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Court of the Hawk by Debbie Peterson: Tens List with Excerpt

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 Ten Dead People I Wish I Had Known

Hello Laurie! What fun to be here with you today so thanks for inviting me over!

You know, it’s not often that someone asks me for a list of the Ten Dead People I wish I had known—and, just so you know, I found it very difficult to narrow this list down to just ten. However, droning on and on would get boring, so at least for now, I’ll keep it to just the ten Laurie asked for!

1.      Cleopatra. Can you imagine the discussion concerning past lovers, murder, plots, and intrigues we could have while eating lunch? How about that Marc Antony and Julius Caeser? Why the asp? Couldn’t she have found a kinder, gentler way to end her life?

2.      King Arthur…the real King Arthur, whoever he or they happened to be. I want to know about Merlin, and Guinevere and all of the knights in his circle. We could have that conversation over a period of months and never get to the end of it! Who’s with me?

3.     George Washington. Now here’s a very complex man worth getting to know! Did he know he would become the father of a great nation or the part he would play in gaining that nation’s independence? I would love to know what he considered his greatest victory as well as his greatest defeat.

4.     Abraham Lincoln…for the same reasons as listed above.

5.     Elvis Presley…he could sing to me for say…a week or two.  Enough said.

6.     Walt Disney, if for nothing more than a life-long pass to all of his wonderful amusement parks! His magnificent imagination might have something to do with it as well.

7.     Pocahantas. I would love to sit at her feet and have her tell me all about her vast experiences, challenges, and life altering changes after John Smith waltzed into her tribal nation and took over.

8.     George Armstrong Custer. What was he thinking?

9.     Clark Gable…. Yep… Clark has had my attention since he told Scarlett that he didn’t give a damn. He’s definitely my kind of guy…

Leonardo Da Vinci! What inventions DIDN’T he leave us that he should have, and just who is Mona Lisa anyway???


Court of the Hawk
by Debbie Peterson


Epigraphist Dr. Essie DeSpencer travels to an ancient Welsh castle in order to decipher an Ogham inscription discovered by the handsome and enigmatic, Garreth ap Daffyd. But the journey is not what she expects. She doesn’t plan to fall for the Lord of the castle, or to find herself deeply entrenched in legends, myths, and magic. Real legends, and real magic, that have devastating consequences.

Garreth didn’t plan for Essie to stay any longer than it took her to decipher the pictograph. Instead, he finds himself falling in love for the first time in his very long life. Now the Lord of
Llys y Gwalch must find a way to attain the heart of his soul mate and keep her safe from the dangers that threaten them both.

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Garreth rose from the bed, dressed for the day, and wandered outside his bedroom doors to the connecting veranda. He leaned against the balustrade, propped an elbow on top of it, and turned his gaze to the scattered lights that caused the hills to sparkle. Dawn had yet to touch the sky, though the sun would make its appearance soon enough. He took in that deep breath of fresh air he craved, held it for a moment, and then released it as he wondered what the day would bring.

“Now tell me something Garreth, why am I not surprised to see you wide awake, fully dressed, and outside in the dark all by yourself?”

Garreth turned around in response to the sound of Essie’s voice and fastened his gaze to hers. She looked so beautiful dressed in blue and bathed in glorious moonlight. He took a moment to drink in the image she presented. With her hands behind her back, she shut her balcony doors, and then strolled toward him. Didn't she understand the peril in which she had placed herself with each advancing step she took?

By heaven—he sincerely hoped not.

He remained silent as she approached. Once she arrived at his side, she rested a hip against the railing, and turned to face him. She lifted a brow and waited for him to speak.

He didn’t intend to speak.

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Debbie is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance because she has a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, making an impossible love possible, and happily ever after endings. She loves music, art, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and thunder storms.

When she is not busy conjuring her latest novel, Debbie spends time with the members of her very large family within the lovely, arid deserts of southern Nevada. She also pursues her interests in family history, which she also teaches, mythology, and history.

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Thank you for hosting today.

Debbie Peterson said...

Hello Laurie! Thanks for hosting and I am so excited to be here on the final stop of my book tour!

Rita said...

I love your Tens List, sounds like I could have written it.

Debbie Peterson said...

Now THAT makes me happy Rita! Maybe we could all have lunch together! Thanks so much for stopping by! I have enjoyed seeing you during this tour... Good luck on the drawing!

Betty Woodrum said...

I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you! Love your TENS list!

Victoria Alexander said...

Thanks for sharing the excerpt - I enjoyed reading it.

Debbie Peterson said...

Thanks Betty! Another kindred soul! It's been fun seeing you on the various stops. Thanks for joining in and Lots of luck on the drawing!

Debbie Peterson said...

Hello Victoria! So nice of you to drop by our final stop! It's been fun getting to know you a bit better! Wishing you luck on the drawing and hope to see you next time! (Next up...Bound by Oath and Honour...) :D

Tammy C said...

I too loved your ten list I would love to join you there..And thanks for this wonderful book you wrote it was great. Enjoyed every page as well as all of your books..

Debbie Peterson said...

Thank you so much Tammy! Your visits and all of your sweet comments always manage to warm my heart!

amy bowens said...

Sounds like a great book!

Debbie Peterson said...

Thanks so much Amy! Wishing you luck on the drawing!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your list of the top 10 dead people you would like to meet. I wouldn't even know who would be on my list. Though George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and King Arthur sound like strong possibilities to be on my list. This has been a fun book tour to follow, and I am sad to see it has come to an end.