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The Hellcat Series by Sharon Hannaford

A Cat's Chance in Hell
Hellcat Series Book 1
by Sharon Hannaford
Genre: Urban Fantasy
If the Demon Master gets his way the City is about to become Hell on Earth.
Gabi has some extraordinary talents. Some might call them supernatural,
but for her they’re just part of everyday life. What she knows
about the supernatural would give most humans nightmares forever.
Ridding the streets of bad-ass creatures of the night is Gabi’s
other job. Taking up the mantle of her father’s legacy, she is a
Hunter for the Societas Malus Venatori. The first female ever
bestowed the title. Her day job is a little less dangerous. Most of
the time.
Being ambushed and kidnapped by the sinfully sexy Master Vampire of the
City should have been just another night on the job, except for the
fact that Julius has other plans for her. When he reveals that his
nemesis wants control of the City and has plans to fill it with
Demons from the Etherworld, creating an army of Ghouls and turning
humans into nothing more than cattle to feed his Clan, Gabi must
choose her path. She must decide whether to join with Julius in a
stand against the Demon Master or flee the City with her friends and
family, leaving the Vampires to wage their own war and the rest of
the residents to their fate.
But it’s not in Gabi’s nature to back down from a fight, no matter
how impossible the odds. As the Malus Venatori prepare for war, Gabi
finds herself pulled deeper into Julius’s world and she makes some
disturbing discoveries about her unusual supernatural abilities. Her
existence might just be the answer to a mystery as old as the Vampire
race. Even more unsettling than that is her undeniable attraction to
Julius and the taste of his blood. But before she can come to terms
with her conflicting desires they must all survive the Demon
onslaught and find a way to safeguard the truth of her heritage.
While the supernatural bad guys know her as Angeli Morte,
her friends call her Hellcat!

If you like your heroine smart, sassy and absolutely kick-ass and your
Vampire hero sexy as sin and twice as dangerous you’re going to
love the Hellcat Series.
Contains adult content.

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Sometime during the discussion Razor had wandered in, Gabi had automatically pushed away from the table to allow the huge cat to climb on her lap, though he was far too big to sit there comfortably.  He was just trying to get comfortable when he noticed Athena across the table.  He went dead still for a quarter of a second, and then lunged onto the table directly towards Athena.  Gabi made a wild grab for him, missing completely, and Kyle’s face took on a horrified expression.  But Razor stopped dead a few millimetres from Athena’s shocked face, sat down and stared into her eyes with baleful malevolence. 
Athena sat back very cautiously, as though confronted by a wild tiger, and asked out the corner of her mouth, “What.  Is.  That?  And is it going to eat me?”
It was the first time any of them had ever heard Athena sound anything except controlled and businesslike.  She actually sounded terrified.
“Razor!” Gabi called sharply, “Don’t torment strangers, it’s not polite.”
“Meet Gabi’s cat, Razor,” Kyle said sardonically.  “Though we use the term ‘cat’ loosely around here.  He may take a chunk out of you, but I don’t think he’d actually eat you.”
“I doubt he would enjoy the taste of witch anyway,” Gabi muttered under her breath.
“In that case, I don’t think he likes me very much,” Athena said stiffly; ignoring her comment, and drawing in a deep, steadying breath as Razor disdainfully made his way back across the table to Gabi.  He gave her a loving head butt, before hopping to the floor with a grace that belied his incredible size, and exiting the room with an arrogant swish of his tail. 

“Don’t worry about it,” Kyle commented mildly, breaking the tension.  “He doesn’t like anybody, except Gabi.”

All Hell Breaks Loose
Hellcat Series Book 2
In the City, the Werewolves are restless.
Gabi is striving to get back to life as usual. Dealing with the aftermath
of being kidnapped and tortured by Dantè, wrapping her head around
being a Dhampir, and trying to figure out Julius’s unexpected
attitude as he withdraws from her and becomes cool and distant. As if
that isn’t enough to cope with, she receives the disturbing news
that someone she cares about has been dragged unwillingly into her
world after a brutal and calculated Werewolf attack.
As rogue Werewolves run rampant through the City, it becomes clear there
will be no gentle reintroduction to Gabi's duties as Hunter for the
Societas Malus Venatori. Once again the Vampires join forces with the
SMV to contain the threat, but the odds seem stacked against them and
the casualties keep mounting. Tensions run high as the perpetrators
manage to stay one step ahead of the Hunters and the senseless
violence continues. No one suspects betrayal from within, until
Gabi’s pets unmask a traitor. But the traitor isn’t the real
threat and the war has only just begun.
This time their nemesis isn’t playing by any rules and no one is safe in
this deadly, new game. Not even the Master Vampire of the City. As
the undeniable chemistry between Gabi and Julius reignites, they
realise the danger isn’t only to the human population of the City,
but threatens to overwhelm them all. What they finally uncover brings
Gabi into very real conflict with the SMV Council and leaves her
questioning her life-long allegiances.
Not all monsters come in obvious monster packages and sometimes what
you’re fighting to protect is what you should be fighting against.
Not everyone will walk away from this fight intact.
Strap in, hang on and grab a breath while you can. All hell is about to
break loose!

"The Hellcat series is one wild ride ... one of the best new series to hit
the dark urban fantasy world, ever! Two words: more, please."
Diane Nelson (Sand in my Shoes Reviews)

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A feeling of cold dread settled in her stomach, but she brushed away the man’s odd behaviour and allowed her senses to flow through the house, searching.  Then she turned and swept up the wide, wooden staircase in search of her quarry.
He wasn’t in his office, as she’d expected.  He was still in his bedroom.  She doubted he was still ‘asleep’, he usually rose long before his Clan members and often even before the sun had set.  She was so distracted by what she was going to say to him that she didn’t even notice the steady, human heartbeat in the room before she flung open the door and walked in proclaiming, “Sorry, Julius, no more hiding from…”
It was then that she noticed the human heartbeat, and the human it belonged to—the very petite, very pretty, female human sitting on Julius’s lap as his face nuzzled into the side of her neck.  Julius was naked from the waist up, his glorious, muscle-sculpted shoulders and chest gleaming with a pale luminescence in the dim lighting.  The shock on his beautiful face mirrored the shock on her own as his head whipped up to find her standing in his doorway.  She realised what she’d walked in on when she took in his elongated canines, the smear of red at his lip and the girl’s passive, vacant expression.  She took a quick breath as she tried to figure out if this was better or worse than her first assumption.  The streak of jealousy that had flashed through her like a firebolt at her first glimpse of the scene had nearly sent her to her knees.  She whirled back towards the door, but his voice caught her before she could leave.

“Gabrielle.”  It was hardly a whisper.

A Cold Day in Hell
Hellcat Series Book 3
The City may be calm, but is the Hunter about to become the hunted?
For the first time in months the City is peaceful, so peaceful that
Gabi’s suspension from the Societas Malus Venatori doesn’t feel
like a punishment. Her relationship with Julius is stronger than ever
and Kyle has finally found his soul mate, even if he seems to need
some convincing. Gabi thinks boredom is her most serious problem. She
couldn’t be more wrong.
The visitor Julius has been both expecting and dreading arrives, bringing
with him dire news. An old enemy, out to destroy them, has revealed
to the Masters of the Vampire race that Gabi is a Dhampir. The
visitor’s presence also answers the question that’s been
simmering in Gabi’s head for years; the truth of her origins. This
truth brings with it a deeper understanding of the implications of
her very existence, and she doesn’t like what she discovers. But
it’s too late to change what’s been done and Julius must now
answer to the Princeps’ Court.
As Gabi makes plans to leave the City, drawing danger away from friends
and family, a dark prophesy by the Magi Oracles forces her to change
course. She will not be leaving the City alone, and she will not be
running from the threat. She, Julius and a handful of others will be
heading straight into the mouth of the beast. They must present
themselves at Court before the Princeps travel to the City and
inadvertently uncover one of the most closely guarded secrets of the
Magi world.
While the Princeps wear a face of impartiality and civility, what boils
beneath the surface is a storm of selfishness, greed, lust and
perversion. Danger lurks in every corner and it soon becomes clear
that someone is determined to ensure that Gabi will never get the
chance of a fair hearing.
Old friends and old enemies do what they have always done best, while new
friends and new enemies emerge at every turn. Only one thing is sure;
it’ll be a cold day in Hell before Hellcat goes down without a fight.
Put the coffee on and warm up your page-turning finger, it’s going to
be a long night.

This is a full length novel.
Please note this novel is written in UK English and contains some adult

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Julius needed to get Gabi somewhere safe.  Now.  Her response was so potent that he was finding it hard to control his own reactions.  His body was screaming to rip away the clothing separating them, and to bury himself in her deeply enough to make them one entity.  Her taste, her scent, her excitement and arousal called to him like crystal meth to an addict in withdrawal.  The smell of the other Vampire still lingering in the alley and the fine dusting of his ash covering Gabi's arms and legs wasn't helping his sanity.  Possessiveness reared up, clawing at his mind like a trapped tiger. 
The car, he told himself firmly, Alexander was bringing a car.  Get her to the car.  He shifted his grip on her and lifted her into his arms.  She entwined her arms around his neck and began to leave a trail of wet, nipping kisses across his jaw and down his neck. 
She reached the spot on his neck where the artery ran close to the surface, and without warning sank her tiny, ever so slightly pointed canines into his flesh, puncturing the artery and then suckling at the wound.  The world reeled around him as fireworks went off in his mind.  His resolve vaporised.  His control obliterated, branding her as his own became his only priority.  

There was a wall behind her, though he couldn't remember moving.  He released her legs back to the ground and pressed her against the pollution-stained bricks.  Her hands were already ripping at his belt, as desperate to touch him as he was to touch her.  A separate, saner part of his brain assessed the alleyway, checking for company and alert for danger.  His men weren’t far off; he could sense them clearly.  They wouldn't allow anyone down here.  Nothing else human or supernatural was nearby.  His belt buckle came free, and her fingers deftly undid his trousers.  That was all he could take.  He lifted her with one arm and slid his other hand under her skirt to the edge of her lace panties; they gave no resistance as he shredded them.  She curled her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and captured his lips with hers, groaning into his mouth. 

To Hell and Back
Hellcat Series Book 4
When Werewolves start turning up dead, drained of blood, the City’s
Alphas turn accusing eyes on the Vampires. It doesn’t take much to
get the newly-formed Werewolf Alliance riled up. But once Vampires
start dying the same way it becomes clear they have a mutual enemy.
An unexpected visitor brings news that vulnerable supernaturals from
neighbouring towns are also being kidnapped and murdered, and that
the City seems to be the focus of the violence. With no idea of the
motives behind the attacks, Gabi and the rest of the City’s
defenders immediately commit to eliminating whoever, or whatever, is
behind the bizarre and gruesome acts.
Adding to the chaos, demons suddenly attack in unprecedented numbers,
stretching the City’s supernatural resources thin. The reappearance
of an old foe from the Etherworld sparks fears that Mariska is back
and still seeking revenge. And that once again, she’s made
powerful, dark alliances. When all fingers point to something
hellbent on uncovering whatever secrets the City hides, eyes finally
turn to the Magi.
A war will be waged for the greatest supernatural prize of them all,
and the outcome is impossible to predict. Not even the presence of a
powerful Princep and the shocking revelation of Julius’s true
potential can assure victory for the pure of heart.
This time Gabi is determined to get Mariska in her crosshairs, and she’s
ready and willing to even the score. But there is no guarantee that
everyone will survive this trip to Hell and back!

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“Open a vein,” she instructed herself.  Shit, she didn’t want to pull Nex out in these close quarters in case Alexander responded to the scent of the blood before she could resheath.  She hadn’t come down here to save him only to have him die by impaling himself on her sword.  Her teeth would just make a mess of her own flesh.  “Anyone got a pocketknife?” she called up to the anxious faces looking down on her.
“Incoming,” warned Kyle a second before a small, multi-tool Swiss Army knife dropped towards her.
She caught it and flicked open a small blade.  She drew in a deep breath, bracing herself, then jabbed the narrow blade into one of the veins of her inner wrist.  The pain was sharp, and blood gushed immediately.  Gabi quickly pressed the wound to Alexander’s mouth.  There was no response.  His rigid body remained motionless, the blood dribbling from his ruined lips.
Desperate, Gabi used her free hand to shift him, tilting his body so that his mouth faced upward.  His flesh was deteriorating with each passing second.  She managed to get some blood to stay in his mouth, and she worked his throat muscles, beseeching him to swallow.  Faint movement, a gurgle and then a convulsive swallow.  Gabi sagged in relief, forgetting Julius’s cautioning words.  Without warning, the blistered, charred thing that was Alexander lunged upward and slammed into her with the force of a speeding car.
They hit the solid wall hard enough that Gabi was surprised it didn’t shatter.  Her breath evacuated her chest, and black spots erupted in front of her eyes as her head connected.

“Gabi,” Julius barked.

Come Hell or High Water
Hellcat Series Book 5
The City’s supernatural community is still in mourning, but there’s
no time to spend licking their wounds. The face of the City has
changed forever and now her citizens must keep up or risk succumbing
to the darkness.
As the Magi withdraw to protect themselves and their vulnerable power
source, it falls to the Werewolves to step into the void left by a
crippled SMV. The Vampires are more than willing to help, but things
are moving in the shadows; bad things that threaten to destroy
everything Julius has worked for. Princep scheming seems suspicious,
but in truth the greater danger lurks much closer to home.
When one of Gabi’s Werewolf friends is kidnapped by tech-savvy
vigilantes it seems like an open and shut case of humans fearing what
they do not understand. But as Julius travels from the City to answer
the Princeps’ summons, leaving Gabi in the relative safety of the
Clan, it soon becomes clear that they’ve misjudged the real enemy.
Left confused and floundering, it’s the Princep Benedict who finally
provides the information they desperately seek. But his answers do
not come without a price.
Defending their beloved City may seem overwhelming, but, come Hell or high
water, Hellcat and Co will do whatever it takes.
Batten down the hatches, a tempest is imminent.

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Gabi had thought they were ready for just about anything.  She had been wrong.  There was indeed a trap inside, but not the kind they’d been expecting.  As Gabi followed Rory, Ross and Butch through the double doors at the back of the building, she, along with all the other rescuers, came to a screeching halt, and the Vampires paused on the ledges of the windows they’d broken through. 
The entire inside of the old church had been stripped bare, and in its centre a large metal cage huddled, cemented into the ground and reinforced with thick cables lashed to the very foundations of the building.  A dozen spotlights, dark but ready, surrounded the cage, and on a pallet in the middle of the cage lay Adriana.  She sat up in alarm, her blonde curls tangled and dirty, her face streaked with blood and grime and tears, her clothing in tatters, barely covering her body. 
“Adriana,” Gabi gasped, rushing forward and tucking the MacDart gun into its holster on her hip. 
The girl’s eyes widened with recognition and then relief.  And then fear.  In the dim lighting Gabi could see dark red welts covering much of her friend’s exposed skin, her eyes were round with terror, and the scent of her wolf was dangerously strong.

“Down, down, the cellar,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

There'll Be Hell to Pay
Hellcat Series Book 6
Just a few months ago Gabi thought her life was damn near perfect. She
could never have imagined that meeting one man would spark a chain of
events that would change everything. The only resemblance to her
previous life is her relentless hunt for supernatural criminals.
Right now, her world has narrowed to two points of focus; co-leading
the newly formed Special Investigations Department alongside Julius,
her Master Vampire Consort, and searching for the traitorous Vampire
Caspian and his pregnant Dark Magus cohort, Mariska. Catching up with
friends and making peace with her mother are also on her agenda for
the week, but life may just have other plans.
Even the most rookie supernatural investigator would figure out that
things aren’t going well for the Magi of the City, but the High
Council is maintaining its silence and remaining distant from the
other races. The safety and security of the City’s population is
falling ever more heavily on the shoulders of the fledgling Werewolf
Alliance, leaving Kyle, Trish and the other Pack Alphas to handle a
rising influx of demons committed to infiltrating the City and
wreaking havoc.
There are many scenarios that keep Gabi from her sleep, and when one of
those concerns becomes a sickening reality, it rocks her to the core.
Taking one of those most dear to her is a dangerous game, one that
few would play, knowing what she and Julius are capable of. The list
of suspects is short and the guilty party soon shows their hand, but
is this all just a ruse and what could they hope to accomplish by
riling up such powerful enemies?
There is no rest for the team as, with one emergency over, they are handed
a scrap of information that will ultimately lead them straight to
Caspian and Mariska. But are they truly ready for the final standoff?
Who will make the ultimate sacrifice and how will the rest deal with the
repercussions of an ancient prophesy that culminates in the birth of
Mariska’s twin children?

This is the nail-biting conclusion to the Hellcat Series.
Buckle up boys and girls - there’s turbulence ahead.

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Red.  Red.  A deep red mist erupted at the very edges of her vision as fury tore through her.  She roared unintelligibly and lunged at Julius, her fists ready to pummel, to hurt, to kill. 
Steel bands fastened around her wrists, as unbreakable as they were gentle.  She struggled, spinning her body, twisting into her captor, throwing her hip and swiping at his knee with her boot.  Her move failed to shift the bands that now held her even tighter in their grip.  The red grew thicker, obscuring her vision and dulling her senses.
“Lea, my Lea.”  A soothing voice washed through her mind, blowing at the mist, trying to clear it. 
“No,” she growled, fighting harder, kicking out again.  The fury felt right, it felt good, it was part of her and it wanted to be free.  The shackles tugged her forward, forcing her hands down and behind her back.  Strong pillars enclosed her, and she was yanked up against a cool, familiar wall.
“The rage will not help us now, Lea.  I need you back with me.  All of you, not just vengeance, not just fury.  You are strong enough to deal with this.  We are strong enough to deal with this.  Come back to me.” 
She didn’t want to hear the words, trying to block them from her ears, from her mind.  But the crisp, cool breeze of his presence was so familiar, so intimate that it was impossible to resist.  Lips touched hers, featherlight at first, and then, as she softened her stance, the red cloud receding just a little, the kiss turned harder, became demanding.  She breathed out, opening her mouth to allow his tongue entry.  His grip around her wrists unlocked and his hands travelled up her body, over her ribcage, up her back either side of Nex’s sheath and into her hair. 
As the last of the rage burned away, Julius pulled back a fraction, his eyes searching hers, his chest rippling under her fingers.
“Hello, beautiful,” was all he said.  She dropped her head to his chest, suddenly exhausted.  He folded his arms around her and just held her.

Raising Hell
A Hellcat World Novel
The rest period is over and the ultimate endgame round has just begun.
The City has seen a peaceful lull for the past three years. The Werewolf
Alliance has settled into their role as peacekeepers, stamping out
threats the moment they rear their heads. The Magi have recovered
from their losses both in numbers and strength and the Veil is more
solid than ever. The Vampires never rest; the desire to create
Dhampirs grows despite the law and the deadly consequences, but even
their weapons are gathering dust.
And yet all of them know this peace is an illusion; a small space in time
to rest and regroup. Because the Decuria still exist in the shadows
and the Prophesy calls to all sides. The battle of the millennium is
looming and only one side can win.
A new player has joined the game as old foes prepare to once more roll
the dice. The board pieces are set, the gameplan is decided and the
protectors of the City are the only ones who don’t know the rules.
Kyle and Trish have the family they never dared to wish for. Not only two
daughters but an ever-growing, ever-strengthening Werewolf Pack. The
love and security of family is everything they desired, but the
weight of responsibility is burdensome and they can never let down
their guard. Just when they thought everything was black and white,
they are faced with a new choice; one that is all shades of grey, one
that could change the Werewolf world forever.
Still reeling from the shock of the decision they must make, the fragile
peace is inevitably broken, leaving the Pack blind-sided and chasing
their tails. It will take everything they have to keep their family
and friends safe. They will have to find strength in their weaknesses
and vulnerability in their strengths if they are to survive this
assault. Can they ever be prepared for the consequences of that which
has been prophesied?
Fasten that safety belt and grab a handhold, this will not be a quiet Sunday
afternoon drive.

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They left the last of the City lights behind them, Kyle navigating the rural road at breakneck speed.  He knew this road intimately; he drove it every day. 
“We’re just about on them,” Gabi warned, checking her phone.  Kyle braked, giving the SUV tailing them time to react.  And then his headlights caught the cars in the road.
The scene made his chest squeeze.  Gabi was out of the van before it stopped moving, the Vampires close on her heels as Alexander brought the SUV to a squealing halt beside the van. 
“Stay here,” Kyle ordered Lucy before he joined them.  A small red hatchback was pulled half off the road, at least two of its tyres completely flat.  A nondescript silver Toyota was stopped in the middle of the road.  Doors were open, a window smashed, and red smeared the windscreen of the silver car.  A white wolf stood in the middle of the scene.  Dark splashes of something, probably blood, speckled her silvery coat.  Her lips were pulled back from her teeth, her eyes hard as agate, her growl menacing as she protected a prone form on the ground. 
Gabi was already closing in on the wolf, one hand outstretched. 
“Gabi, don’t,” he called out quietly.  “She’ll respond to me.  Don’t tire yourself.” 
She halted mid-stride, she was always one to deal with everything herself, but she’d know he was right.  Jade was Pack to him; he was her Alpha.  It shouldn’t take a lot of effort on his part to calm her.  And this night was far from over.  Gabi gave a short nod and moved aside. 
Throwing a warning look at the Vampires, Kyle approached the wolf.  The animal looked up at him, and he could see pain in her eyes.  Frowning, he assessed her further.  Her breathing was wrong; her heartbeat was wrong.  She was standing guard, but it was taking everything she had just to stay upright.
“It’s alright,” he said quietly.  “We’ve got it from here.”  He allowed his wolf to come forward, let his presence be felt, and watched as relief filled her eyes.  Without a sound, she moved a step to the side and slowly collapsed onto the ground. 
“She’s been shot full of silver.”  Kyle heard his voice, but it seemed to come from someone else.  Her pain had become his own; his wolf howled in unrestrained rage.  His knees threatened to buckle under him.

Sharon has been calling herself a writer since she was eight years old. She
wrote her first auto-biography at age ten. As a teenager, she was
teased about being a witch, because she wore lots of black and walked
around with her black, Oriental cat on a lead. She never disagreed
too loudly, after all, that may have drawn attention to the herd of
unicorns that lived in her back garden.
Born and raised in South Africa, she has called New Zealand home since
2008. Her life consists largely of looking after her husband, two
kids, three cats, a dog, a pony and a horse, but her working day is
spent writing, and her occasional hours off usually include books,
horses or a glass of good red wine.
Though she has had many jobs over the years, her favourite is, without
doubt, being paid to write about the characters who take up residence
in her head. After an early foray into writing for children, Sharon
discovered Urban Fantasy; the genre that felt as though it had been
created with her in mind. She loves nothing more than to create
strong-willed, female lead characters, who challenge those around
them almost as much as they challenge themselves.
Sharon also loves animals of all shapes and sizes. She has owned all the
usual suspects one would keep as a pet, and a few more exotic ones
thrown in for good measure. She spent her teens working at a tourist
farm and animal park, and as a result has handled everything from
porcupines and warthogs, to ferrets and hedgehogs. She has been
surrogate mom to many orphans including; kittens, lambs and an eagle
owl. No matter how hard she tries, animals always seem to steal the
limelight in her novels.

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