What is your next release?
Oooh! I am really excited about this one! I am 8 chapters in to Onio; a novel about Sasquatches. Onio is a quarter human. He allows himself to be seen by a human woman, who consequently drives her car off the road to avoid hitting him. What happens next will change the destiny of the world!

Who is your favorite author?
Well, Stephen King started me on the path of writing. I liked his “what if” theory. However, now that I’m striving to be a better writer, I am branching out in my preferences. I love James Lee Burke, and Cormac McCarthy. If I can make my reader really feel something when he or she reads my work than I have accomplished something!

Do you listen to music when you’re writing?
Yes, usually. I almost always have classical music on in the background. I’m a little like Stephen King though, when it comes to writing…the less distractions for me, the better!

What are your favorite TV shows?
Another great question! Although I am a little ashamed to admit it, I think I’m addicted to series. My faves lately are;
Supernatural--The Vampire Diaries—Fringe—Sons of Anarchy—Game of Thrones—Dexter—Far Scape—Deadwood, and many more. I applaud the writers of these shows…they take my breath away!

Who would play you in a film?
HUH? (Who would want to? LOL!) Oh, maybe Sigourney Weaver---(sssh, don’t tell I said so!)

What is the most rewarding thing about writing?
Each time I finish a novel I am so over whelmed with emotion I cry. That may sound silly but, at the risk of sounding pretentious, I think that’s called passion. So far I am such a newbie I don’t know if I’ll ever have a large readership, or make a bunch of money. Working on these novels though…starting with one line and carrying a story through to the end is worth all the worry, self-doubt, and fear. I believe I will continue to write until the day I die.
Linell Jeppsen started writing full-time about two years ago. Since then she has won third prize in a short story contest, sponsored by Phyllis Scott publishing, with her short story, THE GAG GIFT. Her vampire novel, THE HUNT, is on Kindle/ and available in paperback. She has now finished a post/apocalyptic science fiction novel called STORY TIME. Her short story, The Gag Gift, is also included in the collection, The Last Astronaut.

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Markee Anderson said...

Great interview, Nel!!! This book is on my list to read! It looks fascinating! :)

Muddley Talker said...

Yay Nel (it's me, Bry... on a VERY old e-mail profile - oops!)

I know you don't believe anyone when they say it, but your book is a remarkable piece of literature, and one far more timeless than you give it credit for. The reviews you have had are more than deserved and I am really delighted to know another awesome author at the start of what I hope will be a wonderful journey.

I know Story Time will be around long after we're all long gone.

Kellie said...

Great interview Nel! Your book is definitely on my tbr list.

nelj said...

Hi Markee- my reply was interrupted so I'll make this short while I get signed up, ok? Hold on...

nelj said...

OK- I was just saying that although this is not actually a book about Christianity it is VERY spiritual, as am I. I dare you to find all the signs of the fore-told apocalypse as you read this book! Some of them are hidden (just call me, Dan Nelly Brown) LOL! Thank you so much for your time and attention! Nel

nelj said...

Good morning, dear Bry! I appreciate your support so much in my endeavors. I am more of a fantasy writer than a sci/fi expert. My husband actually stared at me and shook his head in doubt when I told him I was going to do a science-fiction piece! Nevertheless, Story Time was born and, thanks to you, is a clean and cohesive novel. I want to thank you for keeping me on track with the time-line and catching some silly, but very important elements that I missed. (I swear that my next novel will NOT be circular!

nelj said...

Thank you, dear Kelly, for stopping by and saying hey! It's people like you that make all the effort worth while!

nelj said...

And finally- Thank you SO MUCH Laurie, for your absolutely wonderful review! I caught it just before I went to bed...I don't remember you telling me you are a reviewer for Coffeetime! (you tricky rabbit!) At any rate, your blog is lovely and helps keep the Indy writers going in the turbulent new world of Indy publishing... Nel

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this interview. I love that Linell admits that finishing a story often leads to overwhelming emotion and even tears. For me, this demonstrates more than just passion, but that she's a writer who truly cares about her craft and stands behind the work -- and has a goal providing readers with an experience, not just a story. This is the kind of author that needs support in today's world.

mountainmama said...

Wonderful interview, Nel!! Since I've already read your book, I can definitely recommend it to everyone too.

And thanks to Laurie for being such a great supporter of fellow authors! Beautiful job.

nelj said...

Hi Frank...Yeah, right after I finished Story Time my husband happened to call home from work. He immediately knew something was wrong by my tone of voice and laughed his head off when I (sniff) told him I (sniff,sniff) finished my novel. He brought home a flower bouquet and took me out to dinner! Thanks so much for visiting today- Nel

nelj said...

Hi Shirley! Thanks so much for visiting! Bryden and I both love you guys so much! Your wisdom, experience and support mean the world to us. Nel

nelj said...

I finally sat down and figured this out. I hope you don't mind that I share it with you?

Story Time [[ASIN:B006ZF3U10 Story Time]] is receiving great reviews! Go and check it out!
Amazon reviews- 13- 4 and 5 star reviews
Bitten by Books - 5 tombstones
The Paranormal Romance Guild- 5 stars
Coffee-Time Romance and More- 5 cups
5 additional- 3 to 5 star reviews on Goodreads!

Thanks again to people like Laurie who help keep us all sane!

Laurie said...

Nel....I've been accused of being too stingy with my 5 star/5 cup reviews...but your Story Time is just so engaging and such an exciting read....It deserves all the accolades you've been getting. Congrats!!! and I still want to read The Hunt sometime if I ever get caught up.

Fran Yoakum Veal said...

Nel, great interview! *HUGS* I'm tweeting it!

Laurie said...

Hi Shirley!! You betcha! I LOVE the authors who write the amazing stories - I'd definately be totally lost without them!!

Laurie said...

Nel, I am truly thrilled for you!

Sandy said...


I reviewed Linell Jeppsen's Story Time and LOVED it too! This book has everything in it!

I also wanted to mention that the Paranormal Romance Guild nominated Story Time as one of their best reads in 2011 in their reviewer's choice category. Go Nel!

I have Linell Jeppsen's book The Hunt and can't wait to read it!

Best of luck to you, Nel! Keep up the great work!

nelj said...

Oh Sandy- thanks for dropping by! I am truly honored that Story Time is being well received. I'm almost halfway through my third novel, sure makes all the hard work easier when people appreciate your efforts. Thanks again! Nel