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I have enjoyed a lifelong love of reading.  My younger brother and I spent hours in our grandfather’s lap while he would read to us.  I remember feeling so proud and happy when I finally was able to read Danny Loves Dinosaurs all by myself!   A Wrinkle in Time and Rebecca of SunnyBrook Farm were also some of my early favorites.  I have never outgrown my special love of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories and doubt I ever will although my overall reading tastes today are really quite diverse.  I like to have a variety of books in different genres on hand so I can always have a book available to match my mood. 

I love to read and as a result I have read many, many reviews. When writing, I make the effort to give my personal, honest appraisal of the book without giving away any particulars of the story line.  My goal is to provide valuable information from a fresh, candid view point that will help the perspective purchaser make an informed decision.

 I like reads which flow smoothly and logically from one point to the next. I like authors who take me into their worlds; who can cast the line and hook me with their ideas. I'll go almost anywhere in my imagination through books but the author must set it up and make it believable. I confess, though, I read more for pleasure and to escape in my thoughts to other places than I do for self-improvement or education.

I am retired from Verizon Communications where I mostly worked as the Senior Accountant handling Employee Benefits in Corporate Books. Through the years I assisted and/or worked with various teams writing policies, procedures and LOTS of responses to Audit questions.  This experience has been beneficial to my review writing skill-set since I am  accustomed to writing concise and specific narratives.

My husband and I live on a little private lake 100 miles east of Dallas, Texas. It is our haven and escape from the big city noise and traffic.  We enjoy our quiet, small community and share our home with our six curious, quirky, beautiful felines. We enjoy retirement and love being able to do things and go places on the spur of the moment.

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June Bryan Belfie said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Nicely done and since I'm a budding writer (2 novels being published this year) and an avid reader, I appreciate your featured interviews. Thanks. Plus I plan to be a follower. If you'd like to check my blog it's junesecondcup.blogger.com. I'm still in the early stages, but would love to have you on board. Blessings. June Belfie

Laurie said...

Hi June, found your blog and it appears that you are off to a great start! Thanks for your kind words and the follow.

Christine Nolfi said...


Do you have contact information for reviews?


Anonymous said...

I was trying to subscribe to you via email, but the email widget wasn't working :(
Could you send me a link or something?
Thank you!
Krystal Larson

Iris Blobel said...

Thanks for dropping by and following my blog!

LOVE the photo !!!!!

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

New follower here: found you via the blogfarm! I'm an author so you might be interested in some of my posts...?


Wicked Leanore said...

I just came from Beverly's Wormhole(previous stop to here) while following the blog hop. Hello Laurie J!
This is just to wave and say I miss ya!

Susan Bennett said...

Oh man that lake looks so peaceful and appealing...

Mona Risk said...

Hi Laurie, you stopped by my blog a few days ago and invited me to visit your blog. How can I be featured on your blog? mona@monarisk.com

Laurie said...

Hi Mona, I tried to email you the link but my email was returned as "Possible spam". Click the Author's Wanted graphic near the top of my sidebar. It will bring up an easy to complete Request Form.

Anonymous said...

Pleasure to meet you Laurie. Saw your comment at my blog, but didn't see a link. Didn't know we were Triberr mates until I saw your post there. Will be sure to RT.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Paul D. Dail
www.pauldail.com- A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Sounds like a beautiful life and home :)

Lyn Horner said...

Laurie, congrats on your new post at Nurture Your Books! They got a good one when they grabbed you. :)

kiki w said...

Thanks for the giverway. Congrats on the New Job!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Laurie, Thanks for the follow!

2 Things I wanted to mention.

1st: I can't get your google plus link to work and I can't seem to find you on there. Is your account under the blog name or your name?

2nd: I would love to exchange buttons with you if you are interested. Just send me a note if you are.

All the best!

Sarah's Reviews

Ann Swann said...

Hi Laurie,
Thank you for hosting my character interview on your blog. It looks great. On a personal note, your lake looks lovely...I live in desert-dry West Texas, any water looks wonderful to me. Congrats on the new job, too!

L. Filloon said...

Hi Laurie! I wanted to thank you for the character interview (Tharin Lunar) on your blog! The page looks great! And, congratulations on your positions with Nurture Your Books and best wishes!

Rachelle Ayala said...

Hi Laurie, I'm like you. I read to get immersed in a different world. What a nice peaceful lake. If I had that view, I'd never sit under a tree with a book and spend all my time out there. Thanks for all the good work you do for readers and authors.

Gladys said...

Awesome interview and review of The Vampire Hunter's Daughter. I just sent you a request via the online form. Thank you to Wanda's page for sending me here :)

Mary Magdeline said...

Thank you Laurie for the opportunity to have a very fun interview on One Dance with A Stranger.
You are awesome. :-)

Fumi Hancock said...

Thanks Laurie for your feature and review.. of The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra's Nest. Would you please do me the honors of posting your review to Amazon & BN. I know people will benefit from that:




Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

hello Laurie, and agree 100% with Mary, you are awesome, and thank you so much for your support, I'm very excited to be appearing on your site, and very appreciative of your generous time, your home sounds wonderful:)

Julia x

Anonymous said...

Laurie, when I started reading your 'about me' blog, I read something very near to what I have written about myself before! It was my mother and a favorite aunt that found time to read me stories when I was a little girl. I would sit and listen just as long as they could sit still and read. I couldn't wait to start school because that was where I could learn to read myself. I still love reading and now also writing a good story. It's nice to meet a fellow book lover!

Aneesa Price said...

What a kind and beautiful soul you have! Thank you for your kindness and generosity towards the literary arts - be they indie or traditionally published. I love that you are so passionate about reading, which of course, as a non-recovering bookaholic, I can absolutely relate too!

Laxmi Hariharan said...

Love your blog and your interviews :)