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Bitten by Dan O'Brien - Interview, Excerpt | Horror/Urban Fantasy

    ISBN-13: 9781467972321
    Publisher: CreateSpace
    Publication date: 11/21/2011
    Pages: 276

A predator stalks a cold northern Minnesotan town. There is talk of wolves walking on two legs and attacking people in the deep woods. Lauren Westlake, resourceful and determined F.B.I Agent, has found a connection between the strange murders in the north and a case file almost a hundred years old. Traveling to the cold north, she begins an investigation that spirals deep into the darkness of mythology and nightmares. Filled with creatures of the night and an ancient romance, the revelation of who hunts beneath the moon is more grisly than anyone could have imagined.

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Tell us about your current release. 

I actually released fours in fairly rapid succession: Bitten, The Ocean and the Hourglass, Cerulean Dreams, and the Journey. Bitten is the focus here, so I will talk a little about it. The novel follows a federal agent – Lauren Westlake – as she pursues a serial killer in northern Minnesota. The novel is a bit graphic and is most certainly not suitable for younger audiences. With this novel I wanted to take the opportunity to work with werewolf mythology a little bit; adding my own spin. Most of the reviews have been very positive, and many readers have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tell us about your next release.

I am releasing the first couple novels in my Fallen Chronicles series in the coming months, as well as Deviance of Time, which is the beginning of yet another series. With respect to the Lauren Westlake mysteries, I am working on Drained. This novel takes place immediately following the events of Bitten (though I am not going to give anything about the novel away) and finds Lauren on the West Coast. 

What book are you reading now? 

I am a graduate student so most of the books I am reading are nonfiction, but I have become quite absorbed by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. I am currently on Feast of Crows.

What are your favorite TV shows? 

Currently, I tune into Fringe, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, Castle, Game of Thrones – and as of last night – Alcatraz. I am always interested in finding new shows with strong narratives and terrific writing. I loved Lost when it was still on television, and almost anything produced by HBO or AMC is worth watching (Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are great examples).

What songs are most played on your Ipod? 

I enjoy Mumford and Sons during almost any occasion. However, when it comes to music that I listen to while writing, I find that classical music and soundtracks from sweeping epics are the most represented. 

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a writer? 

I was about six or seven and I created a play for my cousin’s birthday; complete with characters on Popsicle sticks and an entire story rife with sets and plot twists. From that moment forward, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller. 

Are the names of the characters in your novels important?  How and why? 

The names I my novels often shroud a deeper meaning for the characters. Some of the novels are predicated on every word having meaning. In the case of Bitten, the names are not as important or salient. However, for The Ocean and the Hourglass or The Journey, the meaning of the individual names – not only people, but as well locations – are integral to the story. 

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 

Supporting independent authors is important in the current market. With the advent of so many publishing avenues, every review is worth its weight in gold. For that reason, I implore you to leave reviews for the novels you have read and to actively talk to others about those books.

 I am an editor, writer and screenwriter. I currently attend a California university and am pursuing a graduate degree in psychology. I have written over 10 novels, several screenplays, and am working on a graphic novel. A philosopher and martial artist, my days are filled with writing and training.
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