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The Summer Sisters Trilogy by Teresa Keefer

Blessed Be
The Summer Sisters Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Alana Summers was quite content with her life. A peaceful farm tucked in a wooded area by the lake with her pets for company. A shop in the small tourist town where she sells a potpourri of items that reflect everything about her. She's at peace. She's Wiccan.

Logan Farmer is the local sheriff. Small town boy who went to the big city and joined the police force. Then he came home where he belonged. He is deeply rooted in his Native American heritage.

Both had grown up knowing that there was more to the world that could be explained or seen. But neither of them knew that their peaceful lives could be disrupted in an instant by a legend long buried. A tale that had been told to them by Logan's grandmother when they were young along with a warning that the ancient legend could replay during their lifetime.

But was it really an ancient paranormal evil come to roost or were the recent events merely the doings of a warped human mind? Or had the human's events shaped the return of the evil?

She blinked the last remnants of sleep out of her eyes and got up from the chair, crossing the wood floor in her stocking feet.  Reaching for the door knob she pushed gently at Buddy with her foot.  “Move, you big lug.  I can’t open the door with you in front of it.”  The dog complied, his whole body wagging now and his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, ready to give a serious tongue bath to whomever was on the other side of the door.
When she pulled the door open, a tall, familiar form was standing on her porch under the yellowish light.  His back was to her, but she recognized the jeans clad figure with the holster at his side.  Logan Farmer, the county sheriff, turned to face her and the look on his face was a grim one. “Alana.  It’s not good.”  He took a breath, his shoulders lifting and falling with the action.  “Old Herman Monroe.  I got the call about an hour ago.”  He looked down at his feet for a moment and Alana followed his gaze. 
The boots were covered with mud and something else.  Blood.  She put a hand out to touch his arm.  She and Logan had been friends since they were kids and he had even dated her sister, Teagan, briefly.  Very briefly.  “What is it, Logan?” 
When he looked up at her, his dark eyes were glistening with unshed tears.  “He’s dead, Alana.  His wife went to search for him when he didn’t come in for dinner and she found him in the barnyard.  She thought maybe he slipped in the mud when he was feeding the livestock but when she looked closer, it looked…”  His words trailed off and he appeared to be trying to compose himself before he continued.
This time, when Alana touched his arm she closed her eyes and the image came into her mind as clearly as if she had seen it herself.  The old man lying in the muddy barnyard with his dead eyes staring up in fear and his throat ripped out.  She pulled away, her stomach roiling and tears coming to her eyes.  “An animal?  How can that be, Logan?”

He lifted his eyes to meet hers.  “You know how as well as I do.  We all knew this was going to happen.”

The Summer Sisters Book 2

Teagan Summers has a secret that she thought she had tucked away forever. That is, until she was summoned to her home town of Lakewood to help with banishing an ancient evil that had come to pay a visit to the sleepy town. Then, she was faced with another woman whose secret wasn't so secret anymore.

Devon Brock knew he had to help his friend, Logan Farmer. Logan had helped him out too many times to turn his back and say no. However, he didn't realize that he would be called upon to pull out his law license to defend a poor woman who had killed and mutilated her husband on Halloween night. And he sure never expected to have to deal with spoiled Teagan Summers as part of it.

Devon and Teagan join forces as they work valiantly to not only defend a murderess, but to help Teagan's sisters and Logan Farmer as they battle an unseen evil that threatens to destroy the small town of Lakewood. And as they work together, they also form a tentative truce that they both know could lead to more.

Buddy growled again and the cat darted through the bathroom door and slipped under the claw footed bath tub. Where she growled and hissed. Teagan grabbed the plunger by the toilet and went to the living room. There was nobody in there but Buddy was by the front door sniffing and scratching at the door frame.
“What’s wrong, Buddy? Who’s out there?” As she inched closer to the door, she heard pounding.
“Teagan! Let me in!”
She put a hand to her breast and relaxed her grip on the handle of the plunger as she heard her sister’s voice. Went to the door and tugged on it. It was stuck. She pulled on it again. Nothing. “I can’t get the door open!”
“Kick it! Hurry! I’m getting the shit stung out of me out here!”
Teagan closed her eyes as she barreled toward the door with all the strength she could muster. And the door gave way as her shoulder hit it, causing her to tumble out on the porch where Riana was swatting at a swarm of bees. Lifting her hands up to the sky, she called for help. “Mother of the Earth hear my plea. Bring me the strength of the wind and the heat of the light so I may protect from this scourge.”
Balls of light collected in the palms of her hands and the wind came quickly through the woods. She could hear branches cracking first then the dust and fallen leaves next. She tossed the balls of light off the porch and watched as the wind joined them to create two spiraling columns of debris. Reaching for Riana’s hands, she gripped them tightly and held on as the power of the wind sucked the swarm of bees into the columns. With a rumbling of thunder, the columns escalated into the air and vanished, taking the bees with them.

Teagan put an arm around her sister and pulled her inside the house. Riana’s face and neck was peppered with bright red sting marks and she collapsed against her sister. “They chased me. The damn things chased me all the way down the lane.”

The Summer Sisters Book 3

Riana Summers had spent most of her adult life trying to find herself. The youngest of the three Summer Sisters, she just couldn't resist sowing her wild oats and she had done it across the country. When her sister, Alana, had summoned her to come home to Lakeview because she was needed to do her part to hunt down and destroy an evil entity which had been playing havoc on her hometown, she did so with the intention of returning to her stand-up comedy gig in Las Vegas. She had no idea her brief trip home would turn to months and that she would end up finding out who she really was. Or that she would find herself face to face with a man who could get her to want to settle down.

Eric Michaels had been born and raised to be a farmer. It was what he did best. So, when the opportunity to be the foreman at a farm near a place called Lakeview, he had jumped at the chance. What he hadn't planned on was getting sucked into a paranormal nightmare. Things he couldn't even begin to fathom. Including finding himself deeply attracted to a woman who could create magic with the tips of her fingers.

As the conclusion of the Summer Sisters trilogy comes to an end, will they be able to destroy the force that had unearthed itself from its deep dark grave to destroy them?

She grinned. “It sounded like you might need cooling off.”
“Dammit, Riana. I could have hit my head on the underside of the engine.” He reached for a shop rag on the bench and wiped the snow away. “What are you doing here?”
She shrugged beneath the heavy wrappings of her coat and scarf. “I thought maybe you might need some help. Georgia said you had been out here for hours trying to get the truck to run.”
He kicked the tire of the truck and muttered another curse word under his breath. “And just how do you think you can help?”
“I worked for an auto repair shop in Texas one time. I do all the maintenance on my bike and when I had a car, I worked on it too.” She remembered the surly old biker that owned the repair shop and how he had grudgingly given her a job and then patiently taught her the things she didn’t know. He had practically begged her not to leave when she decided it was time to move on.
“Really?” He shook his head. “I don’t believe you. A girl who can fix cars? I’ll bet you dinner that you can’t get this damned piece of shit to run.”
She unzipped her coat and discarded it to a hook on the wall. The scarf and mittens were tossed carelessly on the work bench. “Move out of the way. I’ve got this.”
Riana climbed up on the front bumper of the truck and felt it creak beneath her weight. The rust bucket was falling apart but she knew Mrs. Monroe wouldn’t replace it because it had belonged to her husband. She poked around under the hood and looked over her shoulder. “Hand me the ratchet set.” She held her hand out and waited.
“Riana, there’s no way you are going to get this truck to run.”
“Give me the ratchet set and stand back. He of little faith.” She wiggled her fingers at him. “Come on, make it snappy.”
She heard him groan. Obnoxiously. But he handed her the set of tools she had requested. She climbed further into the engine of the truck and tinkered around with the ratchet. And chanted a little bit of a spell. After all, it was for good. Then she climbed down and motioned to him. “Go try it now.”
Eric scowled at her, but he grudgingly got into the cab of the truck and turned the key. With a couple of sputters, the engine came to life as black smoke came out the tailpipe. “You cheated. I’m sure of it.”
Riana grinned and slammed the hood down. “You owe me dinner, big guy.” She flipped her pigtails and walked around to the side of the barn where the animal stalls were.

Teresa Keefer is an indie romance author with an avid love of books. She started writing poetry in high school and after encouragement from a dear friend, wrote her first full length romance novel in 2007. Coming Home was finally released as a self-published book in 2011.

Teresa holds an MBA in Human Resources and attended law school for two years. She lives in rural Indiana with a menagerie of animals and enjoys the peace of working in the garden and yard of her home. She has three adult daughters and seven grandchildren and enjoys crafting, cooking, reading, and studying spirituality in her spare time when she's not writing or working at her day job. Her household includes a spoiled dog, three cats, two goats and a stubborn miniature horse. 

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