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Of Dreams and Dragons by Karpov Kinrade @SDSXXTours @karpovkinrade

Of Dreams and Dragons
by Karpov Kinrade
Genre: YA Epic Fantasy

From USA Today bestselling author, Karpov Kinrade, Of Dreams and Dragons begins an incredible tale of magic and wonder and love. For fans of Throne of GlassHarry Potter, and Game of Thrones, experience a story of epic proportions. 
The day darkness descends into my life begins like any other.

Taking care of the kids I call my own. Fighting fires in my small Northern California town. How could I have known evil walked my streets and would soon rip apart my world? 

But death comes for us all, and when a stranger with mysterious abilities shows up demanding payment for a promise I never made, I refuse. When he kidnaps my baby sister, I fight back.

And I discover the power of the dragons within me. 

Now, I must leave everything behind and travel to a world of magic and wonder in order to train with a charismatic dragon lord, in the hopes that one day… 

I can save my sister. 

Or make her killer pay with blood. 

But nothing in this world is what it appears. And my closest friends are keeping secrets from me. 

Secrets that could tear the worlds apart.

"Absolutely amazing!" – Kayla Erickson ★★★★★

"A book I would read again and again" – Alyssa Williams

"run out and grab a copy" - Mindy S

"Karpov Kinrade's words are magic, painting a picture in your mind that stays forever." - Courtney Cole, New York Times bestselling author

“First, they turned on each other,” he says. “They divided the landsamongst themselves, but like Alandel’s children, they were not contentwith a small piece of the world. They had to have it all, and so civil warafter civil war ravaged the land. There were times of peace, of course, butthey were always short lived. And then the High Dragons made a terriblemistake. They burned the wife of Titus Al’Beckus.” He pauses. “Titus wasa man of the middle class, a group of people who had grown in wealth andpower yet still had to heed every High Dragon’s order no matter howmad. They were tired of wars they cared nothing for, tired of rules thatdid nothing but rob them, and so, under Titus Al’Beckus, they rose up.Like a tidal wave, the rebellion swept through the land, killing every HighDragon in its path, until none remained.”He takes a swig from his water skin, and says no more.“But if the High Dragons were so powerful,” I ask, “how were theydefeated in battle?”“The Emperor’s Shadows,” Kaden says, his brow furrowed. “Little isknown of them, other than they were Titus’s most loyal servants, andunderwent rituals best forgotten. They are… more beast than man.Unnatural things. I pray you will never come across one.”He turns back to the map, his mood shifting, turning lighter, as if tobrush away the darkness of the past. He points to a large circle at thecenter of the map. “And here is the Wall of Light.”I trace my hand over the lines on the map. “The Wall of Light? Likethe one in the story?”He nods. “It is the one in the story. The one Nir created to keep the
dragons at bay. It is an Ashlord's sacred duty to defend the Wall, for if itwere to fall, the Nine Worlds would be covered in death and ash.”I point at the picture of Dragoncliff. “But if this drawing represents afortress, then the Wall of Light is huge. Longer than all your rivers, andlarger than any city. This map can’t be to scale… can it?”Kaden sighs. “The Wall of Light is vast. It can be seen from nearly allof Nirandel. Especially in the night, when the skies are dark.”“So it's enormous.”“Thousands of dragons live within. Maybe hundreds of thousands.The Ashlands past the wall stretch on for hundreds of miles. We do noteven possess an accurate map of them. Every couple hundred years, anAshlord with great ambitions will set out to make one, but none have everreturned from the center alive.”Kaden glances at the sun. “It’s past midday now. We should travelwhile we can. Before it gets dark. Then we’ll make camp.” He rolls up themap, stuffs it in a bag, and throws the pack over his shoulder. “Once I geta better look at our surrounding area, I should be able to pinpoint ourexact location,” Kaden says. “Then it should be easy to find the river.”“You seem to know these lands quite well,” I say.He smiles. “There is a library at Dragoncliff full of books and scrolls.As a child, I would pour over all the maps, dreaming of adventure. Iwanted to uncover new lands and discover new creatures, but as myteacher once said, such things are not for those of Ash.” He looks down.“It saddens me, sometimes.”This world may be old to him, but it will all be new to me, and for thefirst time since jumping into the fountain I’m filled with something akin toexcitement. Then a thought occurs to me. “You were at Dragoncliff as achild?”Kaden doesn’t look at me. “We do not choose when we becomeBroken Ones, nor when we become a Twin Spirit, and my training beganwhen I was very young.” He walks away before I can say more.I follow him through the brush and emerge onto a desert of silversand, a vastness of rolling dunes as far as the eye can see. Kaden stares atsomething in the distance, his smile fading. I follow his gaze to a ruinamongst the sands. Structures and pillars half buried in the earth,withered by time and wind and weather.“What’s wrong?” I ask.“That place…” Kaden clenches his fist. “That place is where my bestfriend was murdered.”

Karpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife entertainment duo Lux and Dmytry Karpov-Kinrade, aka The KK Duo.

Together, they write award-winning, internationally and USAT bestselling books, make music, create art, write screenplays and direct -- all the things.

Look for more from Karpov Kinrade in the Vampire Girl series, The Nightfall Chronicles and The Forbidden Trilogy. If you’re looking for their suspense and romance titles, you’ll find those under Alex Lux.

Check out their music by clicking on the Music tab.

They live in wine country California with their three offspring who have crazy creative genius oozing out of them in the form of music, art, performance, and all the things, and too many cats who all think they rule the world (spoiler alert: they do).

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