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Mayhem in the Air by Untethered Realms @goddessfish

Mayhem in the Air
by Untethered Realms

GENRE:  Speculative Fiction


From Amazon bestselling and popular science fiction and fantasy authors comes Mayhem in the Air, a supernatural anthology of ten thrilling tales. Meet hot robots, hungry winds and the goddess of chaos. Explore alien planets, purgatorial realms, and a shocking place where people bury the living with their dead. Mayhem in the Air is the second, long-awaited story collection from the dynamic and inventive Untethered Realms group.

Exclusive EXCERPT


by River Fairchild

Chronos adjusted his hourglass, and they materialized near the Theatre of Pompeii. A group of about forty men stood off to one side, conversing with one another and scanning the area. Chronos looked around, trying to spot Julius Caesar, but couldn’t find him.

“He’s supposed to be here…”

“Yes, but if he didn’t die today, it means he heeded the warning.” Death looked over his clavicle. “Do you think there are any peanuts here? I’m feeling a bit peckish.”

“I doubt it. Look, we have to find Caesar and get him to come here.”

Death’s eye sockets glowed red for a moment. “I’ve located him. He’s hiding on the adjoining road.”

They found him a minute later, standing behind a potted tree.

“Go talk to him,” Death said when Chronos didn’t move. “Don’t get squeamish on me. He has to die.”

“I know, but what would you like me to do? Walk over and say, ‘Listen, Julius, you’re going to have to suck it up and die so the history books don’t have to be changed. Be a sport and fall on that knife, all right?’”

“We could call Lucien in.”

“Okay.” Chronos sighed and sent out a call for Lucien. What new difficulties would arise from the presence of Evil?

Lucien appeared in a puff of smoke and took in the scenery before greeting them. “This is different. What brings you here?”

“We have a small complication,” Chronos said, his stomach starting to gurgle again. “Julius Caesar needs to die today.”

“No problem.”

He snapped his fingers. A hole of hellfire opened up beneath Julius’ feet and sucked him in.


Chronos smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand. “No! You can’t do it that way. The senators have to stab him. Besides, did you check to see if he was destined for your realm?”

“I didn’t have to,” Lucien said. “All politicians go below. Have you ever seen one in Heaven?”

“He has a point.” Death gave a little shrug.

“But the peripheral damage.” Chronos windmilled his arms in exasperation. “If the senate doesn’t do the killing, the Great Tapestry will still have holes in it. These people have to live with what they did.”

“No need to get overly excited about it.” Lucien snapped his fingers again. The pit reopened, spitting Caesar out, his robe still smoldering.

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River Fairchild is somewhat odd, brandishes a dry sense of humor, owned by several cats. Lives in a fantasy world. A fabricator of magic. Makes stuff up and spins tales about it. Believes in Faerie crossings and never staying in one place for very long. Speculative Fiction wordsmith. The secret to her stories? Spread lies, blend in truths, add a pinch of snark and a dash of tears. Escape into her world. She left the porch light on so you can find your way down the rabbit hole. For more information, please visit her website at

Gwen Gardner is a native Californian living in sunny San Diego, where her love of reading and writing led to a BA in English literature. Life is now complete with her husband, two dogs and a daily call from her daughter. Since ghosts feature prominently in her young adult Indigo Eady Paranormal “Cozy” Mystery series, she has a secret desire to meet one face to face—but will run screaming for the hills if she ever does. Gwen adores travel and experiencing the cultures and foods of different countries. She is always up for an adventure and anything involving chocolate—not necessarily in that order. For more information, please visit her website at

Misha Gerrick lives in the scenic Western Cape, South Africa, where she's currently working on some more books. Her Epic Fantasy Series, The War of Six Crowns, is out now. For more information on what she's writing and reading, visit her website at

Graeme Ing engineers original fantasy worlds, both YA and adult, but hang around, and you’ll likely read tales of romance, sci-fi, paranormal, cyberpunk, steampunk or any blend of the above. Born in England in 1965, Graeme moved to San Diego, California in 1996 and lives there still. His career as a software engineer and development manager spans thirty years, mostly in the computer games industry. He is also an armchair mountaineer, astronomer, mapmaker, pilot and general geek. He and his wife, Tamara, share their house with more cats than he can count. Please visit his website at

Fantasy, science fiction, and the weird beckon to M. Pax, and she blames Oregon, a source of endless inspiration. She docents at Pine Mountain Observatory in the summers, and one of her cats has a crush on Mr. Spock. You can find out more by visiting her website

Christine Rains is a writer, blogger, and geek mom. She has four degrees which help nothing with motherhood but make her a great Jeopardy player. She has one novel and several novellas and short stories published. Her paranormal romance series, The 13th Floor, has been met with rave reviews. Her newest geeky romances were released by Ellora’s Cave early 2015. Please visit her website at

Cherie Reich has more books than she can ever read and more ideas than she can ever write, but that doesn’t stop this bookworm from trying, even if it means trying to curb her TV addiction. She is a speculative fiction writer and library assistant living in Virginia. Her short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies, and her books include the paranormal horror collection Once upon a Nightmare and the fantasy series The Foxwick Chronicles and The Fate Challenges. Reborn is her debut novel. She is a member of the Virginia Writers Club, Valley Writers, and Untethered Realms. For more information, please visit her website at

Catherine Stine’s fiction spans the range from contemporary to dark fantasy to sci-fi. Her futuristic companion thrillers Fireseed One and Ruby’s Fire are Amazon bestsellers and indie award-winners. Dorianna, her YA paranormal won Best Horror Novel in the Kindle Hub Awards. Her work is included in the boxed sets Future Tense and Secret Worlds as well as in the Untethered Realms anthologies Twisted Earths, Mayhem in the Air and Fantasy Uprising. In addition, Catherine writes new adult fiction as Kitsy Clare. She suspects her love of dark fantasy came from her father reading Edgar Allen Poe to her when she was a child. She teaches creative writing workshops and is a member of SFWA, RWA and SCBWI. Visit her at


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