Monday, January 25, 2016

Angel Falls by Tracey Sinclair @thriftygal

It isn't easy to surprise Cassandra Bick. When you run a human-vampire dating agency, your colleague is a witch who is engaged to a shifter and your business partner is one of London's most powerful (and sexiest) vampires, there's no such thing as a normal day at the office. 

But when a mysterious Dark Dates client brings a dire warning of a new threat to the city's supernatural community, Cass and her friends realise they are up against their deadliest foe yet – and that this time, the danger is far closer to home than they could ever have imagined. 

Sexy, snarky and with more bite than a crypt full of vampires, Angel Falls is the latest in the Dark Dates: Cassandra Bick series. 

‘There was a recent incursion into this city by werewolves,’ he said, and I tried to look like this bit was news to me. ‘The type of attack that hasn’t been seen in decades. Luckily,’ he bit off the word, ‘the attack was foiled by the high level vampire Laclos, his clan and an assortment of his concubines. The human Cassandra Bick – that would be you…’
‘Yeah, I got that.’
‘And the hunter known as Cain…’
‘Cain’s not…’ I began, but new as he was, Jason had already learned a vampire’s fondness for his own voice over anyone else’s. He kept talking, though I couldn’t shake the feeling he was reading from some internal script.
‘Naturally, as a community we are grateful that this was handled with a minimum of external attention. But it also appears this attack was the cover for a power grab, aimed at displacing your lover Laclos, by his progeny, a young vampire called Sebastian – your ex-lover, I believe? – who is now missing, presumed staked, at the hands of your other lover, the hunter Cain?’
‘God, will you knock it off with this "lover" stuff? I feel like Anita Blake.’

Meet the author
Tracey Sinclair is an author and editor who lives in Brighton. She’s a massive geek and lover of all things supernatural (and, indeed, Supernatural) and who probably spends way too much of her time on Netflix.

Social Media: @thriftygal 

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