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Fallen Angel by J.L. Myers

Ashes of Eden
Fallen Angel Book 1
by J.L. Myers
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The original sinner. The angel he covets. And one unbreakable law…

The second Lucifer saw Gabriel in the flesh, his whole existence changed. Her voice, her touch, the way she looks at him with complete acceptance; Gabriel is his addiction and Lucifer is done for.

But there’s a catch. Don’t fall in love.

Lucifer isn’t free to want more than the immortal life he leads. His body craves her and he hungers for a taste of her blushed lips, but love between angels is a punishable sin…

A sin Lucifer is ready to risk his legacy for…

New Adult/Paranormal Romance/Angel/Demon

Warning - This book contains some language and sexual situations.

“You are sad. Why do you cry?”
Lucifer’s warm hand touched Gabriel’s cheek, sending a wave of heat through her as she turned to face him. Instead of moving away as he had above, he let his hand fall against her neck below her thick hair. His breath was faster as he stared at her, speeding up as her own did. Sensation flooded her like God’s rains one day soon would, and she struggled to speak past the knot wedged in her throat. “I feel so…deeply. I weep for all that will die, for being the one to beg Him to deliver the world from sin.”
Lucifer stepped closer, his hand on her neck curling further around her nape. “His machinations are his own. Nothing you ever say or did say has changed His plan. You know we do not have that power. We never have and we never will. What we want is not part of His plan.”
“Lucifer…” As Gabriel stared into the deep pools of his silvery eyes, she knew there was so much he was holding back, that he was holding deep down inside. His grip on her neck had tightened too, and his body had started to quiver. The sharpness of his voice scared her, but it was also a clue. Despite the flutter of fearful anticipation that swirled through her belly, she needed to know… “What is it that you want?”
Lucifer’s gaze fell to her lips, and she gasped at the warmth that suddenly swelled inside of her. He was beautiful, stunning in every way inside and out. He could not possibly want what Michael had claimed, what Lucifer had all but confessed to. Not after all this time. Not from her. But Gabriel was lying to herself. The truth was as clear as the strengthening moon as he kept staring, licking his lips as if starved. 

Dawn of Reckoning
Fallen Angel Book 2

Darkly romantic. A dangerous new paranormal thriller for fans of all things supernatural.

Before Earth there was Heaven, a place of immortality and subservience, a place where angels existed to watch the world transform…until one angel changed everything.

Gabriel may have been the first of the archangels to feel love and compassion, but teaching Lucifer to feel started the beginning of the end. Angels aren’t free to love, to lust, to want. They are God’s servants, his eyes and ears, his pure beings.

Or at least they were.

After falling for Gabriel with all her beauty and eternal hope, Lucifer refuses to return to his subservient ways. He wants more than the hand he was dealt with all its immortality and reverence. He wants to be free.

But freedom comes at a price…

Struck from Heaven and the one he loves, Lucifer is banished to Earth to live as a mortal…but even without his wings, he’ll never be fully human. And he’ll never let go of his rage against the one who cast him out. When Lucifer discovers the power of his angelic blood, God’s precious humans in all their sins and freedom become the pawns in Lucifer’s unwavering revenge.

A new race is set to emerge. A race to reveal the ugliness of humanity.

Through it all, Gabriel refuses to lose faith in Lucifer and the man she knows he truly is. Now her fellow archangels plan to use her against him…but will she be Lucifer’s downfall or his savior?

A tale of unquenchable rage, deception, and eternal love.

A paranormal angel, vampire novella.

A snarl escaped Lucifer’s lips as they snapped shut. He jerked back. His earlier rage resurfaced, pumping through his veins like molten lava. He had tried so damn hard to earn redemption, and he had failed. “God’s eternal forgiveness is saved for his precious humans. They alone are his pride. We are merely his servants. Loyal and pure is not what he values. Now I am like them.” He threw his arms out and glared up at the sparkling night sky. “Existing solely for my own gain and other’s demise.”
Gabriel’s wings unfurled fast, perfect and pure in their radiant glow. The trees at her back gained light, adding an eerie tinge to the darkened forest. “Lucifer, no. You allow your anger to blind you. He does not want—”
Lucifer shoved her back, the dejection that pooled silver in her eyes breaking something in him. Gabriel had abandoned him as surely as she had lost her hope for him long ago. Yet her belief in their maker and his many mistakes still held true. A tree blocked her retreat, giving her nowhere but up to escape to. “I am human. One of his precious creations. Still I am not good enough.” For Him or for you. “He cast me out. He took my wings. He took everyth—”
Gabriel punched Lucifer in the face, and he stumbled from the shock of her sudden outburst. Her wings flung open and that soft edge to her features hardened. Hand snapping out, she caught him by the neck and squeezed. “I will not let you continue this. This plague you have cursed the earth with…I cannot bear to see it. Not for them, but even more so, not for you. I know you, Lucifer. You burned so brightly once. It can be that way again.”

Jessica L Myers' vivid imagination and quiet demeanor as a child led her to the imaginary worlds of books. Even at a young age, her love for the supernatural was prevalent, with her first loved books being R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Following that she took an interest in other non-fantasy fiction, including Virginia C. Andrews series Flowers in the Attic.

In her teen years, Jessica spent many school hours writing poetry and dark short stories and took up sketching some of the terrifying things that came from the graphic night terrors she’d grown up with.

As an adult and after meeting the love of her life, Jessica got married and started a small construction business with her husband. With the birth of her son, Jessica suffered PPD and found escape in her books and their fantasy landscapes. It was at this time that her need to write flourished. In 2009 the decision was made and the first words to her New Adult Paranormal Romance novel What Lies Inside were written.

When Jessica isn’t immersed in writing about extraordinary characters with dangerous abilities and deadly obstacles to overcome, she likes to spend time with her two kids and husband, curl up with a good book, or watch anything and everything supernatural.

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