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Ivy Vines: Visions by Judy Serrano: Excerpt


Judy Serrano graduated from Texas A&M University, Commerce with a BA in English. She is a substitute teacher at her children’s school district and teaches developmental writing at a local college. She is also a freelance writer for certain on-line periodicals and does editing for indie authors. She is the author of The Easter’s Lilly Series, The Linked Series, and The Ivy Vines, Visions Series.
Although she is originally from New York, she currently resides in Texas with her husband, four children, (all boys) and five dogs. She is also a singer/songwriter in her spare time.

About Ivy Vines Visions
Moving to Sedona was the only way Ivy could think of to start over. She would meet her high school sweetheart and work on making things right between them. Her psychic abilities were gradually becoming a curse and she needed a new start. Little does she know that when she applies for a waitressing job at a local, upscale French bistro, she will come in contact with the dark and mysterious Eli Dubois. What she doesn’t realize is she has just walked into the middle of the Vortex Murders, which involve a great deal of paranormal activity. Elijah’s army of seers are being murdered, one by one, which seems to be magnifying Ivy’s special abilities.
Eli's best friend, Jake, arrives on the scene and reveals the secret that changes everything. With nowhere to turn, Ivy leans on the two men who offer her solace. And who is the old woman in the shroud? Is she a vision, a dream, or is she real? Only time will tell.
-- Author of The Easter's Lilly Series and Linked published by Black Rose Writing

Chapter 1

The Old Woman

“Ivy Vines,” he said, laughing to himself as he was looking over my application. “Who would actually name their child, Ivy Vines?”

“Let’s just say they had a sense of humor,” I answered.

“Had?” he asked. “You seem awfully young for your parents to already be gone.”

“They died in a freak accident,” I told him. “I actually grew up with my aunt Sarah. She was my mother’s sister and lived a few blocks away from my parents’ house. At least I didn’t have to switch schools.”

He looked at me from over the application and I could see a little bit of pity seep from his dark black eyes. “Michael says you grew up almost next door to each other.”

“Yes, we did,” I answered, trying to conceal a smile. “We were high school sweethearts. Poor guy. I chased him around like a love sick puppy since I was a little girl.”

“So I’ve heard,” he answered, shooting me a mischievous smile. His name was Elijah, although he made it pretty clear that he chose to be called Eli. He was the owner of this fine establishment. He was ridiculously handsome but pretentious as hell. His hair was as dark as his eyes, pulled back in a short ponytail and his skin was an olive brown. I believed he was French from the accent. The name of the restaurant was “Le Château,” or “The Castle,” in English. Michael waited tables there while he was getting through college and offered to help me land a job there.
Elijah did not like to hire women in general, but he really liked Michael, as did everyone else, and I knew this interview was simply a formality. He hired Simone, after all, so I figured I was a shoe-in. It did concern me however, that Simone and I were very different in almost every way. Her long straight, black hair, deep brown eyes, and tall svelte figure, often won her a job or two back when we were younger. I hoped that wouldn’t be a hindrance in my case. I was shorter, blond, blue eyed, and maybe a little voluptuous.
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