Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Emperor's Opal by Christopher Morgan | My Review

The Emperor's Opal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This thoroughly enjoyable book captured my imagination almost immediately. Once I started reading I just did not want to stop until the story was finished. I loved the tone and the sort of snarky attitude. The voice was an almost perfect blend of naïve wonderment and suave detachment. If you do not believe those two attitudes can co-exist, then you really need to read this book.

This story successfully capitalizes on an oft over-looked merchandising aspect – that of purveying all sorts of magical and mundane items for an unusually selective, demanding, and non-traditional clientele. A young marketing whiz named Preston Black encounters a beautiful young woman who, he learns, is working towards her Doctorate in Wizardry. This young lady, Tamantha McKinley, introduces him to her mentors as a prospective candidate for a new, urgently needed regional appointment. Not long after, Preston is presented with an opportunity he can not refuse. Not particularly tactful by nature, watching Preston adapt and then accept a most challenging assignment held me spellbound. Not long after his appointment Preston accepts a commission to try to locate a precious gem missing for over five-hundred years. This magnificent, fiery opal is imbued with magical properties; magical properties that could potentially arrest and reverse the decline of an entire supernatural species. Filled with action, adventure, and an unusual assortment of cohorts and villains, this is the beginning of a planned series entitled, aptly enough, The Journals of Preston Black. I am very much looking forward to the next entry in his journal.

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