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Mirror, Mirror by Jessica Jesinghaus @SDSXXTours @jessjesinghaus

Mirror, Mirror
by Jessica Jesinghaus
Genre: Paranormal Mystery Thriller

Nearly twenty years ago a teenage girl was murdered...
Samantha Williams was just a young girl when her cousin, Emily, was brutally raped and killed in her own home. As a child, Sam's family did their best to shelter her from the gruesome details. Now, working the crime beat for the Portland Tribune, Sam has the resources at her fingertips to investigate the case for herself.

Through the eyes of a killer...

After inheriting a family heirloom, an antique vanity table that once belonged to her murdered cousin, Sam begins seeing visions in the mirror's depths. Like watching an old home movie, she bears witness to Emily's murder. As if that weren't frightening enough, she starts to see other things too: fleeting glimpses of the killer himself! Are the things she sees just a figment of her imagination or could something otherworldly be trying to communicate with her? When the killer strikes again and leaves clues behind meant specifically for Sam it becomes a race against time to try to catch him.

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“So, tell me about her.” Sam and Patrick were curled up on her bed even though it was early afternoon. They were exhausted from moving the furniture. Emily’s vanity table now occupied its new space in Sam’s room. “You don’t have to if you don’t want,” he added, “I’m just curious.”
“No. It’s okay. Emily was my cousin. She was sixteen. Her parents went out one night and someone slipped into the house. It was right here in town. He raped her, and then stabbed her to death. I was just a kid when it happened.”
“My God. Did they get the guy?”
“No. It’s still an open case. My family kept me pretty sheltered from it at the time, but I’ve looked into the old stories on file at the paper. There isn’t much to go on.”
“I could look into it a bit, if you’d like. She... I mean, you said it happened here?” Sam nodded. “I know a couple of the guys over in homicide. I’m sure they’d let me look at the file. I’ll just get some info from you before I go.”      
“You’re leaving?” she interjected.
“Do you want me to stay?”
“Well... don’t you want to?”
Patrick grinned. “Okay. How about I run over to my apartment, pick up a few things, and I’ll be back in time for dinner?”
“Is that a hint?”
“Hey, a guy’s gotta eat.”
As Sam walked him to the door she gave Patrick the information about Emily’s case he’d need in order to request the file, and told him in no uncertain terms that she’d be interested in seeing what the file contained. As she watched Patrick drive away, Jen descended the stairs. She bounded over and threw herself into their new furniture. “These are so comfortable!” Jen nestled even deeper into the overstuffed cushions, drawing her feet beneath her in a relaxed curl. “So, where did Patrick go?”
“Just back to his apartment for a little while. He’ll be back for dinner.”
“Okay. Will you explain to me what’s going on with you guys?”

From the Shadow
by Jessica Jesinghaus
Genre: PNR Horror / Occult
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Desolation Gulch
by Jessica Jesinghaus
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Jessica has been writing since she was ten years old. She attended Willamette University with the intention of going to law school and becoming a criminal prosecutor. But, as is the way with life, plans changed. Since 2002 she has worked in the medical field and absolutely loves the challenges and positive impact she can have on the lives of others. She loves the outdoors and considers herself blessed to call Oregon her home. 

Following the birth of her second child, she committed herself to writing her first novel. Unfortunately for her, story ideas rarely present themselves one at a time and she often has two (if not three) manuscripts in progress at once. When she's not writing her own material, she enjoys reading a wide variety of books, many of them aloud to her husband and two children.

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